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Understanding and implementing SEO, as compared to reading about it, isn’t easy, right? This is because when we read about SEO, we don’t thoroughly research about the things that we are not suppose to do. SEO mistakes are common, because not everyone can be 100% perfect in search engine optimization. However, what you can do, is educate yourself about the common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.


The first SEO mistake that people make is ignoring the golden rule of SEO, and choosing the wrong keywords. As per searchenginejournal.com, SEO is about keywords, so how can you make a mistake when it comes to this golden rule?

The first mistake that people make is that they don’t consider what search engines prefer when it comes to keywords. For example, they don’t use long-tail keywords and using them is really important in SEO. You might have a specific way of defining your products and services, but it is also significant to learn, how your customers search these products. Also go and check out billlentis.com/what-is-seo-internal-linking.

If you think that researching about keywords is going to take a lot of time, then it is best to use tools that are available to you like Google Adwords, Google Trends, Moz Keyword Explorer and SEMrush.

Stuffing The Keywords

So you are writing content for your blog or your website, and guess what? No one is reading it! This could be because the content is not interesting, or maybe you’re just stuffing too many keywords so that Google will notice your content! This is a really bad approach and counts as one of the SEO mistakes that people usually make.

According to jeffbullas.com, when you stuff keywords in your content, then that is counted as spam content by the search engines, which means they won’t be posting your website in their search engine results. Do not overuse your keywords, but place them all over your content in a way that it makes sense, and the reader actually finds your content useful and not annoying.

Deceptive Content

What is worse than stuffing your content with keywords? Your keywords and your content having absolutely no relation with each other! For example, you could be posting about your vacation in Madrid and the keywords you are using could be totally unrelated, and promoting a shampoo!

This may sound absurd to you, but it happens, as SEO copywriters commit this SEO mistake, and try to lure the reader to their website, only to leave them annoyed and disappointed. You should publish content that is totally related to your keywords, and make it informative, so that readers know that your website is useful, and visit your website even when they don’t see it in search engine results.

To accomplish this objective, according to neilpatel.com, you should come up with content that answers the questions that people usually have about a subject. For example, if someone has searched for World War I and the important people that fought in the war, then the article that they come across should answer that specific question of their’s.

This is one of the most common SEO mistakes that people make, and you should avoid it to get better results.

Non-Original Content

This is one of the SEO mistakes that are usually made, and this mistake can be really bad for your website or blog, because it damages the quality of your content. Duplicating text used to be a common practice, but search engines are now penalizing this approach as you can’t copy or plagiarize content; it is considered as spam and the search engines don’t encourage it.

If you really want readers to like your content, share it further, then you need to invest in meaningful and original content. As per lyfemarketing.com, meaninguful content is important because you will be making sure that your content doesn’t get downgraded, and it won’t be pushed back to the search engine results.

Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Who wants to spend extra time creating interesting title tags and meta descriptions? The SEO mistakes people make, includes not giving much thought to these titles and meta descriptions, even when they form a first impression, both for the search engines and the user. These two are essential elements, as per reliablesoft.net, and if you skip them, then that would be bad for optimizing content.

For example, if you are including images on your webspage, then don’t forget to put image tags. These alt tags are important, because they show how an article is being targeted. When search bots are not able to see the pictures that you have posted, they can still read alt tags, and index the information on your webpages. Also, meta descriptions appear under your website in search engine results, so if you really want to attract the attention of a user, you should use meta descriptions.

The SEO Mistake Of Not Creating Links

If you don’t have quality links within your website, then a user won’t prefer to stay for long browsing the web pages. If you do include quality links, then make sure they are not broken and they are relevant to the information that is being presented in the article that the user is reading.

You should use effective anchor text, so that the SEO opportunities that it provides marketers doesn’t get wasted. As per upwork.com, do not write things like ‘click here’, but go for anchor texts, because it makes the content less spammy and easier for the user to browse.

Apart from the SEO mistakes mentioned above, there are some more that you can watch here:

The video is educational and talks about some of the black hat techniques that people need to avoid when they are using SEO. Make sure that your website runs on mobile phones and loads properly, because people use less laptops and more mobile phones to search websites and read articles. Avoiding the above mentioned SEO mistakes will surely make your website more readable and user friendly, which is something that everyone desires!