Small Businesses And Facebook Traffic

Small Businesses And Facebook Traffic -


Facebook is undeniably the most well-known platform in Australia. Anyone you know and everyone you know knows someone who’s on Facebook. As a social platform, you may have seen many people laughing at their phones, commenting over a related post they’ve just shared. However, the lack of traffic and lead generation on business pages has taken a toll on its widely known popularity. In their opinion, it’s too much investment and not enough return.

The Reason?

For all happenings there’s a reason and luckily enough for us, a well needed solution. With the tips and fixes, we’ll be discussing ahead, you’ll be able to know the way to utilize Facebook at its best- all safe and sound.

Facebook focuses on what people like to see, post and comment on. The daily interaction with different pages determines the kind of news feed they as its users. This mechanical process considers the things we post, like and share on different pages. That is the type of topics that may pique our interest as a user and uses it as a way to keep its users entertained. This way, Facebook shows us the information that is similar to the content we have already liked. And like a cycle, the more we see, the more it adds. Which leads me to say, as a majority is interested in getting entertained; they won’t search for your page just because it’s there. You would have to make them see it.

Facebook As A Social Platform

Generally being a Social platform, Facebook also gives more priority to the bits posted by our ‘Friends’ in comparison to pages that promote business. With the lack of support, Businesses usually have to use paid Facebook advertising to create basic awareness of their product. Unless you’ve liked or followed a particular business page, it is unlikely you’ll get to see its content. This means there’d be no particular brand awareness of your product if we leave it the way it is.

Facebook As A Commercial Entity

Knowing its value and being a business entity, Facebook knows that it has the right to charge the business owners for the world-wide platform it provides them. With the desire to satisfy their shareholders and keep a sufficient Margin of Safety, Facebook uses this opportunity to provide businesses an opportunity to promote itself to a wider market then they would have generally been open to! It’s a business, so it’ll look out for its commercial gain first like any other business, especially if it’s providing you with an opportunity to avail a unique niche. And, Facebook knows very well on how to utilize it for a win-win situation.

Business Promotion And Marketing

Like we’ve discussed this before, the only way to get the attention of your prospective buyer is to appear in front of them. This is practically a very rare occurrence with unpaid distribution, that is, ‘organic reach’ as an approach. Therefore, to instigate real Demand, Businesses would need to consider more of out-bounding their market strategy.

Traffic With Inbound Marketing, Is There Hope?

Good question. Yes there is hope. There are ways, albeit few, to generate organic traffic, but they require a lot of time and effort.

Facebook LIVE

An interesting and effective way to directly connect with your audience is ‘Facebook Live’. It allows its users to stream live videos online with live interaction features. For this to work, you would not only need to be comfortable working around, in front of a camera, but also be ready to handle all kinds of questions and comments from your viewers. You get to see people at their best and worst, and at times, things may end up being not so pretty but if you look at the bright side- you’ll know exactly what your customer may think about you.

Facebook Groups

Facebook allows small groups to form online and randomly discuss the topics they have in common. These groups are generally subject focused. Since they encourage social interaction between individuals inline to their respective interests, they generate more organic reach in comparison to business pages. Such pages usually moderated by respective individuals- Facebook users, who entitle themselves to keep the forum active and clean. These pages can be centered on activities that support a particular group or act and can also be a simple discussion panel for individuals.

At times, with the number ways available, selecting the best one becomes a feat. Whatever the case maybe, you need to remember: All business profiles should be professional.

Many infant businesses make this one big error and end up facing a major disadvantage. If you create a personal profile for your business, you will not only leave an unsatisfactory image in front of your customer but you will also end up losing the set of content creation tools and awareness raising opportunities that might have been provided to you if you’d have had made a business page/group instead. This, if stated in business terms, would lead you to a very heavy case of opportunity cost.

Calls To Action

Using the ‘Call to action’ tool would be the smart way to seal the deal of your brand with your prospective customers. If Facebook is only a source to promote your existing e-commerce website then you can always customize your ‘Call to action’ buttons or just simply add in a (URL) web link to your online store!

Use Your Resources

With the skyrocketing evolution, there’s almost nothing that doesn’t have its own Step to step guide. If you don’t know the way to use Facebook at its best, you can always use online search engines or their Help Center to get the right idea. Plus, there’s always the opportunity to outsource your work to professionals, if needed. That way you’ll save your time and have a solid marketing strategy in no time.