Standing Desks And A Variety Of Colors

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Every standing desk is different from the other, in multiple ways. There are manual standing desks, which have to be manually adjusted, and then there are those which comes with a motor that can adjust the height of the desk with the help of a console.

Customers would want a variety of choices when they are buying standing desks; for example, they would want a different color board, and legs. The colors they choose for their standing desk would depend on the place where the desk is going to be used. Some customers would want to match the color of desks with their furniture, another would prefer walls or the curtains they are using. Regardless of the reason a person buys a standing desk, he would always care about the color of the desk. If customers know about different standing desks, then it will become easier for them to choose the best one.


SUDS has produced a crank standing desk, whose height can be adjusted using a crank. Those customers who want to put weight on a standing desk, but don’t want electric power, would really appreciate this desk. They can buy this standing desk, as low as $309. The desk frame/top are available in the following colors:
• Black/Teak
• Black/Gloss Black
• Black/Bamboo
• White/Bamboo
• Charcoal/Natural Walnut
• Charcoal/Gloss White

Features Of The Desk

The desk is of premium quality that would help users enhance their focus, increase productivity and make them stick to their fitness. The top can adjust a computer, monitor and other accessories; it has the lifting capacity of 154lbs. It is a sit-stand desk that lets the user transition between these two positions, smoothly. The crank through which the height is operated, can be used effortlessly. The speed of the crank determines the speed of adjusting the standing desk. Also go and look at using a standing desk correctly – Click Here.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable

This standing desk has one color option and, i.e. black. However, the black color is shiny and makes the desk look professional and striking at the same time. The frame of the desk is made of strong steel, which is combined with spring power that can hold up to 33 pounds. The reason why customers like the black finish in this desk, is because it becomes suitable for any environment, and blends in quite perfectly.

To change the height settings of a standing desk, all the user has to do is squeeze the handle. They can stand within an instant, from a sitting position. The work area is spacious, as the top of the desk is 36”x22”, and it can hold two monitors, placed side by side. The desk can be used for writing, putting notebooks, mugs and small supplies which are commonly used in an office space. There is a device slot on the surface, where users can put their pens, pencils and cell phones.

The desk also has a removable keyboard tray, which separates the keyboard and the mouse that the customer is using. This also allows the customer to use both the objects from an ergonomic position. The height adjustment range of the VIVO standing desk is 6.5”-17”.

SHW Standing Desk Converter

At times, when trying out something new, customers wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money. In the case of a standing desk, customers can always get a desk riser converter, manufactured by SHW. This is available in only the color black, but the surface of the desk is sturdy and has an ergonomic design. This is sit-stand desk converter, with adjustable height, so that the user can sit whenever he gets tired from standing. The structure of the standing table is strong, and the maximum weight that can be put on it is 30lbs.

FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter

This standing desk converter is available in black, dark wood and white color. It has an ergonomic design, and offers multiple comfortable positions for the customers. This is standing desk converter that helps customers find the balance between sitting and standing. From early times, people have been so used to standing and working that they might find it impossible to stand and work. When a manager buys a standing desk converter, to see if the idea would work in a modern office environment, then getting a converter would be the best idea.

This converter is available in used quality for $116 on Amazon. If a manager feels that a standing desk positively impact the performance and motivation of employees, then he can get more desk converters or a standing desk for their use. The three color choices would help the manager distinguish the different departments within a company.

This converter can create a spacious work area for employees, where they can put their desktop and laptop, along with few other office supplies. Moreover, the converter has a space for keyboard and mouse, below the top of the desk. This gives customers a chance to save themselves from getting sore wrists, and having the perfect position to type something. The best part is that the company has faith in their design, and offers the customer a warranty of ten years. If customers have any questions about the technical requirements of the converter, then they can always seek assistance from the company.

ApexDesk Elite Series

This is a standing desk, which comes with a memory controller. Many customers would breathe a sigh of relief if they don’t have to input the height they want, each and every time they use a standing desk. A good feature of this standing desk is that it is available for customers in the following colors, both top and frame:
• Black
• Red Apple/Black
• Walnut/Black
• American Walnut/Black
• Red Cherry/Black
• Grey/White

The construction of the frame of the standing desk is sturdy and robust, and it can support 225lbs. The memory control for height is LED control, and a person can easily switch from a sitting position to a standing position. Companies know that when people are tired of standing or sitting, then they would want to change their position. However, they wouldn’t want to waste too much time on changing the position of the desk. If it is done quickly, then the standing desk can be called a quality material desk, with good electronics. As for assembling the desk, customers don’t have to worry, as the assembling and installation process takes sixty minutes.

UNICOO Standing Desk

This is a crank adjustable standing desk, available for customers in different colors, both tops and legs:
• Gray Oak/Gray
• Light Oak/White
• Teak/Black
• White/White

The height of the standing is adjusted using a crank; the crank is smooth and doesn’t make noise or takes time to adjust. The crank can be installed on either side of the standing desk; it can be installed on the right or on the left. The standing desk is durable and the frame of the desk is made of durable steel. The paint on the standing desk is of quality, and can’t be peeled off easily.

The standing desk has been manufactured keeping in mind, its health benefits. The standing desk encourages people to move from one place to another, all day long, and not stand or sit still in one place. This helps them get rid of a sore neck, backaches, or pain in their legs. If customers get an anti-fatigue mat or a floor mat that goes well with the standing desk, then it would be a good combination. Customers would be able to get more comfort from the whole equation. Using a standing desk can improve a person’s focus, enhance their collaboration with others, and make them more productive.

The surface of the standing desk is made from scratch-resistant laminate and it measures 23.5”x47.3”.

Making The Effort

It is not easy to get used to a standing desk, but standing desks are becoming popular because there is no doubt that they make people more productive. However, users should take their time adjusting to a standing desk. They should try to find out the most comfortable position they can adopt, while standing up. If they feel like standing up too much makes them sick, then they can take short intervals and adjust the desk, turning it appropriate for a sitting position.

The colors that users choose for their standing desk, would impact their mood as well. They should choose a color that they like, and one that brightens their mood. They can match their color with the laptop case or the color of their office walls. If they want to buy something stylish, because they would be using the standing desk for a long time, then there are several options they can choose from. Standing desks are very helpful for people, and they should consider buying a standing desk to improve their fitness level and to make themselves more active.