6 Ways To Increase Your Traffic

6 Ways To Increase Your Traffic - BillLentis.com


The process of attracting customers to the website is not very simple. You need to monitor your SEO techniques continuously and make changes in them so your overall page rank remains at a significant position, allowing more traffic to the website. You can find multiple SEO guides online that are claiming to help you in this process but in most of the cases, the language used in these guides is hard to understand for the beginner in this field. So in order to increase the traffic to your website, you can apply these practices and generate results.

If your website is on word press then you are already utilizing some of the SEO strategies without realizing. But even these in-built features doesn’t allow you to get the best results and you have to modify them a bit in order to generate the right results. Knowing more about SEO technique and implementing the learned principles on your website can help you in the generation of good results.

Most of the websites draw traffic through search engines, so you can very well imagine the impact of search engine optimization strategy for your website. Some of you might consider it as fooling the search engines and algorithm behind it. But with ethical SEO, this is not the case rather it is related to the creation of optimized code for your website that would be detected by your search engine whenever a particular query pops up with your search engine. With the application of these strategies, you can expect a lot more traffic. So, when you’ll learn the basic SEO tricks, you can apply the lessons on your website in order to generate a better ranking and consequent effects for your own website.

The first thing that you should consider before the application of SEO techniques to your website is that your website must be user and search engine friendly. Only then, you can get the optimized results from the application of SEO techniques. Here are six tips on SEO that you can apply.

Be Accessible

Working on Word Press has its own advantages. There is a feature on Word Press that allows you to keep your website hidden from a search engine. This can be used in the process of development of the website, but once you are done with it. Make sure, you go to the settings and ensure that your website is actually accessible by the search engine., how to do that? It is simple. With the admin access of your website, you needed to go to the settings and click readings. Scrolling down, you’ll find search engine visibility, here you must uncheck the box against the “discourage search engines” to ensure that the search engines are capable of accessing it. Don’t forget to “save changes” before you leave the page.

Google Search Console Must Be Used

If you are not sure about the look of your website, then you can add your website to the Google Search Console. This application will show you the format in which the search engine views your website. With this tool, you can understand the importance of different sections of your website and the ways through which the content can play a role in enhancing the level of traffic. So, with such information at hand, you can devise a strategy that can actually generate results for you.

The addition of your website to this search console is easy. After you have done that, you’ll have to add it to the sitemap too, so you can have the statistics regarding the sitemap. It might take some time before the results of the sitemap show. This is because the crawler has to read the entire website for the results generation. You can also get the data about the indexed backlinks, so you must have an overview of this map and the statistics associated with it to have a look at your efforts once a month.

Go For SEO Friendly URL’s

The SEO friendly URLs explain what is on the page. It helps in enhancing the overall chances of a better ranking on the search engine. Managing permalinks option on your website is the way to manage that. You must include the topic of the article as the permalink as it is the easiest way to help the search engine know about the contents of the page.

Should You Add WWW In URL Or Not?

Adding www. In your URL can be your preference but it does not impact SEO in any way. However, when one of the options is selected, the search engines will recognize the difference as with and without www, URLs are given different status by the search engines. So, you can make your choice here based on your preference but once you have chosen it, you’ll have to stick with it.

SEO Plugin Must Be Wisely Chosen

You must choose the best SEO plugin to provide you with the necessary adjustments to your website while handling SEO. The two options that you have here are All-in-one-SEO pack and Yoast SEO. You can choose any of it for generating efficient results.

Optimization Of The Blog Post Is Necessary

You’ll have to add the important details like Meta titles, description, keywords, tags etc. despite the fact that your plugin will add them too. It helps in enhancement if SEO ranking. You must have an overall look every few weeks too, so that you are sure that each of these titles, Meta description etc. are proper and creating the desired results for your website.

With these six tips, we are sure that you’ll improve the ranking of your page on the search engine, leading to more traffic on your website. If you are not sure about the Word Press plugins, you can get help through 10 Word Press SEO practice tips. It will definitely help you in optimizing your website for the application of the best SEO strategy.