Will A Standing Desk Help With Neck Pain?

Will A Standing Desk Help With Neck Pain - BillLentis.com


Back and neck pain can be a common issue in sedentary jobs. It can cause distraction and inconvenience throughout our time at work, ultimately causing low productivity. There could be a number of reasons that can cause back and neck pain while we are sitting.

Some Of The Common Reasons For Neck Pain

Here are some of the common reasons for neck pain while we are sitting:

Sitting With A Bad Posture

Poor posture can be one of the common reasons for neck pain. Prolong sitting can cause postural strain in the neck, shoulder and back. See standing desk that can hold 3 monitors – Click Here.

Height Of Your Desk

The height of your desk can contribute in your neck pain, if it is not adjusted correctly. If the height of the desk is above the elbow level, you will have to raise your forearms, wrists and hands. This can cause fatigue in the neck muscles. Apart from neck pain, it may also cause headaches. Check out programmer standing desk – Website.

Monitor Screen

Another problem which can lead to neck pain is the wrong adjustment of your monitor screen. Your screen should be placed at a position where you don’t have to tilt your head upwards or downwards.

Office Chair

Your office chair can be another reason for the neck pain. Sometimes we don’t take proper support of the chair’s backrest or the height of the seat is not at a proper position.

Is Standing Desk A Good Solution For Neck Pain?

According to a study, standing desk can help in reducing neck and back pains; 1Home. Standing can reduce the pressure from your neck and back and help in improving your posture. But it might not be that effective for serious neck pain problems. There are also some health risk associated with prolong standing. So it is important to alternate or switch between sitting and standing using a height adjustable standing desk; FlexiSpot. It will help you avoid staying at a position for too long.

Standing desk might not be the most effective way to treat your neck pain, but it might be helpful to reduce the pain in some cases. While using a standing desk, it is also important to adjust the height of your table to the right position, avoid standing at bad postures, don’t stand on even or hard surfaces and don’t wear heels or uncomfortable shoes. Take breaks to walk and do exercises which helps in reducing neck pain. If the pain is worsening and there is no improvement, visit a doctor. Look at stand up desk exercises that you can do – More Info.

Final Thoughts

As studies suggest, standing desk might be a good option to reduce neck pain, especially if you have a sedentary job. Sitting too much is associated with many serious health risks, but avoid prolong standing as well. Use a height adjustable standing desk so you can easily alternate between sitting and standing. Try to involve in healthy physical activities during your breaks and after work, such as walking and exercise. Visit a doctor if there is no improvement or your neck pain worsens.