Top Celebrities “Killing It” In Social Media

Top Celebrities “Killing It” In Social Media -


Social media is a very powerful tool that allows its users to interact with one another from the different corners of the globe. It has offered celebrities a chance to get closers to their adoring fans and share information that they feel is special to them. This article explores celebrities with the most followed accounts on the mainstream social media networks.

J.K Rowling

One of the most interesting novelists of our time, J.K Rowling continue to astound us with the power of her words on Twitter amassing over 14 million followers.

Beyonce Carter Knowles

A force of nature on her lonesome, this bodacious beauty attracts a very huge following from all the corners of the globe. In fact, on Instagram, she is ranked fifth among the most-followed celebrities. Her posts elicit a lot of adoration and in 2017 after the announcement that she was expecting twins, her announcement attracted over 11 million likes and still attracting a flurry of comments. After the birth of the twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, the photo announcement attracted over 10 million likes.

Ariana Grande

Ranked second among the most followed celebrities on Instagram, Ariana Grande commands a very large following. It is worth noting that her impact cannot be encapsulated or limited to that social networking alone. This can be attested to how her heartfelt tweet after the tragic attack at the Manchester Arena by a suicide bomber was retweeted across the globe millions of times and attracting over 2.6 million likes. Her words offered some modicum of comfort to the afflicted during that tragic time.

Chrissy Tigen

A cursory look at this model’s social media pages shows a sassy firebrand lady who does not pull any punches with the posts she shares with her wide fan-base. This unapologetic stance and persona she has crafted offers a way of us living vicariously through her because she has just says what is on her mind_ which is something that most of us aspire towards but are not quite there yet. She boasts of over 8 million followers on Twitter and 14 million followers in Instagram. In her page, she shares virtually everything about herself like her very strong political opinions and her struggles with mental health.

Justin Bieber

His rise to stardom story is one for the ages and Justin Bieber is not resting on his laurels. This young RnB crooner started his career from posting videos in YouTube. Most of his success can be attributed to his strategic use of Twitter and Facebook as concert promoting tools. His social media resume boasts of a 102 million followers on Twitter and 92 million Instagram followers.

Selena Gomez

Boasting of over 128 million followers on Instagram, Selena Gomez holds the title of the most-followed on that network. After her brave post about receiving a kidney transplant on account of her lupus diagnosis in 2017, her post was the third most like post on Instagram. She is very open with her followers, making her one of the most engaging celebrities on cyberspace.

Donald Trump

Labelled as one of the most provocative U.S presidents of our time, The Donald holds the distinction of being one of most active presidents on social media. Instead of delivering his messages from the main stream media, President Trump opts to use his Twitter page to deliver messages directly to his followers. Backlash is more a common reaction every time Trump tweets something provocative and usually comes from celebrities and politicians. His Twitter account is ranked as the 21st most followed account.

Kim Kardashian

This self-styled social media mogul has created a stellar career with beginnings from social media. Kim Kardashian West is not shy about ‘breaking the Internet’ and has built a career on sharing pictures of her lifestyle and her show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians , a platform which she shares with her family.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Hot on the heels of their sister, the Jenner sisters have more or less followed the same track in building their careers through social media. Kendal and Kylie Jenner have amassed huge followings on Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram making them among the major influencers on social media. They have created businesses from social media exposure like Kylie launched her line of Kylie Cosmetics to her followers in 2015. Kendall, on the other built a fashion career on from her posts on Instagram.

Taylor Swift

This country rock darling has earned the distinction of social media marketing because she widely uses social media to promote shows and projects. Her social media pages are filled with very many aspects of her life like her pet cats and pictures with her clique of girls. On Instagram she has over 104 million followers and 85 million followers on Twitter making her among the most followed celebrities on social media to date.

Ellen DeGeneres

As the author of the most epic selfies of all time, Ellen DeGeneres The Ellen Show Twitter page hold the title as the 6th most followed page. If She uses that platform to shed light on pertinent issues and bringing overall positivity to her followers.

Katy Perry

With over 105 million followers on Twitter, Katy Perry is among the most followed celebrities on Twitter. She holds the record of being the first Twitter user to get to over 100 million followers though she joined it as soon as it launched in 2009. She uses her page to highlight social issues that are special to her.

Dwayne Johson – “The Rock”

The former wrestler cum actor is number 9 among the most followed Instagram celebs. His account has over 95 million followers and got its start from when started sharing his workout videos and positive messages. If you are looking for inspiration, head over to his page to get motivated.

Barack Obama

Known for his eloquence and savoir faire, when Barack Obama speaks, his words carry a lot of weight. During the Charlottesville Attack in August, his profound tweet about brotherly love no matter race got over 1.7 million shares.