Beginner’s 101 On Starting Email Marketing

Beginner’s 101 On Starting Email Marketing -


If you have only recently started email marketing, you know that it takes more than just sending out mail and expecting to receive a positive outcome. Like any other marketing tool, email marketing takes time and consistent effort to master. As you start marketing with emails expect a journey laid with patience and effort before becoming a veteran email marketer.

Once you master the basics and a few tricks you can successfully use emails as a marketing strategy. However, as beginners, you need to first get the details down before you can go on to whip up marketing emails. This article will help you identify some of the tips you need to know while beginning on email marketing.

Some discussion points highlighted below include:

I. The Definition Of Email Marketing
II. The Working Of Email Marketing
III. The Best Time To Start Email Marketing
IV. Defining Broadcast And Drip Campaigns
V. Some Auto-Responder Service Providers To Look Into

Defining Email Marketing

Email marketing involves using emails as a method of creating offers that pique the interest of any customers who are willing to offer their email addresses.

Various search engines (Google, Yahoo, and more) and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and more) provide a medium through which individuals willing to offer their emails in exchange for periodical offers can visit.

The Details Of How Email Marketing Works

When an internet surfer visits your websites and reads your content, they find at the end of the content a CTA (Call to Action). The CTA implores them to subscribe for notifications of similar content. Once they submit their subscription, they automatically receive a gift or another form of appreciation that directly relates to the website’s content. On clicking on the gift’s download link the visitor automatically becomes part of your subscribers’ list. They are henceforth bound to receive updates of new or special offers in their emails. This method is the single step opt-in method.

The can also subscriber receive a confirmation link in their emails. On clicking on this link, they automatically enlist to receive the periodic email notifying them of offers on your website and new content. This by the double opt-in method.

Once the website visitor subscribes for notification, they receive periodic emails automatically from an email service or auto-responder. This automated service sends out emails to the subscribers enlisted on preset dates and times of the day.

You can set the auto-responder to send out thank you notes or other email notifications automatically or otherwise called email campaigns. They automatically provide information to the client as well as provide follow-ups at certain dates or times as set by the user.

What is the Prime Time to Start Email Marketing?

Hold your horses! Before you go running off to write your marketing emails you need to make sure you actually meet some conditions else you’ll never taste success.

1. You cannot write an email to no audience it is impossible. So for starters, build up your brand, blog, image, or product before starting email marketing. Once you have a stable image and actually have a following and substantial audience then you can think of email marketing.
2. Traffic generation for your website. Email marketing depends on the number of audiences to work successfully. Once you have your website set up and product ready, attract more people through social media platforms and search engine promotion. Hubspot and Ezine articles are sites that can provide traffic for your articles. With more people subscribing to your website’s content, you gain a larger audience for email marketing.
3. Profile your audience. It is possible to know your audience’s preference and their times in your website using Google Console Analytics.

What are Broadcast and Drip Campaigns?

Email campaigns are the messages sent out periodically by your auto-responder to your audience. Both of these are options the user can employ to send out email campaigns to their audience. They both require the website visitor to submit their email addresses in order to enlist for the campaign.

The broadcast campaign requires the user to send out the email offers out manually on particular days and times. The user can choose which days they wish to send out the emails and can even set up an email notification alert for consistency.

With Broadcast Campaign, you can send out emails every time you have a notification or a new publication. You get to customize the message in the auto-responder every time to read as you want.

On the other and the Drip Campaign is preset to send out the email offers at a given time on a particular date. This can go on for as long as the user wishes to set it up.

An example of the Drip Campaign is the period leading up to holidays where emails sent out notify of different offers every day until the holiday season is up.

Email Campaigns are important since the yelp you create a sense of consistency that the audience is bound to trust.

Some Auto-Responder Service Providers You Can Look Into

Once you get the hang of email marketing, you will understand the importance of auto-responders. They allow you to lessen the time you use to write and send out your emails. While some are free, most of the auto-responder services in the market ask for a subscription fee. Below is a list of auto-responders you can consider for your Email Marketing:

• MailChimp: this one comes with a free option. If you have, two thousand subscribers you can send out 12000 emails monthly at no charges, expiry date or need for credit cards.
• MadMimi: they give you a basic plan for $10 for 500 subscribers and $42 for 10,000
• Constant Contact: For a 60-day period, you enjoy a free trial period without charges or need for a credit card. For $20, you get to send out emails to 500 subscribers and 2500 for only a monthly charge of $45.
• Aweber: This provides you with a 30-day free trial period. You also get to send out emails out to 500 subscribers for a monthly charge of $19. This ranks as the most popular of Auto-responder service providers.

You can visit Google for more information on the listed autoresponders and more, which are not on the list.