What Is SEO?

What Is SEO? - BillLentis.com
What is the meaning of SEO in the context of digital marketing? SEO in the context of digital marketing simply means a marketing tool focused on growing the visibility of websites or businesses in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing which drives customers to your business via online platforms which could be through social media or through the popular Google search engine results.

Creating An SEO Strategy

As we all know SEO belongs to the field of ever revolving methods and strategies if you want to have a successful SEO that would yield amazing results, know the strategies to use at different point in times. What are these strategies that are to be used to create amazing results for SEO marketing?

1. Knowing Who Is In Your Target Market

One thing you should understand about SEO is that it is not just about venturing into SEO to get massive traffic but to get the traffic that would definitely add value to your business. The main purpose of doing SEO for your business is definitely to get customers or the right set of persons or companies that would be interested in what you offer, that is the product and services that you offer. So the knowing your target market strategy would work very well if you are able to put some certain things in order or should I say, calculate the location for your marketing, the kind of people you wish to market your product and services to, how do they perform web searches etc. if you are able to get answers relating to these questions, then you are set to go as per the kind of persons and how your business will boom very well.

2. Know What Your Audience Is Searching For

One very good SEO strategy that works very well is knowing exactly what your target customers are looking for. For example if you give services that relates to fashion or cosmetics, you definitely have no business with an engineering company that produces engine oil. Your target wold be for those that want fashion or cosmetic products such as salons, beauty shops, young ladies etc. it is also trite to know that keywords changes to so you need to be more vigilant to go along with the changes or growing trends. For example, people would find it more comfortable to type stuffs like “who delivers Mac cosmetic near me?” so you need to be vigilant to know what your customers would want and the right words to use.

3. Mobile Applications Marketing Strategy

I’m sure by now you would understand that most persons now use their mobile devices t conduct searches online for whatever answers they need. So the need to expand your SEO into mobile devices becomes very paramount. The era of using desktops are fast fading away and the mobile devices are taking over. Making your website more website friendly is a very good way to market your products and definitely increase more traffic to your website.

What Is Content Marketing?

A lot of people would definitely be hearing about content marketing but do not exactly know the meaning of content marketing. Content marketing is actually a strategic approach that it taken to create and distribute more valuable, relevant and consistent contents I form of words, videos or pictures to attract or retain customers and probably to influence or drive profitable customer actions.

When you speak about marketing these days, it’s quite impossible to have a successful marketing without great contents. You must have to set up great contents if you want to still keep up with the large inflow of traffic. Content marketing is basically about storytelling and trust me, human loves great stories and would definitely go for the ones that tell the best stories.

What Are Content Marketing Strategies?

Just like I earlier said, content marketing is all about using great contents to attract as much traffic as possible. Bringing in more customers and maintaining the already existing customers requires a lot of content strategy, the ability to let out great contents will keep attracting more people to your business.

I have however, made some revelations on how to increase traffic with some certain strategy. Content strategy is requires for every business especially when it as to do with the internet. Here is a list of some content strategies:

1. Lay out your missions and goals: a very good starting for your content strategy is to pin point what your missions and set goals are. Every business would definitely have missions and goals that it tends to achieve. So setting out these goals and mission give you a better platform for reasonable contents that will attract the right customers.

2. You must know your audience: you can’t have a successful content marketing without knowing who your audience are. You have to first of all know who your product are services would be more beneficial to because those are the ones that would be listening to you. So you have to work towards that line of knowing who your audiences are, that is age, gender, religious or no religious group etc.

3. Always focus on customer feedback: this is a very important aspect of content strategy as it gives you an insight of what customers what or where customers want changes. Try focusing on feedbacks from customers to help you improve more on your content marketing.

What Is The Difference Between SEO And Content Marketing?

If you run a business, SEO and content marketing are definitely the two most important tools you need for your business to generate a lot of traffic. They both serve very unique purposes and have their ways of boosting one’s business. However, people tend to mix up these two tools as one, but the real sense of it is that they are both different.

The difference between SEO ns content marketing is that SEO is much more technical than content marketing as it has to do with web designs, structures and behaviours while content marketing has to do with getting more exposure by basically using contents to attract more people to a business page. It basically involves publishing contents and promoting to online so as to appear in front of your target audience.


The fact that SEO and content marketing are quite different, the both tools definitely work better when they work hand in hand with each other. The both tools can generate fantastic results that you need for your business to strive. In fact a lot of people would say now that content marketing is the new SEO.