What It Takes To Get To The Top Of The Google Ranking Charts

What It Takes To Get To The Top Of The Google Ranking Charts - BillLentis.com


Ranking on google is important for the overall visibility of your site. For many, this is a headache but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of things that determine whether a site is a success or not. In this article, we will be looking into how you can improve your site, whether it is a blog or a full website and improve on its visibility.

Content Is King

Content, content, content. Emphasis on content cannot be stressed enough, and not just any content but high quality content. It goes without saying that you will only manage to attract a following if you connect with your audience. For your blog or website, you need to have content that not only entertains and captivates your intended audience but also manages to inform your audience.

In whatever niche you are focused on, it is possible for you to be an authority, by ensuring that you have quality content that your intended audience, from all over the world can relate to. When you have quality content for your site, you are confident of one thing; a higher ranking. This is especially so because naturally, your target audience will share your blog or web page and this will definitely be captured in Google’s algorithm.

The structure of the content on your site also needs to be carefully considered. Well-arranged content which is properly headed and adequately laden with just the right keywords make a huge difference in as far as ranking for your site goes. Yes, even a site map is important for your site. This enables search engines to quickly and effectively go through your website easily displaying information for your target audience.

With the quality of the content and its presentation on your website out of the way, you need to regularly update your blog or website. For you to have relevance and to show it to your users, you need to keep your site fresh. The best way to go about this is by having a schedule which you stick to. This could be once or twice in a week, depending on the nice that you will be focusing on.


We all know that Search Engine Optimization is key in getting your site at the top of Search Engines. Through SEO you are able to grow visibility of your website through organic search engine results. This serves not only to improve your ranking as a website but also delivers traffic to your website or blog. It does not work for the search engine alone; it goes on to make your site better for the audience that you are targeting.

If you are looking to market your blog or Website, perhaps the best way to go about it is through Search Engine Optimization. For a return on your Investment, this is the way to go especially because many internet users depend primarily on search engines to navigate the web. Therefore, your success as an organization highly depends on search engine traffic. Through this traffic, you not only get exposure and publicity, you also stand to enjoy more revenue whether in sales or advertisements over your websites.

Optimization goes further into mobile optimization for your website or blog. Recent studies have shown that the already huge number of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices is set to further rise in days to come. Why is this important to you as a website owner? With more and more people getting to access internet content through their mobile devices, there is a need for your website or blog to be optimized so as to be mobile friendly for these particular users. This helps you in ensuring that they are on your site or website longer and further still, you are able to engage with them.


Backlinks are another way of improving your website’s popularity and having it rank higher on google. What are backlinks? Backlinks are links that are directed to your website. By establishing connections with other players in your niche of choice, you will be able to get quality backlinks that will further propel your site on the rankings.

Credibility is one thing that your target audience will be looking at when looking at content on your website. With backlinks from other websites in the same niche as yours, you get to enjoy higher credibility, first with google hence giving you a higher ranking on the search page and also a higher credibility with your target audience.


Keywords are words or set of words that are used in content for a website or blog so as to attract search traffic to these pages. If used correctly, they help to accurately find relevant content for your intended audience.

It is best practice to select your keywords well before you embark on creating a particular piece for your website. One way of going about this is by analyzing what your competitors are saying and going ahead to come up with keywords that will be sure to beat them and give you the traffic that you are looking for.


In as much as there is emphasis on content on this article, it needs to be remembered that there is more to it than just the content when it comes to have your site ranked high in google. By making sure that you have quality content on your website or blog, you are one step closer to enjoying a higher ranking on google. Though this is the case, you need to factor in search engine optimization and make your site optimized for various sites. This improves both the quality of your website and further leads to better returns for you in terms of traffic to your site as it will be easy to maneuver your site regardless of the device that one is using. With backlinks to boost your credibility and keywords to further attract traffic, you will be sure to have a higher rank for your website.