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The top-rated microwave model that is selected by us is Breville Quick Touch. The reason behind its...

How To Microwave Pizza

Reheating pizza is pretty easy, but making pizza in the microwave isn’t difficult either. To make pizza, take a microwaveable mug, add...

How To Microwave Poached Eggs

Not many people like poached eggs, probably because of the oozing egg yolk. However, some like it precisely because of the same...

How To Microwave Caramel

There are two reasons as to why someone would microwave caramel; either they want to melt it or make caramel sweets. Both...

How Does Microwave Defrost Work?

If a cook wants to thaw frozen food before cooking it, then he can put it in the microwave. To defrost food...

How To Microwave Pancakes

It takes only 2 minutes to make pancakes in the microwave. The preparation time for pancakes is only two minutes. Making pancakes...

Microwave Bacon Tray

To cook bacon in the microwave, a chef needs a microwave bacon tray. A bacon tray can be used for defrosting food...

How To Microwave Corn On The Cob

Before cooking corn on the cob on a stove, its husk has to be removed. Then, the cook has to go through...

How To Microwave A Hot Dog

Hot dogs make a great snack, because of their taste. Even though they taste the best when they are charred on the...

How Microwave Ovens Work

A microwave oven is found in every home nowadays; it is an electric oven which can cook food by exposing it to...


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