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Those who have a job that revolves around spending the whole day using a laptop or a computer, would appreciate the balance that a standing desk brings in their life. Without a standing desk, computer programmers, writers or anyone associated with the IT sector, would take their laptop to bed for work at night, and during the day, sit and work. This gives them less chance to exercise, more lazy when it comes to getting up and doing things, and more bound to their seat.

Such a lifestyle isn’t good, which is why customers should always look for a standing desk that can make the more active. UpWrite is a standing desk, manufactured by UpDesk that can be the answer to different health problems.

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UpWrite Features & Pros

Customers might have seen and researched about many standing desk. However, the UpWrite desk is very different. The size range of the desk is 48”-72”, and it can lower itself, and adjust to the height of the customer.

The unique thing about is its desk. It can be used as a dry erase board. Customers can use wet erase markers and dry erase markers to make notes on the desk, or doodle. This is a feature that is not present in many standing desks, and one that would appeal to the customers. For example, if the standing desk is being used by a student in a school, and he doesn’t remember to bring his notebook, he can always take notes on the desk. Similarly, during a meeting, employees can write the main points of the meeting, on the desk. Go and check out readydesk 2 converter review – Click Here.

Set Up Of The Desk

UpWrite is a heavy desk, and when it is delivered to the customer, he would receive it in two boxes. The customer would need an extra person to move it to their office or room. However, this doesn’t mean that the assembly of the desk was complicated. The assembly can be done within minutes.

The customer has to pick the two legs of the desk, and attach them with it, along with the control box and cables. There are plastic pieces delivered with the package, which can be attached in case the customer wants a cable management system. The cable management system keeps the cables away from sight, and from the way of the user.

Once it is assembled, the user just has to plug it in, and adjust the position according to their height and body posture.

Control Box

The control box that comes with the desk has six buttons, so it becomes easier for the user to understand how to adjust the desk. There are two buttons which lower down and raise the height of the desk; the other four buttons are for preset. The screen of the control box tells the user what height they are currently using and that too, when the height is being raised or lowered down. When the height buttons are not being used, the control box enters the power save mode.

Memory Settings

As soon as a customer gets the UpWrite standing desk, he should try to find out the best three positions. They can be sitting position and standing position mix. These height settings can be preset, so that whenever the desk has to be lowered or raised, all the customer has to do is press one button. The tricky thing for the customer here is to find the spot that makes their body feel comfortable the most. For this, they can try out a different position, or seek help from someone who knows about ergonomics. If a person is unable to find the right position, then he won’t be able to work efficiently in the workplace.

The memory settings can be particularly helpful, if two people are sharing a standing desk. This way, the desk would remember the settings that both the users input, and the users would be able to easily adjust the standing desk. The key here is to keep on pressing the button, and not press it just once. This is a safety measure because if someone hits the button by accident, and the height of the desk adjusts itself, then this could hurt the user.

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Accessories Of UpWrite

UpWrite comes with a cable management system, but there are a few other things that people can order. For example, they can get an anti-fatigue mat, or a comfortable mat, because they would be standing for the most part of the day. Further, they can get a cable pouch, a monitor support for the standing desk and a CPU caddy. Even though the desk has the ability to bear the weight of a desktop, these accessories can still come in handy. The material used for the standing desk is of quality and the desk itself, is durable.


It is not easy to switch to a standing desk, from sitting. It takes a lot of mental and physical strength to do something out of the ordinary. When managers introduce a standing desk system for their employees in the workplace, they should not forget to get anti-fatigue mats and adjustable chairs. Just because a manager has decided that standing desk are best for employees, doesn’t mean that the employees are going to get used to the standing desk right away. The manager needs to give them time, and the permission to take short breaks.

The unique feature of the UpWrite desk is the whiteboard feature. When employees see it, they would be motivated to use it for being productive. Whenever someone comes with an idea, they might not have a pen and a paper nearby to write it. However, they can always write it down on their whiteboard, without having to worry if it is going to come off or not. A whiteboard can make employees scribble things that come to their mind, but don’t make sense, so that they can use those ideas later.

Loosing Calories

Those who buy a standing desk expect to lose calories right away, they need to think again. Standing desk is not designed for the purpose of loosing calories, and it won’t happen right away either. Standing desk motivates a person to leave their space, every now and then, and move around. When they move around, they become active and their brain starts working. When someone is sitting, they have all these negative thoughts running in their head, like going home and sleeping, or taking a nap on the desk, or just doodling. UpWrite motivates employees to be more productive.

Use Of UpWrite At Home

The desk of UpWrite can be used for doodling, which is why there is no better product for the home. Children can use UpWrite; they can use it for doodling when they are bored, instead of wasting paper. If they have to do mathematical calculations or remember some difficult words, then they can doodle them using the whiteboard. It would be easier for parents to motivate children to use the UpWrite Desk, because of the whiteboard feature. Also, when children are sitting and doing their homework, they get bored and sleepy easily. Children, under the guidance and monitoring of parents, can use a standing desk.

Children like to move around, and having a standing desk would serve that purpose. However, as standing desk is a new idea when compared to sitting and doing work, they would be more interested in them. Convincing children to stand for a while, when they are doing homework or just passing time, would be easy. It is up to the parents to make sure that children don’t stand for too long, or it might hurt their legs. Those children who eat unhealthy food, or like junk food, parents would be happy to buy them a standing desk, so that they move around and burn their calories.

Get A Good Seat

Customers, who are buying a standing desk, should never forget to get a good seat. They can get a seat with extra cushioning, because they won’t be standing all day. They can get a foot rest along with a comfortable and adjustable seat, so that their legs don’t hurt from standing. Buying a standing desk should not all be about losing weight. It should be about approaching work from a new perspective, making one more motivated and less lazy. A standing desk can provide motivation, but a person has to be fully interested in transforming his attitude towards work, to make the purchase worth something.

Customers should consider buying UpWrite by UpDesk, because of the number of benefits that it provides to them. They should do their research to find out if there are any other standing desks that allow customers to write on them, or if UpWrite is the only one. Customers can pick the color they want from the options that UpDesk gives them, and buy the desk online, at their convenience.

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