What Is SEO In Advertising?

What Is SEO In Advertising? - BillLentis.com



Usually, the marketing of a website or a business in the digital world is associated with two different concepts. First is SEO and the other is the paid marketing. SEO usually is a long term process that requires constant efforts whereas the PPC is a technique to generate the short term results from the advertisement strategy. However, the use of PPC requires the involvement of SEO as well. How? We are going to explain it in the following sections below.

Use Of Keywords

The use of keywords is important in your PPC ads as well. With the use of the relevant keywords, you can expect to generate higher impressions in the search engine for the advertisement and the chances that your advertisement would be clicked by the audience. Moreover, the ranking of the advertisement is also important on the effective use of the keywords. That shows one of the aspects of importance of SEO in advertising.

Analyzing SERP

The analysis of SERP for a specific keyword is also one of the important aspects when considering the SEO techniques in advertising. You must have an idea how much competition do you actually have for a specific keyword before you can choose it to be the part of the advertisements. AJ Kumar shows the important of conducting the SERP analysis for finding the competition that your desired keyword can face in the industry. In case, you need to gain better results, you might want to go for bidding higher on the desired keyword or choosing a less established keyword and then ranking it on Google or other search engines for your website.

Fixing Website

In case your website is not responsible enough or it is not mobile friendly, your advertisements won’t get a higher rank on the search engines. Elite strategies gives high importance to the creation of a responsive website that can have the minimum load time and is user friendly for getting the better rank for your advertisements. In order to optimize them, it is important that you must create an efficient and responsive website. The creation of the responsiveness in the website is the part of SEO too. So, now you can understand how important can SEO be, even if you want to go for the paid mode of advertising. On page and off page SEO, both can play important role in the optimization of your website.

Pictures And Images Can Be Important

According to Adage, the use of photos and images in any of the advertisement can also play an important role in adjusting the overall impressions and the linkage to your website. Thus, you cannot be ignoring the pictures. Now one thing here is that the search engines whether it is Google or any other one, cannot read pictures or analyze what is shown in them. So, for that, you often use alt tags and it helps the search engine to rank your website and in this case rank your advertisement accordingly.

Selecting The Right Kind Of Audience

PPC ads can allow you to customize your ads to the maximum degree. However, you must know your audience for that. Sherman Standberry has presented a clear view over this point too. Usually, the insights about the audience are similar to the audience that you are targeting through your website. Analyzing the view and search results of your website can give you this idea about your website too. So, even if you are trying to rely on PPC for attracting more customers, you’ll have to indulge in better SEO first. Only then, can you expect the best results.

Implementation Of Other SEO Techniques

According to Alex Chris the generation of enough results for your website, it is essential that the SEO technique is not ignored in any way. The use of keywords, back linking and the linkage to the social media profiles must be continuously managed to ensure that gradually your SEO ranking of the website can get on the top.

Consider Your Investment Important

PPC can simply be a waste of money, if you aren’t using effective SEO. Because even if you bid for the right keyword, you’ll get the results for a very short period or maybe for the time till you’ll continue your investment in the campaigns. The time, you’ll leave this investment; you’ll not get that traffic that you were getting during the campaign. Ion this condition, SEO solely becomes important and you’ll have to rely on it. As discussed in order to get the best results from PPC too, the presence of SEO is crucial and higher importance must be given to it. Web FX highlights the ways through which you can use the PPC and SEO together and the ways each of these techniques help the other one.

The video from Smart Insights explains the process of using different types of techniques for improving the ranking of your page. You can definitely befit from these techniques by watching this video.


SEO has attained higher importance in the online world. Whether it is the use of simple SEO or the paid marketing techniques, SEO is an integral part of marketing. You need to focus on keyword and know your audience before you can make any type of decision. In this article, we have specifically mentioned the techniques through which you can use SEO for PPC. Have a look at them and ensure that you learn some important points from it. Good luck!