How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing At Your Desk

How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing At Your Desk - Bill Lentis Media


Numbers of research has now indicated the harm we are doing to our body by sitting all day at work and home. The more concerning issue about these findings are that it is not easy to reverse the effects of prolong sitting even by doing regular exercises and walks. With the more advancement in technology, nearly all the good and high paying jobs involves work in which we have to sit all day in front of the screens.

But are there other options apart from conventional desks which can let you work on computers screens without sitting? Yes, with the use of standing desk, you can easily stand at your desk working on your computer or any other type of office work; Click Here. Studies suggest that standing desk does not only reduce many health risks, but also helps improve energy level and productivity. Check out the gaming standing desk – Website.

There are numerous studies conducted on how much calories standing burns when compared to sitting. Although all studies shows that standing burns more calories, but differs in the extent of calories burnt. See you are standing desk worth it – More Info.

Reasons For The Disagreement In Calories Burnt

The reason for widely varying results from studies is due to the use of scientific methods, lack of control or measurement of other movements while standing, sample size, etc. The results of many studies are questioned or discredit for these reasons. But standing is still considered to burn more calories and is way better than sitting.

But one important factor about standing is that it allows us freedom of movement. Standing desk can encourage us to stay active, walk and stretch our body. When we are walking we burn more than twice calories compared to standing or sitting. How long to stand at standing desk – Must Read.

The Actual Calories Burnt

As we discussed the varying results of different studies, one analysis from journal Circulation is widely accepted in this regard.

According to the results, standing does help in blood flow and burn more calories than sitting. But the results showed only 2 extra calories burnt every 15 minutes when using a computer while standing compared to sitting, which is 8 calories per hour. The results are an average and the actual amount of burnt calories from standing may actually vary from person-to-person.

We can’t say for sure if the results are 100% accurate, as every research has its limitations. We might see newer and more conflicting results as more researches are conducted on the topic.

How To Burn More Calories While Standing

There are many ways through which you can burn more calories while using a standing desk. These include walking and doing exercise. You can either do it while working or just take a small break.

Final Thoughts

As per the widely accepted study, the amount of burnt calories when standing is just slightly higher than sitting. But standing offers many more health benefits and reduces various health risks. Standing desk also encourages movement and you can easily take a walk around your desk or do some exercise while on work or at home which will help in burning more calories. Don’t forget to switch between sitting and standing to avoid health risks from excessive standing. You can easily adjust between sitting and standing by using a sit-stand desk; Ele Tab.