Vegetable Garden Shade Cloth



How To Choose The Right Vegetable Garden Shade Cloth?

It might come as a surprise for many people, but even vegetable plants need shade cloths. However, this doesn’t mean draping a simple cloth over them, out of the closet. There are special shade cloths, and choosing the right one would make a difference to the plant.

YGS Vegetable Garden Shade Cloth

The shade cloth is made of polyester or aluminum. A good shade cloth would be water permeable, so that it works as an irrigation system, in case of sprinklers or rain water. YGS shade cloth has high density and durability. The fabric of the shade cloth is such that, it is breathable, and anti-aging. Like most shade cloths, this shade cloth comes with grommets, which are located at the edges of the cloth so that it can be easily hung; YGS.

The mesh design of the fabric helps the water pass through it, so it is not necessary to remove it during watering. It protects plants and greenhouses from harsh sunlight. In fact, this is a multipurpose shade cloth, and can be used for protecting swimming pools and creating a comfortable shade in any place the customer wants to.

Types Of Vegetable Garden Shade Cloth

There are two types of vegetable garden shade cloth. The first is the knitted shade cloth, which is made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is lightweight, and can be used for shade houses, greenhouses and hot houses. It is anti-tear and resists un-raveling. The second type is the woven shade cloth, which is made of 100% polypropylene. It is suitable for many things like pet kennels, providing shade for patios, wind screen and solar protection for the vegetable garden. However, as compared to knitted shade cloth, this is heavier and less easy to install. Also go and check out the vegetable garden seeds – Click Here.

Vegetable Garden Shade Cloth Increases Production

Plant production can be increased with the help of a shade cloth. However, the same color shade cloth can’t be used for every vegetable plant, as some react more to green, and others react more to black. When the weather is extremely hot, and a shade cloth is put over a plant, then that would increase photosynthesis. This would yield more crops for and even increase the growing season period. If a plant is exposed to too much sun, then that might decrease the production of the plant.

The eShare green shade cloth is specifically designed for this purpose. It is made of polyethylene, is lightweight and durable. The fabric is mesh and acts as a perfect cover for a vegetable plant. There are double grommets on each corner, which gives the shade cloth extra strength. It not only protects the plants from harsh sunlight during summer, but keeps the garden cooler as well; eShare.

Before putting shade cloth on plants, it is very important to know its density percentage. Moreover, for each plant, the color and the density percentage would be different. If the gardener is able to get the percentage right, then he will note a difference in his plants.