What Is Passive Income?

What Is Passive Income? - BillLentis.com


Passive could be a word you may have heard before, maybe on blogs, news, or any other means and you maybe do not really know what it means. You could also know what it means but do not understand or have a detailed understanding of what passive income cold mean.

Well according to the United State Internal Revenue Service, Passive income refers to that kind of income in which the beneficiary do not stress or work to maintain such flow of income. What this means is that the person earning through the passive income means do not necessarily have to put in any effort at all. It’s like how does little work and earns so much.

An example of a typical passive income would be of two categories, firstly income from cash flow in property. Which could be rent as a result of ownership of some resources such as rental income and any other cash flow from property under real estates and interests from owning other real assets that yield income every year. Another category of a passive income is the royalties’ categories where one company pays known to licensees to another company or person known to be licensor for the right of usage of some intellectual properties such as books, music or video which is owned by the licensor.

Is Passive Income Important?

Time is not your friend, the more time you waste, the more you lose out on a lot of things and more especially making money that could last some generations if used properly. I know you may be wondering if passive income is really important. Yes! Passive income is important, who would want to earn more but work so little? Passive income isn’t one of the fastest ways to get rich but the end results are worth it if given enough time and patience.

1. Passive Income Gives You All The Time To Be Free While You Still Make Money

Have you ever heard of the term “making money while you sleep”? well that is what passive income is all about, it gives you all the time In the world to be free, go on vacations with your family, travel around the world, you do not need to be one hundred percent available for you to receive whatever benefit you have to receive. Passive income is all about giving you something to fall back on even if you partake lightly in it.

2. Passive Income Reduces The Fear Of The Future, Anxiety And Stress

Unlike other means of earning income which requires so much work and your full participation but still put you at risk for failure if anything goes wrong. Passive income is more about relaxation while your money counts. You are already sure how everything turns out and the fear of the future or anxiety is very minimal when it comes to passive income. What passive income does is it eliminates these fears because you have no cause to worry about losing your job, your emotional health is stronger when earning through the passive income means because you feel better emotionally and physically.

3. Passive Income Gives You The Freedom To Pursue What You Love Rather Than What Pays The Bill

This is one of the best part of passive income. Most people do things or a lot of jobs today not because they love what they are doing but because they have to keep up with paying the bills. The one good thing and very important thing passive income does to you is that it gives you the opportunity and freedom to pursue what you love and at the same time pay your bills. Passive income pays all your debt while you get really active in projects that have always been your dream projects. In other words, passive income encourages you to follow your heart while you make money just following your heart.

What Are The Keys To Building A Solid Passive Income?

1. Save Every Month Until It Hurts

Enjoying tomorrow requires a lot of work to be done today. When we say saving, a lot of people do not like the idea, they would come up with excuses like spending money is the reason while you’re making the money or excuses like, life is to short so you have to enjoy your money now before it’s too late. That is not true, if you spend all your money today, what about tomorrow, what will you use tomorrow or what will your future children use tomorrow. The idea of passive income is that it puts you in a position where you have to make some sacrifices today for your own benefit tomorrow.

To enjoy the full benefits of passive income, learn the habit of saving, and invest in things that would yield fruits for you tomorrow. The very first start to getting huge returns with your passive income is when you develop and learn the habit of saving.

2. Invest On Income-Producing Assets

Learning ways to invest I things that would generate more income with time is key. Investments in shares and dividends, stocks, municipal bonds, treasury bonds, real estates, corporate bonds, etc. They are fantastic ways of setting the pace for a better tomorrow. One good thing about this investments is that they tend to yield great results with time if maintained properly. I’m sure you would still want to enjoy very well from the day you decide to leave your job. This is totally because you have a very big back up plan that would still take you through out your life time and maybe even that of your children.

3. Waste No More Time, Start Immediately

It is not enough to have some ideas about generating income that would in turn become passive income. Just start working on your ideas and plans. If it has to do with real estates, you can start by getting the necessary requirements that would set your real estate business up and running. The more you keep delaying, the more time is going and as we all know time is of essence. Start your plans immediately and save you the stress of working too hard to earn so little when you can work hard now and earn massively tomorrow.


Passive income is actually ne very viable way to still follow your dreams and still become successful while pursuing your dreams. With passive income, so many things one can achieve because you have access to all the information and time you need. Its high time people get to understand that having the best jobs where they pay you high is all, you can still earn so much when you invest today for the purpose of relaxing and enjoying your money as it continues to yield more and more.