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It is the dream and hope of every business to seamlessly deal with customer needs and desires while at the same time get to keep this information on handling well stored in a bid to understand the interactions and how best to change things for better. Having a CRM handles this dilemma beautifully. One of the best ways of going about it is through Hubspot. You do not want your business to be bogged down by messy spreadsheets that will only limit your effectiveness.

By definition, Hubspot is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps a company store its interactions with both potential and existing customers. According to Hubspot, theirs is goes a little further. They sate; “everything from someone’s first visit to your website (and what they did while they were there) to the exact time they opened your sales proposal and how long they looked at it.” This is clearly a very bold statement which we shall be exploring in this article.

Hubspot CRM is built in a way that it allows your sales team to quickly adopt it without having to interfere with their workflow. What this therefore means that it is very easy to incorporate in your business. It is a smart and easy option that you should incorporate, as it gives you all the basic features that every CRM has to have. Through hubspot, you will be able to build attractive contact profiles in an organized way, with every detail of your customers alongside. This includes even communication that you have had with your customer. All this is in one dashboard where you can track all your company’s activities.

Another feature of Hubspot is that it offers you a marketing tool where you can align your customer relationship management with marketing efforts. There is clearly a lot one can draw from this CRM as a business. If you are a new business, looking for a CRM, keep your eyes open for this CRM.

Benefits Of HubSpot CRM

Perhaps the biggest advantage that you stand to enjoy by using Hubspot CRM is that it is free. A budget in business is very important and more often than not determines what you can or cannot do. With Hubspot CRM, it does not really matter what your budget is. You can have a very tight budget and incorporate it into your business at no extra cost.

Through its features it is possible to link all locations of your sales processes. This means that you can link it to your websites, social media profiles, email service providers and more. Most CRM’s that are available in the market have a limit on the links to locations and sales processes that you can link to. This means that you are free to customize everything that you want according to your brand and the sales process that you employ.

Yet another advantage of using Hubspot CRM is that it is flexible and powerful. It is flexible in that it tracks all aspects of your sales pipeline giving you data that will help you grow it and further develop it in the direction that you want. This way, you as a business gets to save on time and engage in other activities that will propel your business further.

Yet another advantage of incorporating the free Hubspot CRM tool is that it can blend easily with your ongoing sales processes. To mention but a few, it is possible to integrate the Hubspot CRM tool with products such as Sugar CRM, Bigcommerce, Pipedrive CRM, Gravity Forms, Google Chrome, Snapengage, Dropbox, Google Dynamics and much more. This is certainly a plus for you, especially if you already have a CRM in place. This is because you don’t have to modify these other CRM’s so as to incorporate Hubspot CRM.

Yet another advantage is that it is automatic. What this means in essence is that it automatically tracks customer interactions, making sure that you get valuable insights on the nature and behavior of your customers. This helps you and your business to know when to follow up and just how to act to the various needs that your clients and customers may have.

Yet another feature that will be important for your business thanks to Hubspot is the sales tools. Remember how we pointed out that it blends with your ongoing sales processes. It goes further and gives you a number of sales tools that you can make the most out of. One beautiful thing about the sales tools is that they enable you to work from your inbox. This means that you don’t have to constantly open a number of windows. This then goes to give you a better and faster way to receive and send emails within their records in HubSpot


Clearly there is so much that you stand to gain from using Hubspot CRM. In the long run, you are going to have higher flexibility and get more business coming your way thanks to the features that you will enjoy from Hubspot CRM. There are a number of things that you have to keep in mind when choosing Hubspot CRM as the CRM for you. Top on the list is that it comes absolutely free. This is certainly a plus for you and for your business. Whatever the budget you are working with, whether you are a start-up or an established brand, you have the capacity to get your business moving without having to spend a fortune on the features that Hubspot has to offer.

From the sales tools on offer from Hubspot CRM to the seamless integration with other platforms, you will stand to gain a lot as a business. With Hubspot CRM, you get the chance to focus on other aspects of your business. In a nutshell, it must be said that Hubspot CRM is the best option for your business. You not only get to observe the behavior of your customers, but you further are able to build on their behavior and make the necessary follow ups to build on the success of your business.

Have a look at this video and see just what Hubspot CRM has to offer: