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There are different ways of doing things; for example, there is no one way of making coffee, so why should there be only one SEO technique. However, before I explain you SEO techniques, I need you to understand the two broad categories, under which SEO techniques come. These two categories are white hat and black hat.

White Hat SEO

According to tutorialspoint.com, these techniques are recommended by search engines, and they are considered good design. White Hat adheres to the following features:

• It works according to the guidelines set by the search engine.
• It doesn’t contain any deception for the user.
• It makes sure that the content that is indexed and ranked, is the same content that a user sees.
• It makes sure that the content published on a website is created for the user’s use and not just for search engines.
• It makes sure that the web pages are of good quality.
• It makes sure that content is available on webpages and is useful for the users.

Black Hat SEO

According to backlinko.com, black Hat SEO techniques are not approved by the search engines, and try to decrease their impact as well; they are often called spamdexing. You are using Black Hat SEO, if your SEO efforts contain the following features:

• Attempts to improve the ranking of the website in a way, that search engines disapprove of it and also involve deception.
• Make a page separately for search engines, and redirects users to a more user friendly page.
• Redirects the user to a page, that has a different ranking as compared to the one shown in the search engine results.
• Uses invisible text and sometimes hidden text.
• Repeating keywords in the description or meta tags, which is also known as metatag stuffing.
• Creation of low-quality web pages, that don’t have any content, but several keywords and phrases stuffed into paragraphs.
• Deceiving users by showing them a different page and then redirecting them to a malicious website, which is also known as page hijacking.

Effective Techniques

According to singlegrain.com, if you want to improve your SEO content, then you should use the following techniques.

User Experience

What matters most than user experience? If the user does not have a good time on your website, will they come back? No! This is why you need to focus on giving the user the best browsing experience. You can do so, by keeping in mind a few things:

• Make sure that your posts are readable; if your post uses technical words or difficult vocabulary, then your bounce rate will be high. This means that you should have shorter paragraphs and the sentence length should be mixed; don’t make every sentence long as it will confuse the reader. Make sure you use sub-headers and bullet points as well.
• Use bucket brigades, which means breaking an idea using multiple sentences; don’t forget to use trigger words and phrases and then use a colon at the end of the sentence, so the reader will feel more interested.
• According to ahrefs.com, you should use the inverted pyramid style when writing, which means addressing the newsworthy info first, then write the important details and then other general info, like the background.
• You should also improve the current page designs, and make them more attractive or user friendly.
• The site speed matters a great deal. Ask yourself; how many times have you left a webpage, before it even opened, because it was taking too long to open?

Voice Search

You don’t like typing anymore? Guess what! Most people use voice search to look for things online, which is why you need to make sure that your SEO strategy comprises of voice search option as well. For this you need to find out, the questions people usually ask. For example, according to thenextscoop.com, people usually ask questions that are starting with who, when, where, how and total, when they are using the voice search option.

For this purpose, you need to follow some simple steps:

• You should write content that uses long tail keywords, because voice searches comprise of long tail keywords.
• You need to use structured data, because it is a great way of making sure that your information is read aloud by the audience; schema markup is one such type of structured data, which will tell Google right away, what your content is about.

Topic Clusters And Not Keywords

Google’s algorithm is changing, and the main objective of Google, is to know about the intent of the user. Google wants to know what a user wants, what they are expecting out of a search, what answer are they looking for and the search results that would satisfy them.

Even if you develop keyword-focused content, you can’t just expect Google to put your website on the first page. The content around the keywords matter as much, and you really need to understand user intent. For this, just learn the basic steps:

• You need to know your target audience; their age, demographic, purchasing and exploring behavior and the device that they usually use to search for stuff.
• You should organize your content into clusters, which are small pages, as compared to a pillar page, which consists of 2000+ words. Clusters are basically the pages which explain certain things in detail.
• Use the right keywords and don’t use them too much; use them effectively and smartly.

SEO techniques can really help you understand how you should handle SEO, how you can boost your content and how you can get your ROI. If you are beginner in SEO, and you want to learn more about it, then you should watch this video:

If you want to know more about how to boost your on-page SEO, then you should watch this video below. It is very informative and will answer every question that you have left after watching the beginner’s video: