Varidesk ProPlus 36 Review

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -


The standing desks available for modern business use are manufactured by different brands and companies. The standing desk different in terms of the features, comfort and extra accessories that each manufacturer offers. It might be difficult for users to afford a standing desk, when they already have desks for their use. This is why, Varidesk has introduced a standing desk converter, that can convert any desk into a standing desk. The ProPlus 36 model of standing desk converter, sold by Varidesk is a really good model, based on its unique design and performance quality. - Check Prices Button Red

Sizes & Color

This model is available in three sizes; 30inch, 36inch and 48inch. The customer can choose from black color and darkwood. The darkwood color makes the converter look really elegant, because it resembles wood and has a very natural flare to it.

Purpose Of The Converter

Working all day and staying alert is never easy. The purpose of a standing desk is to make sure that people don’t feel lethargic or the need to take a nap every two hours. The main purpose of the converter is to convert any ordinary desk into a standing desk, so that users can feel comfortable and productive. They can easily flex their muscles if they have to work overtime, and rest, when they want to.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -

Design of ProPlus 36

It is a two-tier design, which provides space for a laptop and two monitors. The lower deck of the converter has room for a keyboard and a mouse. The best part of the converter is that it is delivered to the user assembled, and when the user takes it out of the box, it quickly transforms an ordinary desk into a workstation. There are no complex instructions that the user has to follow, or tools that the user has to learn how to use. The customer would put the ProPlus 36 on the desk or table, and then get ready to work on it.

The converter can be easily adjusted, as it has a spring-loaded boost mechanism. There are two handles, which make it easier to lift the converter, lower it down, or adjust it to any height settings that are available.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -

Important Features Of The Converter

This is the largest model that is manufactured by Varidesk. This converter can hold up to 45lbs. The best feature is that there is no assembly necessary and the converter would directly sit an existing desk. This means that a customer doesn’t have to spend all that money to buy a new desk, when he can modify an existing one.

The benefit of using this converter is that it is sturdy and stable, even when it is fully extended. If customers want to add extra room for the converter, then they can just add monitor arms.


The elevation workstation feature in this converter is very carefully designed, keeping in mind, the body posture of the user and the movements that they make in a day. It is a lightweight product, which means that it can be moved around. Portability is a factor that not many companies keep in mind, when they are designing a converter.

A thing that might worry the customer is that the distance between both tiers cannot be changed. The keyboard and the monitor surface are fixed at 3.5 inches. However, the width of the converter is 36 inches and that is a good width to keep the necessary stuff on it. If it is less, then a customer can always purchase an advance version of the ProPlus, which is 48, but the 36 would fulfill the requirements of many customers.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -

Comfort Level

The height options available for customers would provide them with the comfort that they need. Those customers who have used the workstation temporarily, have found it to be very comfortable, as they are able to adjust it to a standing position, in whatever they want. However, if a person has a height above six feet and two inches, then it can be complex for them to use this converter, because the height of the converter is two to three inches shorter.

What tall people can do in order to solve this problem, is to place their workstation on a high surface, which is something their average office desk may not provide. One converter can be used at two workstations, because the structure of the converter makes it compact and easy to move.

Maintenance of ProPlus 36

The user would be happy to use this converter, because it doesn’t wobble and is sturdy. The converter is robust enough and it will last longer. However, a person should never put too much weight on the converter, because it has a weight limit of 35 pounds.

A user should always use an anti-fatigue mat with the converter, if they plan on standing for long hours. They can also use a chair while using the converter, to switch between standing and sitting every now and then. Standing for too long, wearing the wrong shoes and not using a comfortable mat underneath the shoes is a bad idea and is bound to give health problems to the user.

Warranty & Guarantee

A customer can use the converter for thirty days, risk free. If they change their mind, like they don’t feel it is the right converter for them, then they can always call Varidesk, and the company will arrange to pick it up. If the state, in which the customer is living, comes under the 48 states mentioned by the company, then the return would be covered by them as well.

The warranty of the product is unique in this case, as it doesn’t apply to each part, but to the whole product. The products are always replaced and not repaired. As per the Varidesk, if a customer has a query, then the company doesn’t take long in answering it.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -

Pros Of Using ProPlus 36

Those who have used this converter feel that the biggest advantage is the fact that it doesn’t have to be assembled or installed. Most people don’t like spending money over a thing and then time as well, to install it.

This is an affordable converter, and is designed for those who don’t have a big budget to buy a new standing desk. Converters are usually cheap, but customers should be beware about the quality of the converter and the technology used in it.

There are dual handles used in the converter, and it can be very comfortable for height adjustment. As it is a converter, users might want to move it around, so if it doesn’t take long to adjust, it can be a huge relief for the customer.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -

Cons Of Using Proplus 36

The two main drawbacks of buying this model are: • The distance between the keyboard area and the screen area is fixed, which means it can’t be adjusted
• The height settings go up to six feet and two inches; so, people taller than that will face problems using the converter

Recommended For Customers

Varidesk ProPlus 36 is a useful converter for those customers who don’t want to buy a new desk, and would rather convert their ordinary desks into standing desks. When using the desk, the user should adjust the height of the converter from time to time, because standing all the time can cause fatigue. The break that users take can be called short intervals, and the converter can prove to be an important addition to the workstation.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 -

Things To Remember

If a manager is buying these desk converters for their office employees, then they should remember that this kind of change will take some time to be implemented. Employees all over the world are used to sitting and working in the office space, and they won’t feel used to standing and working, right away. Managers should give their employees time to adjust to a standing desk, and should make it comfortable for them. For example, they should buy them anti-fatigue mats and set a timer for them to change their positions, so that they don’t keep on standing all day.

Employees should buy shoes that would be comfortable for them, when they are using a converter. A standing desk can be used for motivating employees and making them more productive. Employees should be told about the diseases they can avoid if they stay active all day long. They should be told about the benefits of moving around and not staying in one place; it will protect them from a sore neck and back ache. Moreover, they would be able to position the monitor, aligned with their eyes. This way, they won’t have to look up or down, crane their necks in any way, and will strain their eyes less. Customer should consider buying Varidesk ProPlus 36 if they are looking for a converter for their ordinary desk. - Check Prices Button Red