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One of your main goals as a website owner is to enhance your online visibility. New traffic is among the main driving forces for creating a good website that people respond to. It is among the things that will contribute to your ranking on search engine results pages. The following video will aptly illustrate what keyword focus is and its immense value to your business.

So one of the main ways that people go about enhancing their online visibility is to add new and high quality content, according to Julia McCoy. Search engines are very particular and discriminative about the content websites have. Their credibility is at stake and thus, they curate websites and rank the ones with content they deem as the most helpful to their clients.

This article should help you understand keyword focus and offers you implementable strategies on the same.

Enter Keyword Focus

People looking for information online via search engines use keywords that relate to the information they want. One of your main goals while generating content for people to find online is to zero-in on the keywords. This is called keyword focus.

In keyword focus, you are aiming for a specific popular keyword that when people search for they will automatically find you. Joost de Valk of Yoast says that focus keywords are those keywords that you actually rank for. For instance, if you are running a bakery shop in Boston, you will have to thoroughly research on the terms people use to search for that information and use it to position yourself as the go to resource for baked goods.

AJ Kumar points out in his Entrepreneur.com post the main point of keyword strategy is to provide you with an edge over your rivals in search engines. You must remember that rankings are never static and your rivals are working equally as hard as, or even harder than you are. How you proceed from then on in crafting your strategy will greatly impact your chances of success.

So what does keyword focus really entail?

According to Crunchify, keyword focus requires research on the popular keywords relating to your area. This will ensure that you do not waste your energy on words that people will not use.

There are a lot of resources you can use to learn about the most popular keywords in the market right now. For instance, Google Suggest can give you a handle on the keyword phrase that people are likely to use while searching for information online.

This tool should provide you with a logical sequence of words that people are likely to use in search engines. From the information gleamed here, you can cobble up a strategy to use. The only caveat with Suggest is that you constantly have to keep an eye on it for it to be effective.

Resources To Use To Narrow Keyword Focus

Google Suggest has been cursorily mentioned as resource you can use to narrow down keywords that you will use to optimize your site. There are other resources and this section explores, in simplified detail, what these are and how you can use them to your end.

Google Trends

This resource will shed insight into the volume and frequency of the keyword used. It is set up in a way that allows you to compare and contrast different search terms in a particular niche. By getting a volume of a keyword search you can move to selecting a good keyword.

According to Nick Churick, Trends will also give you insights into potential key phrases that you can use while in generating content. The insights got from search terms volumes will help you orient yourself in choosing long tail keywords that will help you get to where you want to be.

Google AdWords

In order to get a clear number of the times a keywords has been used, Google AdWords is the tool to use. You have to pay for it but the insights you get will be more than worth it in your quest for excellence. Kevin Phelps says that AdWords is a great way of narrowing down keywords and give you a clear orientation.

Search For Focused Keyword

Once you have several keywords, check them out in the search engines. Check out the keywords you intend to use in your content if it will be searched for. Pay particular attention to the results in the search engine results pages.

Examine the links in the first search page. These should provide you with the necessary insight about what you need to do to rank better. The main aim of the keyword focus research is to ensure that you become very successful in getting to the top of search engine results page. This require intricate examination and constant striving to better your result in the search engine results.

Forums And Guest Board

There is a lot of power in community. Make a point of joining a community in your niche. There are lots of communities online that will help you gain insights into the popular keywords. This will help you achieve your goal of keyword focus in the end.

Content Of The Results Page

Competition is a healthy part of life and you should not shy away from it. You should check out your competition. Examine the search engine results. There is a reason why they rank highly. Ferret it out and improve up on it.

Content requires one to be very creative and attune to the needs of their audience. Always weigh the content you provide against your competition so that you improve upon it. Chris Porteous emphasizes this a lot in his post in Entrepreneur.com.

As much as you strive to be consistent in your messaging, there is always room for improvement. Plus, you competitors are constantly looking to improve so why not take it up on yourself to beat yourself and them at the same time?

To Focus On The Keyword, or not?

Not every page requires a focus keyword. Just strive to make your contact page reachable so that you people can get to you when they need to.

It just depends on the purpose of the page.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right keyword is a tough affair. It is inexact with lots of hits and misses. That should not discourage you from pursuing it. Eventually, you will get it right in the end as long as you are patient and methodical in your approach.