Things To Do In Boston

Things To Do In Boston -


Travelling to new places offers individuals new experiences. When we travel to new places for the first time, we get a chance to peer into the culture of the inhabitants of the places we visit. It is something that everyone has to do at least once in a life. In America, there are numerous states and cities that are cosmopolitan, attracting people from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups. Boston is an example of such a city where you are exposed to new experiences and activities. If you have never been to Boston and are looking to rack up the travel miles/points, then this article is designed to help you find out what activities and places you should try while you are in Boston. It dwells mostly on activities that you can do between the seasons of summer and winter.

Catch Good Concerts

Boston concerts are the place*s to be when you are in town. During summer, for instance, you get access to numerous musical acts on stage at the following huge venues: Fenway Park, Xfinity, Gillette Stadium and Blue Hills Pavilion, just to mention a few. Outdoor concerts in particular tend to attract many crowds and you should be in a better position to mingle with people, not only from Boston but from other parts of the country as well.

If you are keen on experiencing concerts, then you must ensure you buy those tickets as early as possible. Even though tickets are available online these days, you will be best served buying them in advance. The primary reason for this is to ensure you do not miss out in the last minute rush. Go check out –

Grab A Tour Trolley And Move Around Boston

Grab A Tour Trolley And Move Around Boston -
Most people who visit new places have a tendency to love to learn more about the history of the city. Even if they might look through the internet to learn more about a particular city, nothing quite beats the feeling of walking through the city as its story is told by another person. While you are in Boston, you have numerous opportunities to learn about the city as you tour around it in a trolley during summer.

There are a couple of tours that will enlighten and entertain you as you move around the city. They are as follow: The Boston Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Tour, America History Tour, The Boston Brewery Tour and the Boston One-Day Sightseeing Tour. The first three are very intricately designed tours loaded with a lot of information but can be spread over a few day. On the other hand, the one-day tour is long and grueling. It is up to you to decide which tour is the best one for you.

Head Out To The Beach And Enjoy The Sun

Although not traditionally associated with beaches, Boston has good number of beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sand, lounging the day away. That’s pretty much what people do while they are in beaches at Cape Cod, Gloucester, Rhode Island and Maine. If you look around for a great spot on the beach, then you should find one in any of the aforementioned beaches. They are very easy to get to when you are in the city center.

Go Watch Whales On The Atlantic

Another alternative for you if you do not like sitting down for large periods of time doing nothing, then you can go book your spot on a whale-watching cruise in the Atlantic. Whales are visible from the beach, although at a very huge distance. These cruises are for people who are curious about whales, their actual sizes and what not. These cruises are popular because they bring the audience right close to the action, in process getting their pulses racing with every inch moved closer to the whale. Website –

There are couple of species you will get access to while you are whale watching and you could see a dolphin or two.

Sail on the Waterfront

Sail on the Waterfront -
If you want to control a ship and not just ride on it, then you should be in great company with the boat owners of boats on the Waterfront. They can show you the ropes and how to run a boat if you like. They have lessons for people of all ages. Providers like Waterfront City offer users such a unique opportunity to play captains of their own vessels. Make your way to this place if boats are your thing and would like hand-on experience running them smoothly and efficiently. Driving your own boat is a great way of spending time on the water.

Go To A Hotel With A Large Outdoor Pool

Large crowds not your thing? There are a couple of hotels in Boston that have outdoor pools. For instance The Verb is one of the most popular spots on account of the large pool it has. Other hotels you ought to consider looking into include The Colonnade and Revere Hotels. Outdoor pools tend to be well policed by lifeguards and the crowds coming tend to be relatively screened unlike the beach which is open to one and all. Website –

Go To A Red Sox Game While They Are Playing

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the US today. Boston is home to the Boston Red Sox who have won the World Series a whopping nine times. The beauty is that even if you are unsure about when they are playing, you can go online and find out their playing schedule. From there you can make the necessary adjustments and plans for how you will make your way to the park. Once you get to game day, try to get to the stadium early if you can and secure a good parking spot.

With so many people meeting up in one place united by the love of sports, you will probably find friends you will make for life. Who knows, maybe you can catch a homer during game day and keep a souvenir for life, something you can leave to your kids and their kids kids.

Visit Of The Various Museums In The Area

If there are no games in the area, and still interested in exploring what the city has to offer, why not immerse yourself into its deep history. Why not make your way to the various museums in the city center and beyond?

The Museum of Science and Museum of Fine Arts are great places to immerse yourself in the history of Boston. Not only that, but they also have other artworks and exhibits from different places. At the gate, you still have to pay admission fees though. Other museums that you should have on your itinerary include the MIT Museum, the one at Boston University and Fuller Craft Museum.

If you are a real sports fanatic, you should make your way to the Sports Museum in the city. It houses all the sports memorabilia from the famous sporting folks from this great city and state. It is a great way to spend your free afternoons especially if there are no games on the Tube.

Not up to paying for museum fees? In Boston, you are bound to find a couple of free museums as well. They have great artworks and other exhibits that are guaranteed to captivate and entrance you. The Bad Art is a prime example of a free to enter as you please museum. One thing you should know about this museum is that the artwork is not terrible. It is actually quite amazing and the name is Bad Art is just marketing. Website –

Go To The Aquarium

Marine life tends to be quite interesting once you have developed a curiosity for what creatures of the deep do and look like. If you want to indulge your curious about these magnificent beasts, then you should make your way to the New England Aquarium when you are free. There are loads of different animals and the guides there will educate you about them and entertain any and all questions you might have. To get in, all you have to do is pay the admission fee at the door. Even if you will not move around the aquarium, you can just sit down and watch the tanks and the animals in them. Website –

Bored Indoors And You Do Not Have Anything To Watch? Go To The Movies

A hotel stay can be rather dull, especially if they do not have any streaming services or decent selections from which to choose from. Rather than just be stuck at a hotel on a sunny day or snowy one, why not make your way to the movies, grab a ticket, popcorn, soda and enjoy the flick. You should make your way to the Brattle Theatre for wholesome and quality entertainment that will blow your mind. Their wide range of selections are ideal for people with penchants for the classics and thrillers, just to mention a few.

Fancy A Tour And A Drink

Boston Fancy A Tour And A Drink -
The Samuel Adams Brewery is one of the places you ought to consider visiting because of not only the rich beverage variety you test out later, but the wholesome overall experience you will gain when you visit there. Tour times will be on the company website and if you want to make the most of your time at the facility, make your way to the factory at 9:40 A.M. on Tuesdays. You will be in for a neat treat(s) if you can make it that early. The place tends to get crowded a lot these days and you need to be prompt to get a ticket before they are sold out.

Architecture Tours

If you are interested in learning more about the famous architecture of Boston, your first stop should be the Boston Public Library. By visiting there, you will get to learn about the famous buildings in Boston and from there you can come up with a list which you can use to chart the buildings you will visit and thereby add your knowledge.

Places like Faneuil Hall are great architectural masterpieces whose history is very rich and vibrant. Every time you walk in there, you get a sense of the kinds of deals that transpired in the place in years gone by. Website –

Go Salsa Dancing

One of the ways you can truly enrich your life is learning a new dance or two. Salsa is one of the most popular dances one can learn. Everyone who dances it oozes a little sophistication that is very hard to top when one is moving in other dances. In Boston, there are a variety of salsa studios you should explore and possibly even join. Do not worry about your expertise level_ most people tend to be very self-conscious when dancing. As long as you show up for the classes, you will be dancing with the best of them in no time.

Want to take home a good keepsake? Go antiquing!

Nothing quite brings character than the presence of a good antique. If you are very keen on getting the best antiques for your den back at home or anywhere in the house for that matter, then you should hunt for antiques in the various swap meets and vintage markets that pop-up in the city. The SoWa Sunday Vintage Market comes to mind and it is there where you are most likely to find valuable antiques. The search is not for the fainthearted. You will have to put in significant amount of effort just to get something of not. However, as long as you are having fun hunting for treasures in the rough, you will be fine. The SoWa Market is not only ideal for shopping for antiques, but food as well. Most of the food there is locally sourced and organically grown, making it the ideal choice for the health conscious consumer.

Have A Laugh At An Improve Comedy Session

If you want to end your long nights with good, rib-cracking fun, then attending improve sessions at one of the comedy clubs in Boston is a great idea. When you want to attend a good show, then ImprovBoston is the place to visit. There you will learn about where the latest shows are. It should help you plan your itinerary around those sessions and guarantee you will have a great time at those shoes.

Go To The Park

Go To The Park -
Boston has a number of recreational parks where you can chill and relax safely and uninterrupted. An example of such a park is Franklin Park. As long as you have a good camera, the picturesque scenery and wild life at the Franklin Park Zoo will just make your day. Everything there is family-friendly.

Bike Around Boston

One of the best ways of getting around city is through a bike, especially if it has bike lanes where people can bike peacefully without the fear of getting run off the road by rogue motorists. There are very few places in the US where one can ride a bike and sightsee at the same time. Boston is one of those cities and it is riddled with numerous bike shops where one rent a bike that they can use to get around the city. For a good deal on a rental, you should make your way to Boston City Plaza. They have bikes of different sizes and their tours cater to people of different ages and experience levels, making sure that if you have company they can enjoy themselves comfortably.


If you are planning a ski trip in Aspen or somewhere else where reservations are fully booked, then you are in luck while you are in Boston. Although, it is not traditionally associated with skiing, Boston offers probably the cheapest skiing options in the market today. The Blue Hills Ski is the place to be when you are looking for the best skiing deal in the market.

Go The Boston Flower And Garden Show

Gardening shows are very popular in Boston and the most popular show you should have in your diary is the Boston Flower and Garden Show that takes place every March. In that show, you will get to see different exhibitors showcasing their ideal floral designs and share gardening knowledge. In addition, there are some cooking stands as well and lectures where experts provide tips for better gardening. If you are already a master gardener or are looking to get your green thumb going, this show will be the best start for you in that regard.

Ice Skate In The Winter

When winter comes in, the usual temptation is to hunker down and just enjoy hot chocolate hoping that spring will come very soon. To most people, snowy days mean a curtailment of plenty of activities and over zero fun. However, you can be different. At Frog Pond

Go Do Some Yoga

Are you looking for an activity that will leave you more relaxed and centered than when you first started it? Then, you should probably think about doing yoga while you are in Boston. There are a couple of yoga studios in Boston where you can take your yoga mat and just show up for a good session. It is a great way of meeting new people while staying in tremendous shape while you enjoy all the things that Boston have to offer. Just check out the different studios and then pick the one which you feel suits you best.

Check Out Harborfest And Boston Scooper Bowl Ice Cream Fest

Traditions are a really huge deal for Bostonians. The Harborfest and Ice Cream Fest are two of the most popular festivals which take place during the summer.

The Harborfest, in particular, is a very special holiday for Bostonians because it is held the same day as Independence Day. It is held to honor Boston’s commitments to the cause of the American Revolution. When you attend this celebration, you will encounter the following attractions: reenactments and tours. In the reenactments, you will find out the roles that very famous Bostonians played for the cause with stylish costumes and realistic props.

As for the Ice Cream Fest, residents and tourists have a chance to sample different ice cream flavors. It is held with the proceeds going to charity. It is a great way to enjoy yourself and still give something back.

Go And Check Out The Restaurant Tours

Restaurant Tours -
Getting good food from very expensive restaurants can burn a hole in your pocket very quickly, especially when you finish the plate. Dine Out offers people from different corners of Boston with plates going for as much as USD 30. If you are on a budget and want to sample a good dish and wine, then you should time this summer event to perfection and follow the tour as it goes.

Check Out The Charles River Esplanade

For the best pictures that will seal your Boston stay, then you should visit the Charles River Esplanade. This picturesque setting offers great spots to take good snaps. It is a place littered with exquisitely designed statues, sculptures and swing sets on which you can take those memories. At the end of the day, this place has a very pleasant movie that is ideal for all ages and preferences on Friday.

In short, if you are looking for fun places to be and fun things to do while you are in Boston, the aforementioned things will get you going in that regard. Overall, it is basically up to you to decide how your stay in this lovely city will be like. When you are visiting Boston for the first and want a good time, this guide, coupled with a good tour guide should ensure you make the most of your stay there and probably think about coming back for more with your loved ones, if you had not already.