Stand Up Desk Exercise

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The best thing about stand up desk are that they just not only let you stand, but you can do number of exercises using a standing desk; Stand Steady. While there are certain studies doubting the extent of benefits of standing when compared to sitting, but no one can doubt the health benefits of exercise. It is easier to stretch and do certain exercises while using a standing desk which can’t be done while sitting. You can also easily walk around your desk or use a balance board; allowing you to improve your body balance; FluidStance.

You can do certain exercises using a stand up desk at home or at office, without being too noticeable. Let’s take a look at some of the exercises you can do while using a stand up desk to stay healthier and active:

Calf Exercise

You can easily do calf raises on your desk without gaining attention of your coworkers. Simply raise your heels a few inches higher and hold the position. You can get some support from your stand up desk for balancing, and then slowly bring them back down.

Strengthen Your Hamstring

For hamstring stretch simply pull your leg up to your backside, use your hand to pull your leg so your hamstrings are properly stretched. Lower the legs, and switch to other leg. You can repeat this 10 to 15 times. This will help you strengthen your hamstrings. See a programmer standing desk – Website.


You can also do pushups with the help of your standing desk, but make sure your desk is strong and stable enough to sustain your weight. You can simply grab the edge of your stand up desk, with wide open shoulders. Stretch your legs as much as you can, and start doing your pushups by lowering your chest towards the desk and pulling back up. Why are standing desks so expensive – More Info.

Thigh Exercise

For inner and outer thighs, simply stand straight. Stretch one of your legs to the side and bend the knees of your second leg. Hold the position for few seconds, and stand up again. Switch to your other leg and repeat the exercise. Standing desk vs exercise ball – Go Here.

Marching In Place

While standing next to your stand up desk, try doing some marching in place. Marching is just like jogging or running, but at a stationary position and not going forward. Try to lift your knees as much higher as you can.


Standing on one foot is simple and great for improving your balance. Switch between your feet. Keep the track of time while standing on one foot and try to improve by standing longer than before on each attempt.

Final Thoughts

Stand up desk allows you to do exercises which might not be possible while using a conventional desk. You can do these exercises at home or at office and will help you maintain your fitness. There are many other exercises you can do while using a standing desk. Doing exercise at home and office will improve your health and make you feel more active and energetic at your home and work.