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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a common word nowadays, because of its extensive and necessary use. It is a measurable and a repeated process, through which the signals are sent to search engines like Google; these signals tell the worth of your page, be it a website or a blog, in Google’s Index. In simpler words, SEO makes it easy for a user to find a web page; it also makes it easy for the web page to crawl and categorize. SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy, which is focused on the digital marketing side of the business. Also go here: billlentis.com/what-are-click-funnels.

SEO is like an outlet, which has a proper name, an image of what it sells, on it and that would attract customers. Without SEO, the outlet would not have a name, no windows and no product description. A business might expect people to drop in just out of curiosity, but that doesn’t work, because if customers don’t know what you are selling, then they won’t be attracted towards it.

To further emphasize on the importance of SEO, you need to know that nearly 14 billion online searches take place every month. As the world turns into a global village, the online presence of a business is vital. The 14 billion searches that take place every month, you need to make sure that a fraction of those searches is related to your business as well. In order to make this happen, your company’s website should perform well in the aspect of social media marketing, the pay per click activities should be aligned with marketing tasks.

Advertising is very important for every business. When a business starts advertising online, then it does wonders for their web traffic. SEO provides an opportunity for people to utilize the factor of free advertising. If SEO is done properly, then the company’s website would have a good rank in the SERP’s first page. When people search for something, they usually look at the first two pages of their search, and want to find relevant stuff on those pages. SEO gives businesses a good return on investment.

How Does It Work?

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It is a fact that search engines are not humans, but they are software which crawls the content of a company’s web page. There are different activities that search engines do, which then brings in search results. These activities include:

• Crawling
• Scanning
• Storing or Indexing
• Courses of Action
• Measuring Pertinence
• Recovering

If a marketer wants quality score, then he should make an effort by coming up with a catchy website name and url, good quality page content, meta tags, the accessibility of the web page and its usability and the design of the page.

The cycle of search engine, works as follows:


Search engines have softwares that are called Crawler or Spider; the software of Google is called Googlebot. This software crawls the content on a web page and it is not possible for the software to know if a new web page appeared or a web page that already exists, is updated. There are crawlers that don’t go to a webpage for a month or even two months. Crawlers can’t crawl image, flash movies, pages that are password protected and even directories. If there is a majority of these elements in your website, then it would be best if a keyword simulator test is run to see if it can be viewed by a spider. If they are not viewable, then they are neither indexed nor processed and won’t appear in search engines.


When crawling is done, there are giant databases where pages are indexed and can be retrieved from, by entering a keyword. This is not for users, but for the search engines and it is an everyday task. At times, the search engines are not able to make sense of the content of the page, which is why you need to optimize it.

Search Work

When a search request is sent to a search engine, it processes it by contrasting the key phrases that are searched and aligned with the indexed pages. There are many pages which have similar search phrases, so the search engine performs the task of searching the relevancy of every page and then matching it with the indexed words that are entered in the SERP.


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The main purpose of a search algorithm is like taking a puzzle and then sorting through a record that consists of keywords, which have been cataloged, along with URLs that are related to the keywords. There are three algorithms that take part in this process; on-site, off-site and whole-site. When every step is completed, the end result appears in the search results. To put algorithm in simple words, it is a formula created by Google that gives a score to every website, so that they rank the best website on the top, when people search for it.

Ranking By Google

When Google ranks a website, then that website appears on the top or bottom of the results, depending on the ranking. There are three ways through which marketers can improve their ranking; quality, trust and authority.


When Google is trying to figure out who should it rate the highest, then you need to offer Google something unique as well. For example, if you are running a website that sells cups and t-shirts, then you can’t use the same words as other websites use, to describe those cups and t-shirts. You need to offer unique content to Google, so that it has a way of telling how your products are different from the products that are offered by other websites. You need to come up with interesting content, like offering customization of products, and providing creative information. You can also include creative images, so that it creates a community of people who find your products interesting. This would set you apart from other websites, and Google will give you a better ranking.


If you want Google to give your site a better ranking, then trust is a significant factor. Google wants to show the best websites to its users, so it would want to show the websites that are trustworthy. Google penalizes those websites and stores that have poor reviews, and when Google figures out that you have poor reviews, then your website will not have a good ranking or won’t even appear in search results. You need other quality websites to provide a link to your website, like newspaper articles or your own vendors.

Authority And SEO Content

Authority is an important factor; if you want to convince Google that your website is popular, then you need to send them appropriate signals. You need to build a social network, where people share your pages and they mention on social media, how much they like your products and services and want them.

Digital Marketing

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SEO and digital marketing are often seen as the same terms. However, SEO can be considered as a subset for digital marketing. The people, who are experts in SEO, bring in hits from people, while the main aim of the digital marketers is to establish the company online, which is beyond SEO. If you want to make sure that your website has a high ranking from Google, and you want to make SEO in marketing a success, then you need to understand the things which work and things which don’t.

Social Media

Social media and companies marketing their products and services on it, is gaining importance because of how people have incorporated these platforms, in their everyday life. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are used by companies to grab the attention of customers. There are SEO best practices, which need to be aligned with these social networking websites, so that the potential of SEO can be controlled.

SEO Marketing Strategy

There re several things that you need to consider when you are creating an SEO based strategy. You need to consider SEO as an evolving field, where things change in the blink of an eye. The online marketing industry and the business industry are both evolving, so you can’t just see a target, and then forget it. You need to monitor progress and see how your strategy is working out for you. There are a few points that you should consider when developing an SEO marketing strategy.

Target Market

SEO is not just about attracting traffic towards your website, but it is about attracting visitors who are actually interested in what your company is offering. You need to consider your target market, in terms of demographics and consider the question of what your market is looking for. You need to know how your target market performs web searches, where they are situated and if you get specific answers to your questions, then the return on SEO investment would be good. The best place to start your investigation of your target market, is through Google Analytics.

Mobile Devices

The online mobile market has changed in the recent years and it has taken over the desktop. More people search on their phones than on their desktop. This means that you need to optimize websites for mobile phone browsers, so that your website will rank well in the search results. If you don’t know whether your website ranks well or measures up, the Google has a solution for it; you can enter your web address in the Mobile-Friendly Test and you will know.

Expansion Of Search Engines

Google is one search engine, even though that is the first thing that comes to our mind when someone talks about search engines. There are other search engines as well, that people use on a daily basis like Bing. You need to see the rank of your website on search engines, other than Google as well, so that you would be able to add more meta tags and then engage on social media. People search on Yahoo and MSN as well, which is why you need to cast a wider net.


Keywords are the key here, and you need to spend time with them, to make them relevant to your content. You need to focus on those key words which define the behavior of a user. You should think about long tail qualities in your phrases; whether your keywords are a success or not, that would depend on whether your website traffic increased.


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The website that you develop for this purpose, should be user friendly. At times, the navigation style of websites is so hard, that it makes it difficult for the user to find anything relevant. The website should have relevant SEO keywords and meta tags optimization; there should be title tags and quality key words. Every page should have a keyword theme.

Quality Links

You need to have quality content, so that when users visit your website, then they don’t feel that they have wasted their time. You need to put up good links, which can increase web site traffic and is aligned with SEO. You need to have social media platforms that are up-to-date and you need to remember that if you want to generate traffic, then that means having a social presence on social media websites.

What SEO Marketers Need To Do

SEO is like a process, which shows to search engines that your website is the best; it has quality content, it can be trusted and it has authority as well. You need to make sure that people are talking about you and your website, so that Google grabs that and gives your page a good ranking. There are things that SEO marketers should avoid, as certain practices can harm the content strategy and SEO marketing.

Abuse Of Keywords

Keywords, in simple words, is how you tell a search engine like Google, what your page is actually about. Marketers in the past used the same keywords repeatedly, to send signals to Google, to tell the search engine what their website was all about. The main thought process behind the marketers was that, if they used a keyword ten times, then Google would rank them number four, and if they used the same keyword twenty times, then they will get the first ranking.

However, this tactic didn’t last long and those who used a keyword multiple times, found out that their website didn’t have much traffic. The problem here is that, if you use a keyword multiple times for marketing your product or service, then it will turn your content into crap. Google uses the time a user spends on a website, as a ranking signal. If someone stays on your website for a longer period of time, then Google will feel that your website is relevant. However, if in the hype of SEO marketing, you put a lot of keywords in your content, then the user would feel like they are using a foreign language. When Google sees that users leave your website quickly, then they don’t rank your website on the top.

The best thing to do here for SEO marketers is to use Latent Semantic Indexing, which means creating a simple content with a few keywords, but use them at least thrice in a 500 word article.

Crowded Keywords

Before you include your keywords on your website, you need to carry out a keyword research. Even though you use relevant keywords, it is important to remember that companies, who sell the same products and services, probably use the same keywords as yours.

You need to look for unique keywords, which are relevant to your message, but other marketers are not using those keywords much. This way, when Google sees unique content, then you would be able to get your website a higher rank. You can accomplish this by, looking for synonyms of your keywords, particularly the ones that complement each other. This will also allow the writers to come up with content that would sound natural to the reader and not forced at all.

When you use synonyms, you will come across keywords that work very well for you. You should focus on developing your strategy around those words. You can also use the Skyscraper Technique, which means that you take the highest rank content, in terms of keywords that are relevant to your business, then improve on it.

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Unique Content

Don’t make content that would bore the readers. You can’t expect users to read long paragraphs of text, because that won’t be unique. Nowadays, in SEO marketing, using videos and pictures is very popular and beneficial as well. This is because people want entertainment when they visit a website.

If your content is something that appears on every other website, then less people are likely to read it. This would send a few signals to Google and will give you a poor ranking. By unique, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the content should be good only; it means that you are giving your readers something that they have not seen before. You can check whether your content is creative and unique or not, by seeing the number of times it has been shared and liked on social media platforms. Also, if your customer engages with you through this content, then this would show that it is unique and worth discussing.

Use Of Low-Quality Links

As a marketer, you need to make sure that the external links that you use in your content are of quality. For example, if you want your reader to read more about a particular topic, and you link them to a blog, but that blog is out of date or not there anymore, then this would be a poor quality link.

If the link that you have provided proves to be of good quality, then that would mean better ranking for your website on Google. You need to carefully choose the links that you want to provide on your website; make sure that the links that you provide are not broken and are up to date.

In providing links, don’t give users a link that has high quality content as compared to yours. This is because, you are just telling Google, that their website is better as compared to yours.

If you don’t update your content, then the customer would feel like they see the same content over and over. You need to update in a sense that you create content, that users feel belongs to the current year. For example, if you are sharing a research about something, it should be from recent years and not a decade old, otherwise visitors would feel that they are reading content that no longer matters.

You need to analyze your content over and over, and find out the things that are not working. Then, you need to change the things that are not working, so your content and website has a good ranking.

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Optimization Guidelines

Being an SEO marketer isn’t easy, because you have to keep in touch with the constantly updating guidelines of Google, on optimization. There are minor changes that Google makes, but you need to stay up to date.

For example, if Google takes a step where they devalue a URL choosing particular keywords, then you need to know this, when you are creating content.

Site Speed

To make sure that a visitor doesn’t get stuck on your website, because it processes slow, you need to check and monitor the speed of your website. If you don’t do that, then there will be bad reviews about your website, which would lead to Google giving you a bad ranking.

These SEO techniques in marketing will bring success to your business, as more and more people would visit your website and become aware of the products and services that you offer. This is why it is important to incorporate SEO in your marketing strategy and make it a success.