The 3 Roles Social Media Plays In SEO

The 3 Roles Social Media Plays In SEO -
When it comes to SEO, taking a pause and considering the social media and the content marketing platforms is highly important. SEO is majorly concerned with the development of a fresh and original strategy for online promotion. However, with the individuals constantly on the go, using social platforms as a source to socialize, SEO’s mechanism has seen rapid changes. And, likewise, it has grown more important for businesses and brands to work on their design, presence and content, as an overall package.

SEO and generally social media, both, are essential components to making the business have a successful impact online. Most people are not sure between the difference between these two and ask themselves: “Why these two? Weren’t they the same thing?” or “Are these two connected?” If you’re one of those people then you’re right. These two things are connected, but they are two entirely different things.

How are these two connected, you ask? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about down below. Let’s start this discussion by seeing what impact social media would have on SEO.

Social Media Channels Are Nothing But Search Engines

When differentiating between SEO and social media platforms, you should always consider the latter to be like a search engine. This is the best way to go because, this way there’s a higher probability of improving your visibility and rank, overall. The main point here is to know where you’re prospective customers are and use it as an opportunity to create awareness about your product. By providing them with the content or information they are looking for available where ever they are, you will be making it easier for them to find you and therefore increase your own chances of success.

However, it would be wrong to assume that the social media page, or the content it represents, doesn’t necessarily guarantee a higher search ranking or visibility of the business. These are on the contrary affected indirectly through social profiles. Even when the rankings and information about a certain page is provided it I done through an external third party and directories, used by Google. These sources contain a set of information collected from various other web sources. This way if a business fills up the relevant information in its profile completely, they might have the advantage of being searched on the basis of those information and therefore indirectly increasing their visibility and ranking, with accuracy on being searched.

What Are Social Signals? ‘Social signals’ is another majorly misunderstood topic. Most people have this perception that if a particular content is shared a number of times over the web then it will have more visibility and this would lead to improving its overall position on Google. This is not the case. Instead of sharing on the web, social signals are more about the number of times a particular piece is shared from the businesses page through its social share buttons. Therefore, Google does not use popularity as a basis to evaluate the search position of a page, but instead uses the number of times your content made someone hit that particular button.

This is only possible when the matter of the content, businesses vision and the organic marketing strategy; all plays in the favor of the business.

Get More Visibility And Inbound Links

Inbound links or organic reach is a free of cost, or in other words, the best cost effective strategy to help a businesses’ SEO.

Inbound marketing is the traffic created by genuine interest. If these organic reach are, as said before, ‘genuine’, then they are the most reliable source of booting up authority in the term of the word, ‘SEO’. Creating traffic through organic reach, as dependable as it is, is comparatively much harder as they require someone to generally find your page and like its content, for it to show up in their newsfeed and therefore in turn in the newsfeed o their followers. Other ways such as guest posts might be possible but the one definite way of making organic reach work for your website or page is trying to shoot up the number of people visiting and liking your page and content. Once, liked, it’s a guaranteed way to the top. Of course, there are a few ‘buts’ involved. Since organic reach requires people to ‘like’ your content, your content needs to be carefully structured. It needs to have a top-notch quality level and be satisfying to the needs and requirements of the overall public or your target market. In other words, it has to be up-to date. If you succeed in doing the latter then you can cross your fingers and tell yourself, that you’ve partially succeeded in your attempt for creating natural inbound links.

So, one thing that should be added as a reminder for Digital agencies is this that the ability of social media platforms is completely relative to the businesses’ ability in producing top-notch content. If the content produced by the brand or business, doesn’t have the ‘it’ actor, that is the ability to connect with the reader and convince them to follow, then there will be major uncertainty to the overall improvement in the customer base.

This is the reason why it is crucial for agencies that work to promote businesses’ content, that they understand the need to remain active on social platforms and try the ideology of ‘constant improvement’ in their strategies. It will always be an added bonus if they end up learning from their mistakes and thanks to it, remember the importance of having a second plan to act upon.

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