What is CB Passive Income?

What is CB Passive Income? - BillLentis.com
CB passive income is also known as CB Passive Income License Program, it is a program that is all about or focused on helping people make money through email marketing and affiliate marketing. The CB passive income was brought by Patrick Chan, a world recognized selling author and international speaker. The main purpose of the program is to promote making money from commissions when you sell Click Bank products via email marketing.

How It All Started

The program was first launched in august in 2013 and subsequently updated versions were created by Patrick such as the Version 2.0 which was created in 2014, version 3.0 in 2015 and 4.0 in 2017 same with more tools and materials added within these years. As times goes on, as it developed, it added more and more tools that made things very easy such as the 3.0 version added multiple landing pages including Al Opt-in Feature. The 4.0 the Facebook-Click to Opt-in Feature was added. This feature allows visitors to actually connect automatically with a person’s Facebook profile by just clicking on a button. This feature is actually a very powerful feature because it has very high conversions rates.

How To Make Money With CB Passive Income

Actually what CB passive program focuses on is helping you build your email marketing business and also increasing chances of making money through selling products from Click Bank. The reason why it seems like you would be making money through the program is because the program is more built majorly as fully automated tool to help you not just make money but to build your business as well.

A lot of persons may not really understand what email marketing is, well let me briefly explain what email marketing is about. Email marketing is basically the act of sending and receiving commercial mails majorly to send information about certain products or services. The relationship with CB program and email marketing is

– It is a very good means or creates the platform for driving traffic to your landing or opt-in pages.

– Once you offer free gifts to customers, they recommend more people and you get more email subscribers.

– As you follow up with your subscribers, you build some level of trust with them and within time grows more.

– And as you keep getting more subscribers and gaining their trust, you send promotional emails recommending some affiliates products which as they buy, you get your own commission.

As for the CB program, the most important thing that you really need to do is majorly to drive traffic and the rest would be taken care of. What does this mean? For the CB program, you do not necessarily have to work extremely hard as the founder of the CB program does almost all the work. The only work you need to do is just driving traffic so as more people can purchase these Click Bank products and as they do, be sure to get your own commission.

How Does The CBPI Help To Automate Your Business?

The CBPI automates your business in a very easy way. The program will enable you have your own unique ID that is attached to your page and have pre written free gifts that attracts people to your page. So as soon as visitors’ sign up to get their free gifts, the system automatically tracks the subscribers and also automatically send them follow up mails. This follow up mails would contain some promotional emails with click bank products also included for your subscribers. So the thing is the whole money making thing lies in the hands of traffic drawn to your page, if they end up purchasing the affiliates products, you earn your commission, all you have to do is just pray and hope something good will definitely come out of the whole process.

Why Is CB Passive Income Very Important

It Has Been Proven To Generate Over Two Million Dollars

the fact with the CB passive income program is that it gives you the license to market some products which you act as an affiliate and as you market the product on your page, you are likely to drive traffic via email marketing and the more people get to view these products, they purchase these products and you make your money. The more click bank products you sell through your affiliate page, the more money you stand to make and from recent reviews you can make so much money as much as 2 million dollars.

Promoting Click Bank Products

We all know that selling click bank affiliate products put you at more advantage on selling your affiliates products, this is because Click Bank has recently become very strict in approving products, so for you who sells through Click Bank can be rest assured about marketing a scam free and genuine product.

Continuous Means Of Earning An Income From Your Comfort

Just like I explained earlier, you really do not need to do so much work because all the work has already been done. The only thing you require is just driving traffic and recommending some products for people to buy and as they buy, you are sure of your money. You do not need to stress yourself so much like a real job requires, in fact if you really know the secretes of CB passive income, you would really excel in the program.


The CB passive income is definitely a good means of making money without stressing yourself so much. As far as the CB Passive Income Program is concerned, you do need to write any content, write sales letters, no need to pay for auto responder or hosting, you do not even need to learn anything about internet marketing as all these are not needed to make money from the program. So if you have the opportunity of making money through the CB Passive Income program, I would advise you grab the opportunity.