Review Of Abe And Louie’s Boston, MA

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This steakhouse is very famous, mainly because of its unique view. It has leather chairs, bronze chandeliers and a gold leaf ceiling. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty upscale, and it suits the food that the restaurant serves. The wine is excellent, and so are the steaks and the appetizers.

Background Of Abe And Louie’s

A review of Abe and Louie’s Boston MA would be incomplete, if it doesn’t talk about the history of the restaurant. In 1965, Charles F. Sarkis created a modern restaurant business in the city. He wants to provide customers with quality cuisine and an artful service. This steakhouse has set the standard for other steakhouses, all over the country. It is known for its superior service, and flavor combination that customers won’t find elsewhere; Zagat.

Menu Of Abe And Louie’s

It is important to point out in this review of Abe and Louie’s Boston MA, that the restaurant has a very extensive menu. It has a dinner, brunch, lunch, dessert, wine and beverage menu. This menu gives customers a lot of choices from which they can choose, and they won’t have to repeat the same dish, each time they visit the place. Also look at the review of the Bancroft Boston, MA, – Click Here.

There are so many appetizers form which customers can choose like Escargot, which is made of parsley, garlic, cognac butter and puff pastry. Similarly, the restaurant serves Pepper-Seared Ahi Tuna, which is served with ginger soy sauce. The soup choices are limited, consisting of clam chowder, and French Onion Soup; Abe & Louie’s.

The steak & chop dishes are worth mentioning in this review of Abe and Louie’s, because they have signature prime steaks. They serve grass run farm prime, filet mignon, thicker and center cut aged prime, prime Rib eye and pork chop. These dishes can be really delicious, when they are served with beverages that the restaurant has on their menu. look at things to do in Chinatown, Boston, MA, – Website.

Beverages Menu

Without the mention of beverages, a review of Abe and Louie’s Boston MA, won’t make much sense. The customers can ask for the award winning wine list from the waiters. There are sparkling beverages available for different occasions like champagne. There are white, red and rose wines available for customers. There are different kinds of wines, with different prices. See things to do in Downtown, Boston, MA, – Go Here.


Desserts are everyone’s favorite, which is why when someone is reading a review of Abe and Louie’s Boston MA, they would like to know about the list of desserts as well. Those who have tried these desserts, they say that the presentation of these desserts is very appealing. The restaurant serves key lime pie, skillet cookie, ice cream and sometimes, sorbet of the day. They serve a delicious seven layer chocolate cake, and their vanilla crème brulee is a must order.

Customer Reviews

The customers who dined in this restaurant, they loved the waiters, the overall service and the quality of the food. Those who tried the mimosa, felt that it was perfect. The bartender makes good drink recommendations, and the food is served on time; Yelp.