Things To Do In Miami, FL During Winter

Things To Do In Miami, FL During Winter -


Miami is a city that is known the world over for its flashiness and just great vibes. If you ask someone about the city, they will tell you they have either seen in the movies or read about it somewhere in a reputable publications. If you have not been there before, you will be amazed how lively it is and the sunshine just makes it the place to be during winter.

The beauty about this city is that it does not have those brutal winters where snow falls everywhere and covers everything. For the most part of the winter, this city remains sunny and cool for people looking to have a great time. In short, it is a great place to escape the chilly winter. There are a lot of activities you can take part in while you are in Miami and this article explores them in detail, showing you how to have fun in the process.

Spend Your Days At The World Famous Miami Beach

One of the spots you must visit while you are in Miami is the famous Miami Beach. The sun and sand offer something more enjoyable when compared to the cold, wintery period you would have experienced at home. Sure there are lots of fun things you could do in the snow and when it starts falling, a kind of Christmas mood engulfs the entire block, making way for singing cheerful carols and what not. You would not want to give up that, right? Well, while you are in Miami Beach, you do not have to. There are numerous activities and decorations there that could get you in the Christmas mood while you take in the rays at the beach. Even though Miami Beach is outside the municipality and located on an island, it just gives you that exotic feel that you need when you want to enjoy that winter vacation with you and yours. Go and check this out –

Go To Jungle Island

If you are looking to heighten your spirit of adventure and inspire awe while you are in Miami, the Jungle Island is the spot to do it. It is quickly accessible and only one only needs a few minutes to get to while if they are in Downtown or in South Beach. It is touted by many tour and travel guides the world over as one of the major must-see attractions in Miami with a lot of rich history. It played host to Winston Churchill during his visit to America in 1946. While you are there, you can also catch the daily shows that take place during the day. Website –

Explore The Art Deco District Along With Other Art Shows And Museums

Miami FL Museums -
If you crave good artwork and beautifully designed historic buildings, then you should make your way to the Art Deco District while you are in Miami. After you have had your fill of sunshine, you can make your way to this place in a manner of minutes. The buildings in which the artworks are kept and shown are from the 1930s and they are well restored with elegantly placed neon signs in the area.

The Miami art scene is very vibrant with new and fancier works coming from and to Miami. It is a hub of artistic talent and the artworks attest to the vibrancy of the Miami cosmopolitan culture as whole. Projects like Art Basel showcase different talents on show giving young and upcoming artists a platform to show what they can do.

Going to art shows and museums can be a great way to unwind while absorbing fantastic works of art.

Check Out The Bayside Marketplace

Want to shop around for something new while overlooking the Miami Waterfront? Then you should visit the Bayside Market Place where they have virtually something for everyone. There are over 150 specialty shops which locals and tourists flock to in order to shop and get stuff they want. If you are hungry, there are outdoor cafes where you can get your fill and resume your shopping activities. This marketplace also has entertainment with daily live music ensuring a fun experience while you are there.

Visit And Take In The Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Hailed as one of the major tourist attractions and gems in Miami, The Vizcaya Museum are elegantly designed with beautiful architecture and well-manicured lawns as a start. The artworks contained there are just as beautiful, if not more, as the place itself. The artwork is featured in 34 rooms filled with beautiful European furniture. This place has a very rich history and is definitely worth exploring when you have time to kill on your hands.

Head On Over To The Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami FL -
The Zoo Miami is a great place to head over to with your family. There are over 2,000 wild animals in this established and it gives the overall feeling of an excursion in the world. The management of the zoo strive to provide the animals with enclosures that mimic their natural habitats. These habitats are cage-free and they offer visitors an opportunity to view the animals up close. If you have never ridden a camel and would like an experience, then you will be in luck while at the zoo because there are camel rides there. Website –

Head Over To Little Havana And Experience The Majestic Cuban Culture

A stay in Miami is not complete without heading over to Little Havana. It is an experience that is quite unmatched and is guaranteed to blow your mind. When you get there, the first thing you will experience is the warm and friendly atmosphere with Latin music playing in the background, beckoning you to come over and join the party. Then there is the lovely food renowned for its spiciness and unforgettable flavor. At the end of the experience, you will already be making plans to come back to Calle Ocho just to relive the experience for as long as you can.

Go Visit Deering Estate

The huge and expansive mangrove forest at the Cutler property is guaranteed to astound and amaze you as you make your way to the Deering Estate that was once a hotel in 1900. While you are there, you will see plenty of cottages where guests used to stay at the time and also other buildings. On the property, there is also a sacred Indian burial ground that was there in 1500. The stunning grounds will offer you an unforgettable experience for you and yours.

Check Out The Miami Science Museum

Miami FL Science Museum -
There are a couple of interactive museums in the market today that offer visitors a chance to handle their exhibits. The Miami Science Museum is such an example. Established in 1950, this museum was created to provide visitors with a thrilling experience with exhibits from the fields of Physics, Biology and Chemistry. This museums continues to push the envelope when it comes to thrilling its spectators with fresh and exciting exhibits in the market today. It worth a looksee if you are into exciting takes on science.

Go Explore The Everglades

Want to catch a glimpse of the famous Everglades crocs? Then just take a few minutes’ drive to the Everglades National Park. There you will not only see crocs, but also snakes, alligators and diverse bird species. There are a lot of walking trails that add to the thrill of walking in such a tricky place if using the airboat is not your thing. However, the airboat tours will show you more as you dive deeper into the marshes.

Visit The Freedom Tower

Considered as one of Miami’s towering historical monuments, the Freedom Tower played a very crucial role in 1925 just as Ellis Island did. It was the processing center for Cuban immigrants in 1925. It is also among the oldest skyscrapers in the US today and home to the Miami Daily. It is a marvel to watch and you must include it in your itinerary while you are in Miami. Website –

Go To The Miami Sea Aquarium

Miami FL Sea Aquarium -
Being a firm family favorite, the Miami Sea Aquarium is the place to be during the winter. Featuring daily spectacles presenting dolphins, killer whales and many more ocean mammals, the aquarium will excite one and all. If you are still not satisfied with the shows, you can check out the huge tanks with very many species of tropical fish, alligators and sharks. Also, you can learn more about dolphins with the ‘Swim with the Dolphins’ program.

The Miami Sea Aquarium is doing its bit to ensure that all sea creatures are protected and conserved. Its initiative of rehabilitating and rescuing manatees on the Florida coast are just one of the many initiatives this aquarium is involved in.

Go Check Out A Live Event At The American Airlines Arena

If you are bored indoors at your hotel and want to let loose, why not make your way to American Airlines Arena and find out which attractions are playing there. This is Miami’s largest indoor arena where top acts make their way to entertain their guests and also home of Miami Heat. You can find out what events are taking place and if they appeal to you, go and grab a ticket so that you can enjoy yourself. It was opened in 1999 and has the distinction of being among the most energy efficient buildings in the South Coast.

Go Check Out The Bayfront Park

This park is a great place to visit when you are looking for new events to attend or are just looking for historical monuments to visit. There is a huge amphitheater where performances from different acts take place. As for the monuments, you will find in the park, they are as follows: The Challenger Memorial, The Touch of Friendship and World War II Memorial. These monuments are great for reflecting on the sacrifices and honor that different people made to their fields. It is quiet and very family friendly.

Go Cruising On Ocean Drive

Want to take in the beautiful Miami skyline on the move? Do you want to catch the beautiful Miami Art Deco Buildings in their majestic splendor? Well, a drive on this stretch of road overlooking the ocean front will do that for you. It is among the many tourist destinations that you must have in your travel plan. While on this drive, you can catch The Beacon which is an exquisitely designed building.

Be Childish At The Miami Children’s Museum

Miami FL - Children’s Museum -
The Miami Children’s Museum is the place to be if you want your young ones to have a great learning experience. It has lots of exhibits that are interactive and capture children’s attention thereby making them ideal for learning. Think of it as way of enriching your child’s cultural experience as well while they learn about the different cultures on the planet. Book your tickets early because the museum is always packed. Website –

Expand Your Locomotive History Repertoire

Created in 1950, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum was designed to capture and retain the history of the rail networks. This creation of the Miami Railroad Historical Society has over 30 locomotives from different historic periods maintained in nearly new condition. If you are into model sets, there is a very hugely detailed set that has captured the attention of many who have graced those hallowed halls. Want to buy your child a good train set, make your to the museum shop and buy one for them.

Go To Crandon Park

Crandon Park has the title of ‘most visited park’ in Miami because it has great reef for swimming, an Amusement Center and stunning Nature Center as well. These additions make it the ideal place for you take your family. It is located in Key Biscayne and the facilities in this park are safe for family with lifeguards on call and lots of parking available for one and all.

Visit The Fairchild Botanic Garden

This garden should be in your itinerary because it has a lot of rare, exotic plants that are very beautiful and they assail the senses. The Fairchild Botanic Garden is open all-year round. It is a great educative experience with the various plants showcased there telling a pretty interesting story. It features guest exhibits as well that are just simply pleasant to look at.

Go And Check Out Coral Art

The Coral Castle was created by Edward Leedskalninand, a Latvian-American. It was made of 1100 tons of coral rock and its creator put the castle together one rock at a time, which is in itself astounding. The very fact that no one knows how this marvelous human being did this adds to the mystique of the castle which enthralls one and all who walk in its doors.

Take A Dip In The Venetian Pool

Miami FL Venetian Pool -
Built from a rock quarry in 1923, this pool attracts visitors from within and without Miami. It is a historic attraction that is filled with spring water which is constantly changed daily. Being a very in-demand pool, the Venetian Pool sells out tickets quickly. If you want to take a dip here, you need to be very quick while you book the tickets. This little replica of Venice is a definite must-see during the winter if you want to cool off after sitting in the sun. Website –

Visit The Holocaust Memorial To Pay Your Respects

In homage to the people lost during the Holocaust and the strong survivors of the same, the Holocaust Memorial that was set up. It is a solemn reminder of the trials and tribulations endured during the World War II and a rallying call to one and all never to let tyranny and divisiveness reign in society.

View Good Designs At The Wolfsonian FIU

Located in the Art Deco District near Miami Beach, this museum has a lot of eye-catching exhibitions from with and without Miami. It is affiliated with the Smithsonian and you are guaranteed a good time when new museum exhibits come to the fore.

Go To The Olympia Theater To Catch A Good Performance

If you are keen on good performances, why not make your way to the Olympia Theater. It is touted as one of the most iconic theatres by critics alike and plays hosts to different kinds of events. It is very elegantly designed specifically modelled after architecture most commonly found in North Africa.

Go Mango Strutting

Mango Strutting is an event you must go to when you want to end the year in style. You can join in the procession along Coconut Grove and catch a glimpse of this satirical and bonkers parade that celebrates the events that stood out in the year. Why not catch a few laughs there?

Usher In The New Year With The Numerous Parties

New Year’s is a very big deal in Miami and if you want to celebrate it with new and fun people while in Miami, there are countless parties you can do it. Among the places you must consider visiting is the Bayfront Park that has as Big Orange which drops after the clock strikes 12.

Carnevale Miami Anyone?

This carnival offers visitors a chance to really get to wind down with exciting dances and parades that celebrate the people of the Caribbean. It has a lot of good food and art, which are guaranteed to enjoy.

Go To The Miami Open

The Miami Open takes place in March and is one of the biggest events on the ATP calendar. It attracts a lot of celebrities from the world over who make their way to catch explosive tennis matches from very competitive athletes. If you can score early bird tickets, you get a chance to see all the action away from the chilly winters you wanted to get away from in the first place. Nothing beats watching the action up close than on your TV screen.

Bid Winter Goodbye At The Miami Music Week

Dance the day and night away as you celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring with world-class and popular DJs and musical acts at the various concert halls and clubs at the last week of March.

Eat Good Food At The South Beach Wine And Food Festival

Are you craving good food and entertainment? Are you big on making a difference in someone’s life? You can merge these two passions at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival held every last week of February. It is features a variety of gourmet tastings and fundraisers for organizations who want to fight against hunger. This place is a great place to catch Food Network celebrities and chefs.

Check Out The Miami Film Festival

Every March, you have a chance to catch the latest submissions to the Miami Film Festivals at the various specified theatres in the city. All you have to do check out the prospective films and book a ticket to view later.

Go To Wakefest

Seize the opportunity to sample the city’s best brews form local brewers at the WakeFest which is held every February. It also features international brands. You can sample the best brews and good food as well during this festival.

Make Your Way To The International Boat Festival

Miami FL International Boat Festival -
Have some time to kill and have always wanted a boat? Or do you just want to see what kinds of boats are on offer? Why not make your way to the International Boat Show. It is always held on the second week of February every year at the Miami Marine Stadium. It attracts very large crowds of boat enthusiasts and boat-makers from the world over. Website –

Overall, you can do virtually anything in Miami during winter. It is warm and very inviting, making it a great place to get away from the cold. Plus, it is a great way adding to your overall culture experience as you interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Why not book a trip to Miami this winter and enjoy?