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SEO might seem like three words, but they can really increase your profits by three figures! You might have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization a lot, disregarding it as another marketing technique that you don’t need. However, if you learn the basics of SEO, then you will know how beneficial it can be for marketing purposes and for boosting visits to your website.

Accoridng to searchengineland.com, SEO is a process whereby the visibility of a website or a single web page can be affected, in the search engine results. This is an unpaid method of making your webpage appear in search results. In simpler words, you need to optimize your content, so that it shows in search engines, and you can do that through different methods like choosing the right keywords.

White Hat Versus Black Hat

When it comes to SEO strategies, there are white hat strategies and black at strategies. It is up to you regarding the strategy that you choose, because they impact your results.

Black Hat

Black strategies mean that when you are optimizing your content, you basically decide to duplicate content and not come up with real or relevant content. Similarly, under the black hat, you use invisible text and stuff keywords so that your website will appear in the top search results, but will not make any sense to the users. Thirdly, you redirect the user to another website or another webpage and include links to other websites, which have no relevance to the content you have written.

White Hat

White hat strategies impact the results of your SEO efforts, positively. When you adopt the white hat strategy, you upload relevant content, you don’t stuff keywords in paragraphs that don’t make sense, you use images that are well labeled and include relevant links, which will take the user to relevant websites. You check the content before posting, for grammatical and spelling mistakes, you use standard-compliant HTML and the titles you use, are unique and relevant.

There are different things that Google looks at, when it is ranking your website. This is why you need to know the things that will make a difference, and the things that you should focus on.


The homepage of your website is very important, and it should have the relevant keywords. You need to choose a good SEO plug-in, as it will give a good ranking to the keyword. The content that you post on your website, phrases and keywords should be relevant to that content. According to seo.com, if you have used more than two keywords per page, then that can be a problem, because one webpage would be fighting with the other, for a better position in the search engine ranking.

Content Repetition

If you post repeated content, so that your website appears in search engine results,then you are making a mistake. Content is very important, be it any website, because it is what Google ranking is based on. If you don’t post relevant content or your repeat it, then Google is less likely to give you a good ranking. According to neilpatel.com, you should post creative and unique content, and each content of every web page, should be different. If you copy and paste the same content everywhere, then the reader will get bored and probably won’t visit your website again. Give users value and they will return to your website.

Keyword Repetition

Imagine you visit a website to find out a pasta recipe, and the keyword is pasta. You read an article on pasta and read the keyword over and over again; wouldn’t that be an irritating experience? Marketers need to make sure that when the implement SEO marketing, they can’t stuff an article or a post, just with keywords. Don’t use keywords just to fill an empty space, because you have to.

When an article is stuffed with unnecessary keywords, then Google will consider it low-quality content and will give it a poor ranking. According to lyfemarketing.com, it might even warn you for posting irrelevant content, you will definitely lose visitors to your website and awareness about your products and services will go down completely.

Keywords And Their Importance

Keywords are very important, which is why you need to conduct a research on them. According to shopify.com, if you include misleading or wrong keywords in your content, then that can negatively affect the reputation of your company.

Choose the best keywords that describe the content you post on your website. Make sure that the keywords are relevant and appealing to your audience and they feel the need to engage with you. You need traffic because you want to boost sales; this part is understandable. However, if you don’t do it the right way, and waste time of the people who really want to buy from you, then that would not work in your favor.


When you post your content, give it proper headings and subheadings, so that visitors of your website find your content less confusing and more helpful. According to clickminded.com, these headings and subheadings should include keywords, that can optimize your content and help Google rank it better.

Build Links

Make your website a one stop solution for the visitors. Apart from the quality content that you post on your website, you should also include links, which will take the vistors to other websites that are relevant to your content. Make sure that you don’t post any broken links, bad links or irrelevant links, otherwise the visitors to your website won’t return and that is something you can’t afford.

SEO has changed the course of marketing, and in a way, it is good for users. SEO emphasizes on quality content; it emphasizes on the need for websites to post images and links that can be helpful for visitors. SEO marketing campaigns can be very fruitful for companies, if they are handled right. It can be sometimes difficult for a marketer to focus on different marketing aspects of a business and simultaneously on search engine optimization.


However, you can always hire someone who can do this task for you, but you really need to understand the importance of SEO and not dismiss it as it may sound complicated to you, initially. If you want to learn more about SEO, watch: