Increasing Your Domain Name’s Value

Increasing Your Domain Name’s Value -



All investors want to get a high price for their website Domain Names yet many times we only see bunch of lowball offers, nothing concrete. We go through the sites of domain sales and come across names that are the same as ours costing more than offers listed on our Domain Names. We wonder why? Why would other individuals get larger amounts for a similar name type? Well, I’ll tell you the reasons and offer you certain tips that you can use to maximize your asset’s value.


We are all aware that scarcity influences the value of the domain name. How many pieces of writings have you gone through discussing about,” There’re only 676 and 17576 website domain names…” It’s common logic that scarcity generates asset’s value. But how can you personally exploit scarcity?

1st Tip: Privacy Protection

This can be bought from your domain name’s registrar and typically costs about $3 annually. Most experienced investors of domain are already aware about this but placing your domain name’s privacy protection actually increases its value by about 10 to 30 percent. “How so?” you may ask. Scarcity! Investors of domain mostly fish for the less costly domain names via sending e-mails to the owners of domain that don’t have the privacy protection for their own domain assets, since their contact details are publicly known. Their domain names tend to be mostly seen by investors since they can be relatively be viewed easily at any particular time. Once you eliminate your contact details from public sphere, there is nobody who can be able to reach you by inquiring about that name, immediately making it scarce. You wonder,” Ok, how can I trade my domain name if nobody can be able to contact me so as to acquire it?” this directs us up to the following point.


The investors of domain names have to recognize that the domain name of your website is available in the market for sale so that they can inquire about purchasing it. The higher the number of investors interested in acquiring your own domain name, the higher the domain assets’ value. If your domain name is not visible, then nobody will be aware that it’s available. Therefore,” how can you make your domain name to be scarce and simultaneously maximize visibility of your assets within the market of domain investors?”

2nd Tip: Enlist Professional Assistance

Industry professionals and/or aftermarket websites on average demand higher financial value for the domain names. You may wonder “Why this is the case?” Well, this is due to the fact that they have connection to massive buyers’ networks and huge investor traffic in their sites. They intimately understand the domain market and are aware about the prices that the investors are willing to pay for each category of domain. Experts can direct you through this investor market then offer you some inside information about the top bids and market trends. “Well, there exist many aftermarket auction and brokerage’s websites. How do you select the appropriate one?”

Understand The Investor Audience

It’s essential to be aware of the kinds of investors that buying domain names similar to you domain name’s category. If you have a domain name with short numeric, then beware that you’re most likely seeking a Chinese buyer. However, if you have a domain name with one English word, you’re most likely to get a buyer from a country that speaks English. Some domain names almost particularly derive their market value from the investment capability while other names tend to have more market value for the end users. Most domain names’ crossover is in the end user/investor market and Eastern and Western domain markets but it’s important to understand specifically where your domain name suits. So you’re determined to get professional assistance and you’ve a segment idea that your domain name will demand the highest market value, what now?

3rd Tip: Finding The Correct Partner

Find an aftermarket (merchandise) service or a broker that will meet your requirements. You need to get a specialized service that provides visibility to right investors’ types for your website domain name. All types of services have their merits and demerits.

First, we’ll discuss about the aftermarket (merchandise) sites. Many aftermarket (merchandise) services have the greatest audiences and are broad. Places like Sedo, Flippa, Namejet, Afternic, etc tend to have large traffic amounts which you can use to exploit the large number of investors in the website. Many of them tend to have options of auctioning your website domain name, putting domain investors in the bidding position so that they can earn the privilege of purchasing your domain asset. The problems with utilizing these services include; there are numerous domain names available for sale such that your domain name may get lost within the system, lack of personal touch that would assist in providing guidance about you domain name’s sale and they have passive services such that nobody is contacting the specific buyers who may have interest in purchasing your domain name; the investor is simply forced to tumble upon your domain name so that they see it. Additionally, these services are more costly than other alternatives charging a fee of about 15 percent. Lastly, when your domain name isn’t purchased, members of the public may observe the greatest bid placed for your website domain name which makes this price to become fixed within the investors’ minds when you later try to sell the domain name.

The second alternative is to find a broker. Brokers actively approach buyers they personally know may be interested in the particular type of your domain name. brokers may provide personal touch like appraising your domain name and assist in determining the investment market to target in order to get more interest. Dissimilar to auction, if the name of your website domain is not purchased, they do not disclose the greatest bid meaning your domain name’s value does not become fixed with the investors’ minds. Brokers deal with smaller portfolio which makes your domain name to be featured more conspicuously. Additionally, they are less costly than the merchandise (aftermarket) sites and typically charge a fee of about 10 percent although many brokers are open to negotiating the fees based on the relationship and name. The problem of dealing with dealing the broker is the fact that their buyers’ network and traffic in their websites is much lower as compared to those in the aftermarket (merchandise) services.


So now you are in the know, if you need to maximize your domain name’s value then you need to get the right combination of increasing visibility, understanding the investor audience and creating scarcity. Utilizing these easy and quick tips, expect to observe a substantial increase in the quality offers of the name of your website domain and get the highest value for your asset.