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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the practice whereby you own a site and make deliberate efforts to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website organically. Note the choice of words that we have employed, as we will be looking more into them as they are crucial in your journey of making the best out of your SEO campaign.

Quality when it comes to traffic to your website means attracting the right visitors to your website. What this further means is that the visitors should be interested in your products and services and will go out of their way to take up the call to action that is prescribed on your websites. What does this mean? If you are a pork farmer selling pork products on your website, the people that you want to visit your site are those who are looking for pork products to buy, rather than having people coming to your site because Google told them you are a computer selling website. Also go and look at billlentis.com/what-is-seo-mistakes.

Quantity on the other hand when it comes to Search Engine Optimization translates to having the right people clicking on your site by you ranking higher on the Search Engine results pages. The more traffic you have on your site, the more sales that you get through on your website. All this traffic through Search Engine efforts is organic. This is different from pay per click campaigns where just like the name suggests, you have to pay so as to have your website rank higher on the Search Engine Results page. With Search Engine Optimization, you don’t pay and all the ranking on the Search Engine Results page is organic.

Understanding Technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO like every other effort that is taken up in Search Engine optimization goes to help improve organic ranking of your site. Technical SEO work to help the search engine spiders crawl and also index your site in a more effective way. This is achieved through server and website optimization.

Technical SEO therefore works on the technical bits that have to do with the security and structure of your website. This is because there are a number of expectations that have been set out by search engine algorithms. The better your website adheres to these algorithms, the better the ranking. These technical aspects of Search Engine optimization include the security of your website’s connection, the design of the website and the speed at which it loads. We shall be looking at these aspects in more detail in the coming sections.

Security Of Your Website

According to studies, the security of your website has a direct influence on your Search Engine Optimization campaign. In 2014 Google decided to make the security of a website an important factor in as far as ranking is concerned. According the search engine’s algorithm preference is given to sites which are secure over those that are not. This is through the Secure Sockets Layer, which is a certificate that you can install on your website to improve on its security and protect you and your company from a hack. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) works by creating an encrypted link between a server and your browser. Today it is easy to determine whether your website is using SSL easily because if it does, it will start with ‘https://’ as opposed to ‘http://’.

Having A Mobile-Friendly Site

Google’s algorithm is pretty clear that preference is given to the fully responsive website that displays its contents in the best possible format for tablet, mobile and desktop users. A mobile friendly website therefore is that website that adjusts itself to the device of the reader for easy and faster navigation.

Through technical SEO you optimize your website to make sure that regardless of the device one is using, they will easily get to navigate through the various pages on your site as the website will have adjusted itself according to the nature of the device being used. In 2018, Google announced that preference when it comes to indexing on the search engine giant will be leaning towards mobile first indexing. This means that your website will be indexed based on your mobile version rather than your desktop version as was previously the case. This only goes to stress the importance of ensuring that you have a mobile friendly site to enjoy favorable ranking on the search engine results page.

The Speed Of Your Website

Another aspect that is important in Technical Search Engine Optimization is the Speed of your website. The speed at which your site and their page’s load, the higher the ranking that you are going to enjoy on the search engine results page.

Through Technical SEO, you can improve the speed at which your website loads and consequently your ranking on the Search Engine Results page. Here are a number of ways in which you can achieve this:

• Using fast hosting
• Minimizing the use of HTTP scripts and also plugins
• Avoiding use of multiple CSS stylesheets
• Getting rid of unnecessary white spaces in your site’s code

Duplicate Content On Your Website

Duplicate content on a website is confusing both for users and search engine. Through Technical Search Engine optimization, it is possible to work on duplicate content that may be on your site and help in improving on your website ranking. Search engines advise that issues to do with duplicate content should be fixed.


Technical SEO is crucial to the success of your website, in as far as achieving organic ranking is concerned. From working on the security of your website, to ensuring that it is mobile friendly and even improving the load speed of your website goes a long way in giving you authority on the internet in your niche. The better the efforts are at ensuring that these technical aspects of SEO are handled, the higher the ranking that your site will enjoy. Here is a video that you should watch, giving you a brief on technical SEO in more detail: