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Let’s break it down, so it makes more sense. SEO backlinks are links that take you from one website to the other. So, SEO bad backlinks are those, which don’t work. For example, you clink on a backlink, thinking that it will take you to another website, but when the link opens, it gives you an error, like telling you that the website doesn’t exist or the domain is up for sale. So, when you are including backlinks on your website, you need to make sure that they are not bad, because that is going to make your website look, very bad in front of the user.

As per wpbeginner.com, a valuable and natural backlink, is when you search for a restaurant, and it has a backlink to another restaurant on its website, which reviews the food of the restaurant; this provides you with valuable information about what food you should get from it.

This article will tell you how you can find SEO bad backlinks, and then how you can remove those backlinks.

WordPress Websites

Usually, a website is created for the sole purpose of it being linked to other websites; for example, creating a WordPress website with themes like TwentyEleven. These are usually odd links, which are designed to be linked to lousy websites. Such links are just there to deceive the user, as per yoast.com.

Spam Score

Moz calculates spam scores of websites, and it shows how likely it is that a website can be penalized because it contains duplicated content. If the spam score is high, as per moz.com, then you should not include such a link on your website. Go to billlentis.com/what-is-seo-audit.

Similarly, Moz also calculates the score of whether a website is worth the rank that it is given or not, based on the profile of its backlinks. The Moz metrics can determine the domain authority of a website, and if it is low, then it can be called an SEO bad backlink and should be removed.

Websites That Are Not Indexed

If you have included a backlink of a website which is not even indexed by Google, then it is a bad backlink. If it is not indexed, then it means that the quality of the page is low, because Google bot either found duplicated content on it, or it is a spam website. As per gotchSEO.com, including the link to such websites is only going to make your website suspicious.

High Number Of External Links

If you are including backlinks on your website, then make sure that they are not in high number, as this would make your website look like a spam website. As per blog.monitorbacklinks.com, if you are including links, then make sure that they are of quality and you only post the best links, that are working, to avoid bad backlinks.

Different Audience, Different Links

When you link a website, then you make sure that it is related to your business. This is why, you need to make sure that the link is suitable for your audience. You can’t be working in the US, and link a Russian website, because it will not look natural and will affect your website ranking. Now that you have found SEO bad backlinks on your website, let’s find out how you can remove them:

• You can check the pages on your website which have bad backlinks and then get rid of the pages, particularly if the pages are of low quality as well. This might not be easy, because you obviously have put in extra effort into your webpages; however, if too many 404 error messages are sent to Google, then that would be bad for your website
• You should get rid of the domain and have a fresh start, which can be a drastic measure, but if you don’t want to invest time cleaning up due to the number of bad backlinks, then this would be an effective way. However, make sure that you have been penalized for bad backlinks, before taking such a step
• If the number of bad backlinks that you want to take down and the webmasters are not responding to your request of removing the links, then the best thing you can do is disavow those links. As per shoutmeloud.com, this means that you’re telling Google, that it should not take the specific links into account, when it is analyzing your webpages

Building Backlinks That Aren’t Bad

Building good SEO backlinks is not easy, as you will have to put an effort into it, making sure that the backlinks are relevant to the content that you post on your website, and actually have some value for the user. However, there are some steps discussed below, that you can follow:

• Submit a guest post with quality and useful content, to other blogs
• Comment on other blogs, that are relevant to your blogs, as this will be very helpful in the overall link-profile of your blog
• Start threads on other websites and then post a link to your blog or website
• You should consider targeting social networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter; make the meta description of your link interesting and relevant, so that people actually visit it
• To make sure that you are providing the same service to other bloggers, exchange links with the other bloggers who write on the same topics as you do
• You can talk to influencers who write on the same topics as you do, and then encourage them to share your website on social networks
• If you convert your blog posts into pdf format, then you can submit these pdf files to websites that share documents

If you want to learn more about how you can disavow SEO bad backlinks, then watching this video to help, because it is very informative and it can guide you step by step. If you don’t remove bad backlinks from your website, then this would be bad for your SEO efforts and will decrease the traffic towards your website: