What Is SEO Testing

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If you don’t test SEO, then how do you know it is working out for your business? We get tests in schools and every walk of life, to see whether we know anything or not. Tests are a way to judge ourselves and it is no different when it comes to SEO.

When you are running a PPC campaign, you know whether it is working or not because it is easy to test. You can split your ads, and landing pages, and get evidence about your return on investment. However, even though SEOs will tell you that you can test SEO theories and you have to approach the whole things, don’t listen to them.

How Does It Happen?

According to wordstream.com, you really need to test your theories, because if you don’t do that, then you might end up wasting valuable resources on strategies that are counterproductive. Those who are actually SEO experts know that tests and metrics are everything, but this subject is rarely discussed. To split test an SEO theory, like whether it is a good idea to put your keyword in the title or not, then you can do that too. Just follow some simple steps:

• Take the keywords out from the title tags, then measure the traffic for ten days.
• Change the title tags by putting in the keyword, wait for the new titles to appear on Google and then watch the traffic for the next ten days.
• Change the title back and then observe it for ten days and then repeat the second step again.
• Then compares the two tests and see what worked best for you.

This shouldn’t be applied to your main websites, because according to neilpatel.com, it is a very slow process. This process can be done for just checking the theories that you have implemented, in order to boost traffic.

SEO Testing Tools

There are tools for SEO testing, which you can use; if you further investigate about them, about pricing, you will definitely find one, which fits your budget.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console tool is also known as Google Web Master and the best thing about it is that, it is free to use. If you think that SEO testing can be a costly thing for you, then this tool would be the right fit for you. All you have to do is create your account, and you can gain access to different guides, that will surely benefit you.

According to google.com, this tool will give you an overview of your website and its content; it will show how the SEO is performing, whether it is effective or not, if there are any link errors and more about other operational data. If you want to conduct any test, then this is the kind of information that you need.

SEO Spider

SEO Spider has been created by Screaming Frog, and there are two versions of this tool; Lite, which is a free version, and another version where you have to pay $160 for an annual subscription. The two main features of this tool are:

• Scanning your website.
• Giving a breakdown of the areas that you need to focus on.

If you don’t want to hire an expert in SEO testing, then this tool will evaluate your website’s SEO performance, on a daily basis. If the description fits your needs, then you need to get this tool. If you want to learn more about this tool, then you should definitely see this video, because it is very informative and specifically targets the SEO Spider tool:


According to buzzstream.com, the most important part of SEO is to have quality links, which are not broken. If other websites are including links of your website or if you have external links, then the content will become valuable and rich in nature. BuzzStream is the perfect tool for you, as it manages your link.

Fair warning! It has a 14 day free trial, and you can buy the monthly subscription of this tool for $24. If you really care about the performance of your SEO content, then this is the perfect choice for you. Link building is not easy, and sometimes, you might know if a link has gone bad, or has gotten old. Getting this tool will keep you up to date about your links. What else do you want?


According to semrush.com, this is a toolkit which is free, and addresses the most important part of SEO, which are the keywords. To make sure that people get to see your content and your content is worth showing in search engine results, you need to have the right keywords and use them rightly, too. Using this tool will tell you about the effectiveness of your keywords, so a major problem would be solved.


If you take your SEO efforts seriously, then getting the Moz Pro tool, will do you wonders. According to moz.com, this tool is good for many things:

• It can create a list where you see the keywords that are suitable for your target audience, compare the ranking of your website with your competitors.
• It can track down the ranking of your website, and compare it with your competition; it can also compare the visibility of your website on both desktop and mobile.
• It can check whether your website is healthy for crawling or not and if there are any issues, it can find that too.
• It can provide you will an analysis of your link profile.
• The kind of reports that you want, this tool will deliver them to you, like if you want your data converted into graphs or charts.

You need to test the performance of your SEO, because if you don’t, then how will you know your efforts are working? You can hire a professional or make someone do search engine optimization from within the company, but you still need to know if it is working or not.