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When you first open a website, or even a newspaper, the first thing that you see are the headings and the taglines under it. Similarly, when you open an e-commerce website, you see the headings and the description, before reading further detailed features. This shows the importance of titles and descriptions, in SEO content, and this article will guide you on how to write them effectively.

Title Tag

The title tag is what tells the user what a webpage is about. When you search for something on a search engine, title tags are displayed, and when you click on them, they take you to your desired page. The title tags or meta title tags are important as they make content more visible, and makes it worth sharing. According to moz.com, title tags should be short and descriptive; they should truly represent the content of the page.

Remember that Google displays the first fifty or sixty characters of a title tag in their search engine results. So, you have exactly sixty characters to make sure that you are able to attract the attention of the user.

Importance Of Title Tags

According to searchenginewatch.com, there are three main reasons as to why titles tags are important.


SERPs or search engine result pages display your title tag, and it counts as the first experience that a user has with your website. Even if your website has a good ranking, the title is the main thing that can make a user click on the link or just leave it and move to the next best title tag.

Web Browsers

When someone opens your page, the title tag that you have chosen is displayed on the top of the web browser and can act as a placeholder. If people have many tabs opened in the same browser, at the same time, and they want to keep coming back to our page, they need a unique and easy way to do that. This is why you need to use the keyword in the title tags, so that people don’t lose contact with your website.

Social Networks

Social websites like Facebook and Twitter, are external websites. When someone shares your content on their website, then they will determine, based on your title tags, what they should show on their page. However, some social networks also come up with their own meta tags, which allows you to optimize different for each network.

Creating The Best Title Tag

According to ahrefs.com, following are some of the things you should consider, when you are making a title tag.

• Look for a primary keyword, that becomes your target keyword; you can always go to keyword explorer to look for keywords.
• Look for long tail keywords, that are related to the primary keyword you have already chosen; this is because long-tail keywords provide you with quick traffic.
• Come up with a basic title tag, by keeping it short and including the keywords.
• Make sure you know how your content is unique, so that you can tell other people about it as well.

SEO Descriptions

If you don’t know how to describe your own content, then will the user or the search engine be able to understand anything? SEO descriptions are very important, and you need to know the art to write them, if you want to get them right. According to unamo.com , a meta description is a description that explains briefly what a webpage is about. The text of the meta description appears as the HTML code of that page.

Reasons For Using Meta Descriptions

There are different reasons as to why you should use meta descriptions, but know that they are not used as a ranking factor. However, these descriptions can drive traffic to your website, and it has other uses as well.

Mini Ad

According to wordtracker.com, a meta description is like a mini ad for your website, as it appears in search engine results. They give a promo of the page or the website to the user. The user reads the meta description and makes a decision about whether the website is worth visiting or not.

Defined Or Not Defined

If you don’t define the meta description that you want to use for search engine results, then the search engine results and social media platforms write the meta description on their own. That meta description would reflect their perception of your website or webpage, and it might not be as accurate, as your meta description would be. This is why, you need to define the meta description on your own and use relevant content.

Click Through Rates

If your meta descriptions properly tell the user what they are looking for or what they will get once they open a webpage, then that will generate more clicks. Thus, as clicks increase, this will send a good signal to the search engines, telling them that your website is famous and has some actual use for users. This will help you with your page rankings.

Optimizing SEO Meta Descriptions

If you really want to optimize SEO meta descriptions, then you need to write a meta description for all the webpages of your website. This might seem like a hassle, but it will surely work in your favor, as users will get a snippet preview for every webpage.

Don’t make the mistake of writing the same meta description for every page, because that will confuse the user. The descriptions and page titles matter, because they are your first impression and therefore, they should be unique. You should always include the keywords in the meta description and make sure that it is between 135 to 160 characters; according to blog.alexa.com, that is how many characters Google shows in search engine results.

If you want to learn more about SEO titles and meta description and need a beginners guide on how to write them, then you should definitely watch this video and benefit from it: