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Make Your Blog Popular -



Many people would have heard of the phrase blog or blogging and may be wondering what really the phrase means. It’s not really difficult to know what a blog really is though. What then is a blog? A blog is more like an online diary or a journal in which you store some important contents that are not just useful to you but for others as well.

A blog is also a means in which a business owner or product manufacturer or retailer or as the case may be creates a platform where he or she gives deeper explanations, instructions or guidelines about a particular product or group of products. It creates an avenue where customers can get a better idea of some certain products and probably give the seller or manufacturer new ideas and make complains through the comment section.

Blogs are something that is now very popular and creates a well appealing atmosphere for customers to make complains and even interact with other customers. Most businesses have now gotten the idea of blogging and it’s actually a way for marketing their products and services.

Differences Between A Blog And A Website

It’s easy to confuse a website for a website because the two do some similar purposes. The major difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is majorly used to display some specific contents of a particular products, services or as the case may be on a web pages for people to see and comment their own ideas, give feedbacks on some certain things. While a website is related more to a company’s, personal or business profile, good, services and biography etc. Which is totally different from a blog because as for a blog it receives updates almost every day, weekly or monthly while websites do not necessarily need updates.

Just like I said earlier, a blog is part of a website, it can be a section of a website. For example, if a customer is to check out a company. The customer cannot necessarily say that he or she visited the company’s blog. The customer would say he visited the company’s website. Probably while going through the company’s website, the customer can stumble upon the company’s blog maybe to get a better description of some certain things and hopefully interact with other customers who may have used same products and services.

Making Your Blog Popular

It’s become a norm that most websites are now creating spaces on their websites for blogs. It’s quite necessary to give your customers the platform to give feedbacks. Apart from companies having blogs, there are also personal blogs that people use to pass some certain information that may be beneficial to people. The question is how this your blog become popular?

Making your blog popular is definitely every bloggers dream. It’s quite amazing t see your blog on the lips of everyone or the first thing that pops out of everyone’s computer. There are a few tips on how you can make your blog popular

1. Do A Customized Blog Design

Everyone wants to see something they have never seen before. It’s very important to always stand out in everything you do. Design matters a lot when it comes to blogging. Give your viewers something different to see from the usual r common design they have been seeing. In as much as you want your design to be different, let it be something that is attractive. Get your blog’s design to be really attractive to get more attention, there’s actually what they call packaging and design is under how you package your bog.

2. Add your blog to blogging communities

As a blogger, it’s very important to understand the concept of networking. What networking does is that is that it connects you to a large number of people who belong to online communities and also it also promotes recommendations from people to your blog. The essence of these online communities is to share ideas, links and all and if you are part of these communities, there is a greater chance that your blog would get a lot of recommendations from a lot of persons and members of your online communities would definitely help you advertise your blog to other people from other online communities.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also popularly known as SEO. It’s a very good means to make your blog popular. As a blogger, it’s very important for you to know that your blog can actually be ranked on top list on very popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. this is because a lot of people depend so much on what Google gives to them and trust me they would stick to it as well. So if your blog is ranked on Google search engine top pages, there is a one hundred percent that your blog would become very popular because a lot of people would definitely visit your blog.

4. Always Use Great And Attractive Contents

One thing as a blogger you should understand is that content is key. People always want to see things and read things they have never seen or read before. People love to join conversations that are interactive and educating. People do not waste their time on things that would not add any value whatsoever to their lives. So getting great contents would definite make your blog popular because a lot of people would be hitting up your blog to get advice on a lot of things such as fashion, relationship, food etc.

5. Always Have Valuable Information To Pass

It’s trite to know that things changes with time. As a blogger be very vigilant and invest in information to know what s going on in the society today. Information is something that would definitely make your blog popular. More traffic would be coming into your blog because you have valuable information to share on your blog. To make your blog very popular and remain popular is definitely to always keep up with getting important information that is very useful and education to your readers.


Having a popular bog is not that easy because you would definitely need time and faith, perseverance and dedication would definitely add to the ingredients o getting a successful and popular blog. Dedicate time and energy and do the right things for your blog to be very popular in the society as a lot of popular persons make a lot of money just from blogging.