Things To Do In South Boston, MA

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South Boston is a developing residential neighborhood, which has old-school diners, and taverns for visitors. There are pizzerias, a Revolutionary War site and a perfect place for joggers and picnickers at waterfront trails. There are several things to do in South Boston, MA, and people can have lots of fun here, while learning about history.

Castle Island Park

If the locals and the tourists are looking for family activities, then Castle Island Park can be a good place for them. It is a 22 acre urban park, which is located along the waterfront in South Boston. It is also home to Fort Independence and is one of the things to do in South Boston, MA. This park attracts more attention from people during the summer. In case someone wants to have lunch there, they can enjoy the clam shack for lunch. It is also the perfect place for those, who love to see a plane take off and land. The location of this park is William J. Day Boulevard, South Boston. Check out things to do in Seaport, Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Candlepin Bowling

The Candlepin bowling has been around South Boston for 60 years now. This is one of the best things to do in South Boston, MA because it is for both adults and children. There are multiple party packages that the bowling place offer customers, which includes corporate events, field trips and other leagues. They even have a good beer menu for those, who want to sip and play. The bowling place is located at 543 E Broadway, South Boston; Southie Bowl.

Laugh Boston

Not everyone wants to go to a restaurant or go for an outing, when they don’t have company. For such people, finding things to do in South Boston, MA, can be difficult. Laugh Boston is one such place, which caters to people who don’t have any place to go to. Laugh Boston is located at the corner of Summer and D streets, and they have unique programs every week. Youngsters under the age of 16 re not allowed in Laugh Boston, because most of their programs cater to adults. Also look at things to do in Allston, Boston, MA, – More Info.

It is a great place to come, if someone wants to have a private event, or watch stand up comedy. The thing that is the most missing from people’s lives, is the ability to laugh with other people, or to have that opportunity. This is one of the best things to do in South Boston, MA; Laugh Boston.

Restaurants In South Boston

There are many restaurants in South Boston, where people can go and spend some time there, with their family and friends. They can go to Capo Restaurant & Supper Club, where they try the pizza, pasta and meatballs. This is an Italian restaurant, and customers there would find Italian classics there. See things to do in Back Bay, Boston, MA, – Website.

Fat Baby is another famous restaurant in South Boston MA, which is mainly a sushi and snack spot. People can try a lot of Japanese dishes here, and have fun with other people.