What Is Amp In SEO

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Amp stands for accelerated mobile pages. It’s generally open-source coding that is standard for publishers.

Most people have benefited massively from use of amp since it has a quick designation label on search engines. It will help your website when it comes to ranking levels since most mobile visitors will get a chance to view your site. On Accelerated Mobile Pages, the importance of quick loading templates is well explained.

Desktop resources are mainly heavy and many and this could be stressful whenever you want to load your site. Amp comes in handy in such situations since it facilitates quick loading using your phone. Back in the days, amp was only for user experience but nowadays, it has been backed up by Google. In fact, most websites are doing the same! You also need to learn billlentis.com/what-is-technical-seo.

Essentials Of Amp

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about amp. How often do you load your website on mobile? How is the load speed? Is your internet connection efficient? If your internet connection is strong but loading is slow, try amp to standardize your site mobile version. This will help in optimizing mobile browsing experience for all users.

What’s more important than creating a mobile friendly and fully responsive website template? This ensures that the online presence gets to have a user friendly experience. Nowadays, mobile friendly sites are well ranked by Google ranking at top search results so use the best tools to boost your blog.

Beneficiaries Of Amp

Publishing sites are normally the biggest beneficiaries of amp. This is because they produce content. One thing that you have to note is you don’t have to make your products or services landing pages to accelerated mobile page. If you do so, there is a high chance that it will be easily taken down of the first impressions.

This isn’t necessary because it will defeat the original design purpose. Some don’t have to adopt amp but if its suits you well, go for it! It’s better for you to transition your customer news, updates and news section to amp. Making a whole site to an amp can have a negative impact so always be on the look-out.

Get to watch more about amp video:

Most of your questions will be answered since everything is well explained. As a blogger, getting to reach out to many people as possible is something you do anything to achieve.

There are plenty of blogs online so everything has to be right for your blog to stand-out. Online readers are mostly with pages that take time to load even when the internet is low. Don’t let this get in your way of attracting huge traffic, adopt amp where your blogs can load faster. Most publishers have perfectly embraced use of amp since its efficient technology.

Loading Amp- Preferred sites

Let’s take twitter website as an example in getting to know about actual sites that are good for amp loading. When you try to open any piece of content form twitter you will realize that has own browser. When you do it from a native mobile application, you might be surprised by how not fast it isn’t loading. However, whenever using amp, fast loading is ensured even if native browser is used.

On AMP Project’s site you will get all the details on how to integrate amp and make it work for your website. It isn’t an easy task so you must be patient with the whole process.

Differentiate Between Non-Amp And Amp Mobile Browsing

Unlike the non-amp, amp pages are easy where lots of complicated user experience stuff have been removed. Basically, all the things have been stripped down. Whenever using amp, CSS streamlined version has to be used. On problogbooster.com, adequate details on speeding up loading are well shared.

On amp, JavaScript can’t be used and most people are still trying to find a way of making share buttons seen on amp on their amp pages. Due to the kind of JavaScript that amp provides, images tend to lazy load. Therefore, you must incorporate amp to regulate mobile responsive pages.

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Integration of amp to standardize all mobile responsive pages ensures that top speed and readability are top priorities. This is the most important practice since it will help in sharing of vital information that you pass to your readers. Speed up page loading time of your website is one of the many sites that will help you achieve faster results.

Impacts Of Amp

It’s always to understand a new technology before opting to use it. You have to invest your time for you to do a good job to realize the potential of amp. You will get a huge traffic towards your website after a good amp implementation. According to research moz.com, lots of sites that have adopted amp have experienced incredible results.

Try to ensure that amp kinds and versions of the pages you own are substantially identical. They can also be similar to the other mobile pages that are responsive. Two years ago, Google agreed to remove pages that don’t have similar content between the amp page and mobile responsive page.

This means that you have to create unique and new templates for all the main landing pages on your website. Use convention styling options if you use plugin. You have to take your time and be wise whenever taking on amp. On Internal Linking & Mobile First: Large Site Crawl Paths in 2018 & Beyond you will get to learn on how to handle amp if you are a beginner.


More revenue, enhanced site speed and efficient user experience are some of the vital benefits of amp. However, you will experience all this if you are willing to be smart and take ample time to work on your amp version of your amp site carefully. If you want the people to see the real results, work on the tracking matter in analytics.