Will Insurance Cover Standing Desk?

Will Insurance Cover Standing Desk - Bill Lentis Media
People with sedentary jobs often complain about neck and back pain. Sitting too much increases health risk, including heart disease, obesity and some types of cancer. Many studies have suggested that the use of standing desks can be a good alternate to avoid prolong sitting.

A standing desk can help people to work on their desk while standing. Many standing desks are also adjustable, so you can alternate between sitting and standing; Nulaxy. It helps you to avoid both prolong sitting and standing, by easily adjusting to different heights for sitting and standing.

If you are suffering from any medical conditions and a doctor or chiropractor recommends the use of standing desk, you can use your free spending account or health saving account to purchase standing desks. Will a standing desk improve posture – Click Here.

Free Spending Accounts (FSA) And Health Saving Accounts (HSA) To Purchase Standing Desks

Health saving and flexible saving accounts is tax-advantaged accounts which can allow an individual to save for medical costs. You can use both the accounts to purchase your standing desks. Most of the people save their FSA and HSA for illness and other related problems. Purchasing a standing desk can be a preemptive measure and save you from many health risks associated with sitting. Remember that FSA account usually don’t rollover, even if your employer does permit rollover it only has a cap of $500. It is better to use it for standing desks. You can purchase ergonomic products by your account with Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). You can get the prescription from a doctor or chiropractor. So this means you will only be eligible if your doctor or chiropractor recommends the use of standing desk on medical grounds. See what standing desk vs treadmill desk is all about – Website.

Other Methods To Acquire Standing Desk From Your Employer

There are some other ways you can get a standing desk from your employer; Jarlink. A company with more than 15 employees might need to provide physically disabled employees with standing desk, if recommended by a doctor. So you can request your HR department to purchase a standing desk for you if you are physically disabled and your doctor recommends the use of standing desk. Also look at standing desk for laptop – Must Read.

Another good way to ask your employer for standing desks is not on medical grounds but by highlighting the benefits a standing desk can provide to their business. Research has indicated that standing desk can improve mood and productivity of the user. Health and productivity of the employees can be a key to successful business. All the employees together should write or approach the employer or HR department and request standing desks, highlighting its importance for both your health and the overall business outcome.

Final Thoughts

Many people are involved in careers that are linked with sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary jobs can cause serious health risks. While giving importance to your career, it is also important to take care of your health and adopt a healthy lifestyle. With the use of height adjustable standing desk, you will not just avoid sitting too much but it might also improve your productivity and mood.