Things To Do In East Boston, MA

Things To Do In East Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


East Boston is a very diverse residential area, and is known for places like LoPresti as it overlooks the harbor. There is Sandy Constitution Beach, where people can go on a summer day. The neighborhood hosts pizza and pasta spots, which are very famous among locals and tourists. Apart from restaurants, there are many other things to do in East Boston, MA.

Piers Park

This park is located at 95 Marginal St. The local recommend it is one of the best things to do in East Boston, MA. This park has the best views, and the children always have a good time here. It is a very relaxing place, and people can bring their music or books to have a good time. Those who want a great view of the city’s skyline will find this place fascinating. It is a clean park, and people can definitely take plenty of pictures with their loved ones; Trip Advisor.

Sandy Constitution Beach

When people don’t want to stay indoors, because it becomes too boring for them, then going to Sandy Constitution Beach would be the best idea. This should be every tourist and local’s things to do in East Boston, MA. As this beach is near the airport, children would love to see planes going by; however, they could be loud, so it is best to play some music on the beach. There are benches on the beach, adjacent to the parking lot, and there are picnic tables on the beach as well. People can swim here, play basketball, have fun with their children and dogs, just lie on the sand or read a book. When it comes to a beach, there are countless things that people can do; Constitution Beach.

Madonna Shrine

If someone wants a taste of history, then they should take a look at Madonna Shrine, which was built by Catholic pilgrims. The shrine is built on the hillside, and there is a gift shop there as well. People can buy gifts for their loved ones, and side by side, enjoy the Boston skyline, as well as Boston Harbor. This is the tallest statue in New England and the tourists love its majestic appeal. Look at things to do in Downtown, Boston, MA, – Go Here.

Lo Presti Park

It is very important for children to have access to parks, so that they can take part in physical activities and stay active. Going to Lo Presti Park, should be one of the things to do in East Boston, MA. This park is located at 33 Summer St. The reason why most people come here is because of the skyline of downtown that they get to see. There is a soccer field, basketball court and a playground court, which makes it a fun place for everyone. What is the best seafood restaurants in Boston, MA, – More Info.

ICA Watershed

This is the perfect place for art lovers; ICA Boston. It is located at 256 Marginal St., and with the help of this large scale art, visitors can also experience the history of a shipyard. This place is cool for children and adults, which is why it is best to include it in the list of things to do in East Boston, MA. See the best Thai restaurant in Boston, MA, – Click Here.