An SEO Friendly Website

An SEO Friendly Website
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and even though it feels like an alien concept, something for the experts to worry about, businesses nowadays need to understand it as well. If you want to make your business successful, if you want people to know more about website, products and services, then you need to grasp the basic of SEO. SEO is necessary, because it provides your website with a higher rank in search engine results. If you have a higher rank, then it becomes easier for people to find out your website, and learn more about your business. To achieve all this, you need is to make your website or blog Google friendly. If you don’t know how to, then you should read the full article.


If you give consumers what they want, they will buy more from you, right? A business enters the market for the sole purpose of making profits and they can do so, by increasing their customer base. If you want to increase traffic to your website, then you should post high quality content, from which your visitors can benefit from. The first thing you need to focus on is the landing page. The landing page is a very important page, because if it has useful information, then the people who visit your page, will stay longer or till the end. If you have more visitors on your site, then there are webmasters who would post your link to other sites as well. Quality content can be interpreted as content, that is useful for people, contains tips for them, and advice which can solve their problems. You need to give them motivation to read your content, which is why you need to make it reliable and relevant. Keeping in view the products and services that you offer, you should make a list of the things that people are most likely to search for on your website, and then you should post content accordingly. For this, you need to carry out research and assess other websites of similar nature as well.


Just like I have mentioned above, that if webmasters post your website link on different websites, then it will increase traffic as well. This link sharing also helps Google bots find your website, and they are able to assess its value. Google uses complex text-matching methodologies; they do so to find out the pages that contain relevant content and are important as well. The point to note here, is that the links that come from other big sites, shouldn’t be forced and must seem natural. It would seem natural when a website finds the content on your website useful, and then provides a link that leads to some of your website pages. It would seem forced if you are paying someone to do it, because this is not allowed by Google.


If your website can’t be opened by some people, then what is the point of it? Even if your content is of quality, your keywords are on point and Google has given you a good ranking, it would all go to waste, if some people can’t visit your website because of geographical restrictions. The link structure of your website should be logical. Every page of your website should be easily accessible, with the help of text link. If someone is using a text browser, then they can too access your website. Even though pictures and videos are encouraged on websites, it shouldn’t be crowded with Macromedia Flash or even sessions; sometimes frames, IDs, cookies or even JavaScript can prevent people from viewing your website. This will decrease the traffic on your website, and you might not receive a good ranking. Here access can also mean that if a person can access you webpage using a computer, they can’t do the same using a mobile phone, and that won’t make your business look very tech savvy.

The Do Not’s

If your website has DHTML, then make sure that it doesn’t interfere with people accessing it. Also, do not crowd your content and fill our pages with keywords. You should also not cloak the pages on your website, because that would decrease the traffic. If your website contains irrelevant stuff, then why would anyone want to visit it twice? This will also make Google ignore your website.

SEO Service Providers

You need to do SEO in a way that it would seem legitimate. Don’t be like those people who buy SEO services, because this can give your website a bad reputation. Similarly, there are SEO service providers who say that if you buy our services, then we guarantee success. Even though there are some companies out there who can help you develop quality content, but at times they use techniques which can be deceptive. If you want quick results, then SEO won’t give you any, because it takes time and effort. Search engines are not humans, which is why you can’t deceive them. They have algorithms, which can detect any foul play. A mistake that most website developers make is that they make many copies, of a web page, which contains the same information. The reason why there are multiple web pages is because users are offered print-friendly version or text-only version. This is not a recommended practice, because it doesn’t please Google in any way. If it doesn’t please Google, then it means that the ranking of your website will be affected. In any case, don’t use this approach. If you want to, then you should offer users with different information and not the same, because it gives your website and business a bad name. The above mentioned steps are what you should consider adopting, if you want to make your website SEO friendly. If you want better ranking for your blog or website, then you need to know how to develop SEO content. However, you should not limit yourself to these steps, but search for more ideas as well.