The Merits Of Having A Social Media Customer Service Page

The Merits Of Having A Social Media Customer Service Page -


How many of you have experienced the blatant disregard of customer service reps when we had an issue with this or that brand? How many of you have been given incomplete and unhelpful information by customer service reps that are supposed to be there when you have an issue? When people have issues with the products they use and there is no one there to help them, those businesses that sold the product tend to get a bad rep for being very unreliable and just careless with the trust people place on them to do the right thing. When you decide to run a business it is important for your customers to engage with you, especially when they have problems with the product that you are providing them. More and more companies have come up with a dedicated customer service page on the various social media platforms out there. Whether or not they are effective in their mission is subjective.

Good management of such a page is important because it is what is seen in the world out there. When you have a page dedicated to solving customer queries, you need to be very consistent and prompt in answering customer queries. It is your name that is at stake and you need to do all that you can to safeguard it and the best way to do it, is to be prompt in resolving your queries. This article explores the key benefits you stand to gain when you invest time in creating and running your brand’s customer service page effectively and efficiently.

Inspire More Brand Loyalty

When people know that they can trust you to show up when they need you the most, word quickly spreads about how reliable you are in delivery of services. It has been the undoing of many customer service pages and companies as a whole when they dilly dallied in responding to a customer’s query or plea for help. Disaffection and discontent with how you run your page, if you do it badly and wantonly, spreads quickly and you will spend more time putting out fires than boosting your business. As a business, one of your main focuses is to grow and build more networks with clients. This will only happen when clients feel valued and their time appreciated when their concerns are responded to as quickly as possible. Just as bad news gets around quickly, so does good news about how you care enough to respond quickly.

Cost Cutting, Boosting Of Brand’s Revenue and Return On Investment (ROI)

As was mentioned briefly above, one of the main goals a business should have is to build their customer base and enhance their numbers. It is not enough to simply rely on other methods of marketing to get customer leads and referrals. You will find that more and more people will go to companies they feel that they can trust to respond to them as quickly as possible, than those companies whose customer relationship is suspect. Customers have networks which rely on them for information about this or that product. Thus when a person’s overall customer service experience is more than pleasant, they are likely to tell more people in their networks and at the same time return to the same company because they can trust them. This ultimately translates to more business from existing customers and new prospects form customers who will be intrigued by what you have to offer. In terms of new customer acquisition cost, it is quite small and is built on the goodwill you have created with the initial customer.

Great Way To Market Yourself To The Masses

When inquiries are addressed in a public forum, more and more people get to see it. And when the issues are handled well to the satisfaction of others, even better for the reputation of the business. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allow businesses to create pages and this offers them a unique opportunity to be viewed by users across the world. The way you respond to user queries creates a sort of image about the company and what you stand for. That is why it is crucial for firms to be clear in their responses and definitive with the timelines that will be used to solve the issue. Users who will come across these responses to questions will form an opinion about you and your company’s image. Why not strive to make the image of your company as relatable as possible? Take a page from Spotify’s book and employ their dedicated Twitter page approach. They have won an award for it.

Great P.R For Your Company

By now you have seen the words image and reputation several times in this article. Well, in a society where image and perceptions are the norm, it is important for businesses to do all they can to enhance their image. It is more of a trust issue where people’s trust in what you have to offer is constantly tested and you must live and exceed their expectations. To this end, you need to strive to create timely and helpful responses so as to build a reputation of a company that truly cares about its customers.

Customer engagement during emergencies or when customers have issues, is vital because it could mean the difference between a huge reputation boost or bust. Most firms today are using social media to help address any and all issues they might have quickly in a complete and quick manner. It is just not about telling them that you will fix the problem with generic answers. As a business, you must do all that you can so that you can provide working solutions confidently and quickly. Any evasive answers and you will dent your reputation irreparably. It will not always be easy handling customer issues but as long as you strive to do so well and improve the way you do it, that is all that counts in the end.