Things To Do In Downtown, Boston, MA

Things To Do In Downtown, Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


Downtown is a pretty busy area in Boston MA, with shopping centers, nightlife, dining, history, arts, culture and itineraries.

History, Arts & Culture

There are so many things to do in Downtown, Boston MA, in terms of history, arts and culture. The Freedom Trail Foundation is the first thing that tourists would want to do. This trail gives people a tour of Boston, and since it is a group tour, it is very entertaining and fun. The tour guide on these tours is very knowledgeable and knows how to narrate the history of the place. Also see things to do in Chinatown, Boston, MA, – Go Here.

This Freedom Trail will take people from Boston Common out to Bunker Hill. There are 16 stops all the way, but it is not necessary that the visitors stop on all of these stops. The most prominent location during these stops is the Paul Revere House, so that is a must see. If someone has the time and patience to go on this journey, only then should they hop on the Freedom Trail tour. Go and look at the best zoo near Boston, MA, – Website.

Escape The Room Boston

When people are tired of eating out or just going for shopping, then they want to look for interesting things to do in Downtown, Boston MA. The escape room is one of the most fun things to do in Downtown, Boston MA; it is located at 33 West Street, Floor 3. This is a great place, full of challenges for people of all ages and skills. Whether someone wants to do activities in a group, or alone, they will have lots of fun. The most challenging thing to do here, is the escape puzzle, and sometimes customers don’t know how to escape, even at the end of their tour; Escape The Room.

The Emory

This is an American bar and restaurant, which is in the list of things to do in Downtown, Boston MA, because of the quality of its food. For those are looking for a good lunch or snack menu, should visit this restaurant. They will find many amazing dishes here like the Emory burger, baked potato Beignets, Skirt steak and buffalo sweetbreads. Most people come here for the ambience and the food quality. Even though the portions might not seem generous to some customers, the prices were affordable; The Emory.


One of the best things to do in Downtown, Boston MA to get away from stress, is to go to an escape room. The unique thing about Boxaroo is that, it is a kid friendly place, which most escape rooms aren’t. The escape room is located at 55 Court St Boston, Downtown. The puzzles are challenging and fun at the same time. There are several escape room themes in Boxaroo, from which people can choose. Most customers loved the ‘The Storyteller’s Secret’ escape room at the venue; Boxaroo.

Regardless of the thing that a person chooses, to do in Downtown, Boston MA, they should make sure that there is something to do for everyone there. Adults, when they are looking for a venue, should think about children as well. See the best seafood restaurants in Boston, MA, – Click Here.