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If you are unable to decide between TV and projector for your home theater, you are at the right place. In this article we will break down the different aspects you should consider while selecting TV or a projector for your home theater.

Most of the people prefer TV over projectors at home but as the projection technology is upgrading rapidly. The projectors have now become much more affordable and can work wonders on limited space as well.

While on the other hand TV technology is moving at fast pace as well. You can now find big screen TVs competing with projector screens. Also look at home projector vs led tv – Click Here.

Without wasting further time, let us compare TV with projectors and see what will best suit your requirement:


Let’s take a look at the cost comparison first, as budget is the most important factor for making a home theater.

If we put aside other elements such as technology, and focus only on the screen size compared to cost; than clearly projectors wins hands down. You can buy a mediocre projector and use a big screen size while this option is not available on TV. You will have a fix screen size and have to spend a lot of money to buy bigger TVs.

So this is where projectors can be cost effective and give you that experience of big screen on low budgets. But you need to make sure that your projector’s resolution is good enough for larger screens, so you don’t have to compromise on picture quality.


As we are moving in the era of 4k both TVs and projectors provide splendid 4k experience. There are two aspects to look at when comparing TV and projector in this regard.

If you just want to compare the cost of 4k technology of TV and projectors. 4k TVs are usually cheaper when comparing to 4k projectors. So TV wins when we are just comparing the cost. But 4k technology is all about more pixels and more picture clarity, which could be best experienced in larger screens. This is where projectors kicks in because 4k projectors can be used for very large screens, where you can fully enjoy the experience of Ultra HD.

So while comparing only technology cost, TV wins. And when comparing what provide better experience and platform for enjoying 4k, I will give this one to projectors.


When we are comparing the brightness of TV and projector; TV are surely way ahead and is a clear winner. Projectors have its limitations when we talk about brightness. Usually projectors produce their light through a lamp (light bulb) which has limited life and power. Brightness of projectors are measured in lumens, if you are using a projector in a dark room with no ambient light, projector with less lumens will work great. But if you want to use your projector in a room with ambient light, you will require a projector with high lumens, and this will raise the cost of projectors.

So TVs are surely the winner, because you don’t have to worry about ambient lights and almost enjoy TV under any setup, with or without lights.


Contrast ratio in terms of your TV or projector is the ratio between the brightest white and darkest black your TV or projector can produce or reflect. Projectors have issues when it comes down to the darkest black and it relies heavily on how dark your room is. Under any sort of ambient lights, TVs will most likely give you better contrast than most of the projectors.

TVs are a clear winner when comparing contrast.

Screen Size

Despite the growing size of TV screens these days, they are still far behind of projectors when comparing screen size. A 100 to 120 inch projector screen is affordable and easily available for home theaters which work great with a decent projector. So while comparing screen size, projectors are way ahead and win comprehensively.


Modern TVs hardly require any maintenance. They have a much longer life span when compared to projectors. Projectors need to be regularly maintained. This is due to the limited life of the projector’s lamp dust particles and the increasing of dead pixels. So you will have to consider the maintenance cost while purchasing projectors, while modern TVs require almost no maintenance. So, TV wins!

Space required

While projectors are much smaller than the TVs; the overall space required for projectors can be much bigger when including the screen and the sitting arrangement for a projector. You will also require unobstructed view between your projector and the screen. Although you can spend some more money and opt for a UST (ultra short throw) projector to shorten the distance between your projector and the screen but still TV will remain feasible for limited space.

So as far as space is concerned TVs are the winner.


Installing a TV as compared to projectors is much more convenient to be short. Even the biggest of the TVs with all the weight and fragility is easily installable when compared to projectors. Projectors have many technical aspects such as throw distance, etc., to consider while installing. TVs wins 3 in a row!


Well to do justice with your home theater you would want neither a TV speaker nor a projector speaker (if it has one). The best option is to go for a high quality world wide stereo sound system so it provides great audio for your home theater. But if for some reason you have to opt between the two, TV audio is much more decent than most of the projectors with a built-in sound system. So our winner is TV again!

Our winner and final words

As you can see TV is clearly ahead and the winner, but that does not mean TV is the best option for you or everyone building a home theater. What matters the most is the personal preference and requirements, which may change from person to person.