Best Weekend Trips From Boston

Best Weekend Trips From Boston -
Best Weekend Trips From Boston -



Boston town is the most famous municipality and the capital of Massachusetts in USA and covers approximately 48 square miles land areas with a population of more than six hundred and eighty five thousand. With many historical attractions such as Paul Revere and Faneuil Hall, impressive museums, amazing public parks such as Public Garden and Boston Common and various sport activities, Boston has many things to offer its guests. Additionally, the city is enclosed by places that offer visitors with delicious cuisines, forested mountains and rocky beaches. With that in mind, any visitor eager to move away from the town for only some few hours or even an entire night or day. Boston is really worth consideration. In this article we will look at some of the best places that you can visit from Boston particularly during weekends.

1. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem in Massachusetts is internationally known for being the site where the outrageous witch trials of Salem in the year 1692 took place which is the biggest draw in the city. Going beyond its dramatic history, Salem is popular peaceful town located by the seaside and has a variety of amazing tourist attractions. This town is only thirty five minutes drive from Boston. One very popular offering in Salem is the Bewitched Walking Tours After Dark. This is where the guests can move around Salem streets being guided by a present day witch as part of the walking tour. Additionally, the guests enjoy viewing the Corwin (Witch) House plus the Burying Point which is Salem’s oldest cemetery. At the Witch Museum, you can view the reenactments of the 1692 chaos. The guests can get on the Mahi Mahi voyage and get the opportunity of seeing the attractive coastline surrounding Salem Sound. Alternatively, you can visit the Witch Museum of Salem, the Haunted magic exhibit, Museum of Peabody Essex which exhibits major Asian art collections in the United States, and so much more. For the greatest excitement, visit Salem for Halloween so as to visit the legendary Hawthorne hotel costume ball. Look at –

2. Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport seaside town is historic and has a rich marine culture. It has a population of approximately 3500 people and the summer house of the late George Bush, the former president of the United States is located in this place. Many prominent international leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Nikolas Sarkozy and Mikhail Gorbachev have also visited this town in New England.

The Kennebunkport center has many shops which are owned by the locals, museums, restaurants and galleries. Guests can also participate in various recreation activities such as going to local parks, walking around this town, chilling near the beach and dining at the seafood restaurants which are close to the harbor.

3. Portsmouth

Portsmouth is an iconic town near the coast that attracts tourists from various places in the US. This town is historic and some well known attractions in this town include cemeteries, historic homes, parks, gardens and forts. This town is also very suitable for families since this is where biggest water park in New England is located along with the discovery center of science and a marine. There are museums and beaches which are excellent for weekend trips with children. Adults will discover plenty of nightlife in this region together with shopping centers, golf courses, restaurants, wineries, locally-arranged tours, hiking trails and river cruises.

4. Museum Of Peabody Essex

This Museum is simply abbreviated as PEM and was established in the year 1799 by the pilgrims who brought art into America from Oceana, India, Asia and other places. It contains a collection and exhibition of beautiful and interesting art objects and officially acquired its classification to be museum in early twentieth century. The collections of the museum currently stand at 1,800,000 items. The Museum of Peabody Essex has about 400,000 manuscripts, documents and books and is additionally home to twenty two historic buildings. Its sprawling campus has a remarkable glass atrium plus sufficient space for studying and relaxing.

5. Museum Of Norman Rockwell

The Museum of Norman Rockwell publicly shows admiration to the most iconic figures and artists in America, Norman Rockwell who was born in year 1894 and started studying art at the age of 14 years. He sharpened his art skills while going to some very prominent institutions of art in the US.

The Museum of Norman Rockwell has the largest compilation of Norman Rockwell’s art works worlwide. Additionally, this museum hosts tours, educational programs, school programs and various events of art appreciation so as to increase acknowledgement of the work of Rockwell among guests of different ages. Totally, this museum has over one hundred thousand items including business documents, letters, and photographs among others.

6. Provincetown

Provincetown is recognized as the First Destination of America due to the pilgrim heritage. This place is also referred to as haven of artists and is two hour drive from Boston. This coastal town has only three thousand permanent residents, although the summer population increases to more than sixty thousand people. It’s among the most famous regions in the United States for the vacationers from LGBTQ communities. It is hometown to the oldest regular art colonies in America. In Provincetown, the large group of art centers and art galleries has various creation types such as music, theatrical productions, sculptures and paintings. Additionally, this town has numerous historic districts and buildings which have been preserved carefully for the purpose of tourism.

7. Institute Of Clark Art

This is a center for academic research and museum that was developed by Francine and Sterling Clark in early 1900s. Driving from Boston to this institute will take about two hours and forty five minutes. This institute has a notable collection of paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings from European and American artists. The center for academic research of this institute has library with over two hundred and thirty thousand texts. Besides the detailed exhibits, this institute frequently holds special events and performances. Additionally, this institute accommodates the programs of special education for adults and youth. Lastly, the Institute of Clark Art has education programs online organized for families worldwide.

8. Castle Hill

This is a brilliant seaside mansion which is popularly known because of the immaculate grounds on Crane Estate. It is only a fifty five minutes drive from Boston. Crane Hill was bought by Richard Crane in the year 1910 and was planned and drafted by some prominent architects at that time. The mansion with fifty nine rooms that is currently located on top of Castle Hill was drafted by famous David Alder, architect. You will find self guided and guided tours at this estate during different times of the year, whereby the guest can also get the chance of spotting various types of wildlife such as fox, hawks, migrating birds, turkey and deer. Castle Hill has various facilities such as snack bar and public restrooms. Visitors who would prefer spending a night at this place con make reservations at Castle Inn.

9. Wompatuck Park

The State park of Wompatuck is located only thirty minutes drive from Boston and is an ideal spot for people interested in an enjoyable weekend trip. This park has over two hundred and fifty campsites, one hundred and forty of them being outfitted with electricity. Besides the sufficient space for camping, the park has twelve miles of bicycle paths that are paved and many trails for mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking. Guests can enjoy the clean drinking water from the mount Blue spring or fish at the Cohasset Reservoir. This state park was named after a certain Indian chief, Josiah Wompatuck who issued the land of the park in the year 1665 to the English settlers.

10. Halibut Point Park

Halibut Point is popularly known due to its amazingly picturesque seascape and is open throughout the year. It is situated one hour drive from Boston. The sensational cliff l and rock carved by the ocean can be observed along the coastal area within Halibut. There are also many areas for biking, watching birds, relaxing and hiking within this park. During the days with clear weather, guests can be able to get the view of Maine and New Hampshire. On the Saturdays between Columbus Day and Memorial Day, guests can tour the granite quarry nearby and attain a firsthand glance of how the granite is cut and sourced. The charges of entering Halibut Point Park are five dollars for vehicles with the Massachusetts registration plates and six dollars for cars with registration plates out of the Massachusetts State.

11. Concord

Situated thirty minutes from Boston, Concord town has many claims to popularity. During the early days, Concord was popularly known as the 1st settlement situated away from tidewater on non navigable waters. Concord developed into a significant camping site for the Indians because of its diverse fish and bird life. In the year 1775, Concord town became the very first battle scene in Revolutionary War. Prolific writers in America such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph W. Emerson and Henry D. Thoreau spent some time in Concord town. Currently, guests can drop at the town’s visitor center and learn everything about the unique history of the town.

12. Plimoth Plantation

This museum of living history is situated fifty minute from Boston and is popular for acting in the set to numerous current films. It was established in the year 1947 with a little waterfront fort and 2 English cottages. Currently, Plimoth has a wide variety of historic items such as Wampanoag Homesite, Mayflower II, grist mill and many barns. Plimoth frequently holds seasonal and educational occasions for families. Additionally, Plimoth Plantation partners with various schools so as to offer demonstration in-classroom and facilitate history lessons. This museum opens for guests from 9 am to 5 pm every day.

13. Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington is another important city in the history of America and is situated thirty minutes from Boston. Filled with quality history of the Revolutionary War, Lexington has over ten historic battle scenes, memorials and cemeteries. At Minute Man Historic Park, guests can learn everything about the men who sacrificed their lives so as to protect the colonists. Additionally, guests can see the Battle Green of Lexington, where the battle with Britain started in the year 1775. There are 5 granite markers at USS Memorial dedicated in remembrance of the individuals who served in Lexington ships. Guests can also drop by Lexington Depot so as to view historic train.

14. Glendale Falls

This waterfall is among the strongest and longest in Massachusetts and is supplied by over 5 square miles watershed areas. This is a scenic and relaxing destination. It is also surrounded by a forest where guests can observe numerous types of bushes and trees such as maple, birch, hemlock, mountain laurel, beech and shadbush. The area has many short trails thus providing the guests with a clear view of the waterfalls and quiet woods surrounding it. The Glendale waterfalls are open throughout the year and there is free admission for everyone. There is also ample parking space nearby.

15. Beach of Race Point

Situated about two hours from Boston, The Beach of Race Point is a well known recreational region along Cape Cod Seashore especially with its dangerous waters where over three hundred thousand shipwrecks were noted off the Cape Cod coast with a period of three hundred years. These shipwrecks occurred regularly such that the Humane Society of Massachusetts established the 1st lifesaving service in the world in early 1800s. Currently, this beach is popular for expansive view of Atlantic Ocean and meandering bike tracks. Amenities that are available on this beach include changing rooms and restrooms that are outfitted with showers. It is also worth noting that this beach is located in Provincetown just off Route 6.

16. Castle Island State Park

This island park houses the Fort Independence which is a granite fort whose shape resembles a pentagon that was constructed in 1834-1851. This magnificent structure occupies twenty two acres of conservation land and is easily accessible from M Street and Carson Beach. This park offers appealing scenic views, many facilities to the guests and is situated only fifteen minutes from Boston. There are paths within this park for carrying out various activities such as biking, jogging and walking, not forgetting the beach regions patrolled by skilled lifeguards. The Independence Fort is open up to the Columbus Day from the Memorial Day. Guests can experience the narrated tour by the tour guides from Association of Castle Island or a self guided walking tour.

17. House Of Seven Gables

This is a traditional cabin that was established in mid 1600s and is situated forty minutes from Boston. It was constructed by John Turner, sea merchant, and was owned by the family of Turner for 3 generations until it was sold in 1782 to Samuel Ingersoll. This property was then inherited by Susana, his daughter and a cousin to Nathaniel Hawthorne. This stretched cabin acted as setting for House of Seven Gables, which has been conserved for the past years and currently hosts special events and educational programs. Additionally, this building is available for rental to weddings and corporate events.

18. Village Of Old Sturbridge

Situated one hour from Boston, the Village of Old Sturbridge is museum for living history where visitors can experience the life of 1830s. This village features a store, sawmill, a church, conference center, tavern, bookstore/gift shop, some barns and authentic homes. There are many scenes throughout this village for shopping and dining and accommodation options to the guests who would prefer to spend the night. Reenactments and special events are also hosted in this village from the beginning to the end of the year. The village operates special guided tour for the school groups. Admission into this village ranges from 14 to 28 dollars for guests over two years. For school groups, the village runs special tours with guides in period costumes. Admission to Old Sturbridge Village ranges from $14-$28 for visitors above the age of two

19. Butterfly Place

At Butterfly Place, guests get the opportunity of learning all the facts about the butterflies from all parts of the world and is situated forty five minutes from Boston. The special observation center offers the visitors the chance of interacting and observing butterflies in natural environment. Quail birds and Koi fish living among hundreds of the butterflies within the exhibit. Guests can also watch a fifteen minute video discussing different changes so as to learn the life cycle of a butterfly within this place. There is also a display that contains caterpillars, chrysalises, cocoons and eggs. Visitors can get the at-home moths/butterflies hatching kit. There are some souvenirs in visitor’s center such as jewelry, educational books, gifts and other items.

20. Beach Of Good Harbor

Beach of Good Harbor is situated near Gloucester city and is only fifty minutes from the town of Boston. It has a magnificent view to Atlantic Ocean and this beach is covered by white sands which is very soft. During right tide conditions, guests can walk in the Salt Island, enjoy body surfing or boogie boarding. The beach is also patrolled everyday from the Memorial to the Labor Day by lifeguards. The Beach of Good Harbor has amenities such as mini marts, restrooms, concession stands, restaurants and other facilities. Paid parking at the rate of twenty five dollars per car or thirty dollars per car during the holidays is also available near this beach, although parking space is constrained and guests are encouraged to visit this place early.

21. Manchester In New Hampshire

Manchester is situated on River Merrimack and is the biggest city in the state of New Hampshire. It has a total population of more than one hundred thousand residents. The advantage of visiting this place is that it is a big city, although compact and small enough for you to see in one weekend, not forgetting the fact that it is only 1 hour drive from Boston. You will be able to see the Zimmerman House that was designed by Frank Lloyd. There are other places that you can visit in this city such as Currier Art Museum, restaurants among others. You can also see the art works of Georgia O’keeffe and Claude Monet.

22. New Bedford In Massachusetts

New Bedford is situated only one hour to the south of the town of Boston. It was the former home of the creator of Moby Dick novel, Herman Melville. You will be able to see the Whaling Museum if you decide to visit New Bedford where you can observe a big whale skeleton which has been oozing oil for twenty years, and the Seaman’s Bethel that was preserved by Herman Melville due to its pulpit which is bow shaped. You can also go to the yearly Marathon of Moby Dick in the month of January and get to hear all the seven volumes of this novel.

23. Rockport, New England

Situated fifty minutes from Boston, Rockport town in New England has a population of approximately seven thousand people. It is located at the edge of Cape Ann and is enclosed on 3 sides by Atlantic Ocean. This town was formerly occupied by villages of Native Americans but is currently occupied mainly by artists and fishermen. Guests will enjoy observing the beaches in this town and walk around historic downtown region. In Rockport, some of the famous tourist attractions include Paper House, Rockport Art Galleries, State Park of Halibut and Thacher Island. Additionally, there are many art centers and museums in this town.


If you are considering going on a trip away from Boston during the weekends, try out visiting some of the places not located far away from this city that we have highlighted in this article and you will certainly get the chance of exploring various museums, parks and other memorable experiences.