Vegetable Gardening For Beginners



Your Guide To Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Starting a vegetable garden requires a lot of hard work. If a beginner skips the hard work, and just dives into sowing the seeds and watering them, then that would end up in a disaster. Starting a vegetable garden requires a lot of research, and understanding of gardening methods and tools.

Location Of Gardening For Beginners

When picking up a place for a vegetable garden, since the individual is a beginner, he should start small. The best idea here is to pick a small place, and then decide on one vegetable. If the first plant is a success, then that would give a little experience to the beginner and he can plant more. Secondly, when choosing a place, make sure that it is not vulnerable to strong winds or heavy rain. These two things can destroy a properly planned plant, and waste the efforts of the beginner; Yaheetech.

Garden Tools For Beginners

There are certain supplies that every gardener needs for a proper digging and plantation. When buying a shovel, make sure that it is a round tipped one, because it is perfect for digging. A fork is used in the garden, for both turning and loosening the soil, while a steel bow rake is used for cleaning and leveling the soil.

To get rid of the weeds, get a hoe, but the gardener can also buy a hand trowel. A hand cultivators can be used for transplanting in the garden. As for watering the plants, the gardener can use a water can, a hose or a nozzle. If the gardener really wants to be careful, then he should get garden gloves, which are coated with Nitrile. For pruning and cutting, most gardeners have bypass nips. Also go and check out the vegetable garden – Click Here.

Digging For Beginners

It is best to measure the area, where the gardener is going to sow the seed. Place four stakes around the area planned for planting vegetables, and then use a tape measure to mark the perimeter. Use the fork to lift the sod and shake the soil on the ground. If the gardener doesn’t want weed and grass to grow, then it is best to install plastic edging around the set perimeter. Make sure that there are no rocks or debris on the soil.

Selection Of Plants For Beginners

When selecting seeds to sow, it is best to research about them, and assess the vegetables that the gardener needs. To start off easy, the beginner can grow salad leaves. Salad leaves are sown during summer months, and they can be harvested in just three weeks. Moreover, they continue to grow, as long as the harvesting takes place properly. The best part is that, they can be grown in a small, but they have to be watered well.

The second vegetable that beginners can sow are potatoes. They can be sown late February or march, and the harvesting months are usually July to September. When the gardener sees shoots coming up, they should be covered with compost. Potatoes have to be well watered as well; Simply Seed.