What People Are Saying About PPC Advertising

What People Are Saying About PPC Advertising - BillLentis.com


Everyone wants to raise awareness about their products and services online, so that they can increase sales and profits. Businesses nowadays are paying for advertising online and it is becoming a very profitable trend. The digital marketing is opening doors for businesses, that weren’t there before and one of these techniques is Google AdWords campaign. These marketing campaigns run online and don’t have any restriction; such smooth process includes PPC advertising, which is explained in this article.

What Are Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising tool, where there is a bunch of words together at one place, and bidding takes place by online users. Paid marketing is what defines Google AdWords, as there are advertisers who are bidding for those keywords. The advertisers want those keywords so that they can use them for their paid campaigns. If a keyword is less effective, then that would negatively impact the business by reducing its rank online.

The main benefit of Google AdWords is that the budget can be set by you. If you choose to bid on a keyword that has the lowest rate, then you are telling Google that you have a low budget for your ad campaign. The three things that play a significant role in the case of AdWords are the impressions that keywords create, the click strategy that the marketers adopt, and the keyword planner. You need these three things to compete on the digital marketing platform.

SEM Or Search Engine Marketing

SEM is done for the purpose of explaining the functions of paid marketing, which is carried out on Google search engine. There are three main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and they all let users advertise on their search engines through three methods; PPC, which is Pay Per Click, CPC, which is Cost Per Click and CPA, which is Cost Per Acquisition.

In Pay Per Click, the consideration is given in the advertisement, in CPC, the consideration is given to the AdWords and in CPA, the consideration is given to the impressions. PPC is a relevant type of advertising that is carried out through a search engine. The reason why this is a relevant advertising method is because it eliminated waste of money to a great extent. In PPC, users get to see ads according to the keywords that they have entered into the search engines.

The money of the advertiser will only be cut, when a user clicks on their ad and that leads them to their landing page. However, an advertiser can’t pay the search engine more to boost his ad and get a better ranking than the other players in the industry. The main thing that PPC is focused on is keywords, which are used by the users. This is why it is often known as Keyword Marketing. PPC is only effective when it reaches the target audience, who want to know more about a company’s products and services. This gives the company exposure and they are able to acquire more customers.

Different Benefits Of PPC Advertising

There are different benefits of PPC advertising and some of them are as follows:

• If you have a tight marketing budget, then PPC can help you keep that in check, as money is only deducted when a user clicks on your ad
• You can decide on the audience for whom you want to make the ad for; you decide what they will be interested in and then develop the ad accordingly
• When a user clicks on an ad, the ad takes them directly to the landing page. This means that the user won’t have to go through pages that they don’t want to see and have their time wasted
• PPC takes place when the search engine had auctioned every keyword and the validation of the ads are determined through SERP or Search Engine Result Page

Some Examples Of Ppc Advertising

Olay BB Cream

When companies use PPC advertising, they focus on things like links, offers and trademark. When Olay BB Cream started their PPC campaign, they issued site links, made offers to users and used their trademark to encourage them to click on the ad and go to the landing page.

The reason why they used these three specific elements, is because it made their ad look reliable and it grabbed the attention of the user. The user was attracted because of the company made an offer to them, but in order to see that offer, the user had to click on the ad. Moreover, for those who use Olay products, the trademark basically sends a message of reliability and it also increases the ranking of the brand in the search engine.


When Audi launched the PPC campaign, they included site links like Olay, but also verbal and social extensions, which gave the ad a better ranking in the search engine. The site links were a game changer, as they gave the user an insight into the products made by Audi.

Site links can be a game changer for any brand, but they shouldn’t be broken or shouldn’t lead the user to a page which is irrelevant. The verbs used in descriptions of cars can also give a site better ranking. Further, when Audi gives people a chance to share their ads or the cars they are selling, then this can also give them a better ranking, as compared to their competitors.

Effective PPC Campaign

If you run an effective PPC campaign, then this can be an economical thing for your brand. You won’t have to spend a lot on marketing, and as marketing is much needed in every business, doing PPC right would do your business a lot of good. You need to develop a marketing model, whether you are a small business or a giant business, and then incorporate PPC. Make sure that you get the right keywords after the bidding process starts and make use of every Google tool that you can find to make things easier for you.