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According to Webfx, one of your SEO strategies if you are running a website is to get more traffic from search engine searches. To engineer this, you need to employ sitelinks. However, sitelinks are automated by the search engines. Also look at – billlentis.com/what-should-seo-cost-per-month.

To a certain extent, the choice of sitelinks is out of your hands. However, there are a couple of ways to help search engines choose the appropriate and relevant sitelinks for you.

In this article we shall explore what site links are, their importance and conjure Google sitelinks for your site. If you are interested in learning more about SEO site links, please click on the following video:

Sitelinks- An Introduction

Sitelinks are automated links that appear below snippets of SERPs according to Reliablesoft. They point to other pages on your site.

These links appear in both brand name searches and individual posts as well according to search engine watch.

So what is order of sitelink in a search result? It is starts with the title, URL, meta description and the sitelinks according to Search Engine Land.

Sitelinks look different in both desktop and mobile search results. As for posts, different posts have a variety of links that the search engines feels would be relevant to the searcher.

During your on-page SEO, optimize those titles. More so, you should make your URLs SEO friendly and also create better descriptions.

It has to be reiterated that where sitelinks are concerned, Google almost has absolute control over which links to show. Google shows sitelinks for sites that they believe will useful for users, according to their support.

Importance Of Site Links

There are a couple advantages that come with sitelinks with your search snippet. Below are the main advantages:

Wordstream sitelinks alongside your snippets enhance your visibility and consequently your chances of getting more visitors. They increase your size of the space in search engines results.

More Visits To Internal Pages

Sitelinks allow users to explore your site further without having to go through homepages. This enhances their experience and translates to more traffic as a result.

A sign of Trust by Google

Sitelinks on Google are very rare. If your site appears there, then it is a sign of trust according to Search Engine Watch.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

If people look for your business in search engines and they view sitelinks alongside yours, they get a gist of what your business is about without having to click on your website.

These sitelinks give users a summarized or cursory look at what you are about without having to dig deeper into your site.

How to Gain An Edge In Sitelinks For Your Site

Google, more or less, has most of the control on the sitelinks that appear alongside your site. However, you can wrestle a little bit of that control and influence how Google disburses sitelinks in search engine results. This section covers those steps that help you achieve this control.

Work on Ranking For Your Brand Name

This is relatively easy to do. For starters, you need to include your brand name in the homepage title in h1 tag. Then you need to ensure that there is enough information about your brand and it is presented in a comprehensive site structure.

By strictly adhering to the above, you enhance your changes of ranking well after indexing.

Ensure that Your Structure has 3 levels max

Work on creating a similar menu for site that conforms to the structure of the site itself. Your results depend heavily on your ability to do this well.

Google Site Link Guidelines

The following are the main guidelines for sitelinks in Google.

Link Important Pages

These links will ease navigation around site, enabling them to conveniently get the information they are looking for. It is important that when you are linking these pages that you use proper anchor text and label everything accordingly.

Descriptions and Titles For Candidate Pages

Use a good meta description and be clear about what those pages are about. This will clear up any confusion about the pages.

Use Internal Links

These will help Google choose the pages it wills show on their site links.

To do this well, you need to ensure that the anchor text is input properly and that text to connect the internal links is correct.

Work On Optimizing Your Site For On-page and Technical SEO

You must have work on ensuring everything on your site pages is very high quality. This basically means updating the content from time to time for enhanced user experience. Otherwise, low quality sites will bar you from participating in Google sitelinks.

Further Comments On Sitelinks

This sections explores sitelinks in relation to mobile searches and whether one can opt out of Google sitelinks.

Mobile Site Links

After Google’s introduction of the mobile first index concept, first priority will always go to mobile-friendly pages first. This basically means that you need to create a responsive website in which your website’s content looks similar in both desktop and mobile versions.

If you do not have a responsive site, Google’s site links will not be visible for mobile users. This way you in advertently miss out on generating more traffic as a result.

No Opting Out Of Sitelinks On Google Serps Unless It Is Permanent

The ‘Demote Sitelinks’ Options that allowed users to remove sitelinks was removed as of 2016. If you keen on removing pages completely from sitelinks, include ‘NoIndex’ Meta tag.


Sitelinks are bound to directly affect traffic to your site. Therefore, as much as the sitelinks suggested by search engines are out of your hands to a certain extent, you can affect them in your own little way. By undertaking the aforementioned prescribed steps, you can nudge them in the right direction.

The aforementioned practices will give you a modicum of control over the types of links Google and other search engines. Hence, improving traffic to your site.