Standing Desk VS Exercise Ball

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Sitting too much at office or home increases the risk of health problems, including obesity, heart disease and some types of cancer. Research suggests that the damage of sedentary lifestyle can’t be counteracted by regular exercising. We can avoid sedentary lifestyle at home but many people work at an environment where they have to sit for hours in front of screens. But there are many alternates which can help us to avoid inactivity, even when our work demands being sedentary. These options include standing desk and exercise ball.

Standing Desk

From what is known; standing desk has been around since 1400s. The renaissance of standing desk was due to the modern research indicating the health risks from sedentary lifestyle. Many research suggested standing to be a much better option, while others doubt it. So the exact benefits of standing desk are still unclear and doubtful, and we might have to wait for more research to know the exact benefits.

Standing desk allows us to stand and work unlike conventional desk. Modern standing desk are often adjustable to different heights, allowing alternating between sitting and standing. They are either manually adjusted or through electronic means. Look at why are standing desks so expensive – Website.

Some Pros And Cons Associated With Standing Desk

Following are some of the pros and cons of standing desks:


• Standing encourages movement. While we sit we are limited in our body movements.
• Height adjustable standing desk can be adjusted for both sitting and standing, which can help us alternate between both – Click Here.
• A widely accepted study suggests that standing can burn slightly higher calories when compared to sitting.
• Some studies suggest standing can also help in improving mood and productivity.


• Standing too much has its own downsides, such as risk of varicose veins.
• High-quality height adjustable standing desk can be expensive.
• The studies conducted on benefits of standing desk have produced varying results, making it unclear about the exact benefits of standing.

Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is made out of soft elastic and is filled with air. They are also called yoga balls – See Here. Its use in offices is obviously encouraged to avoid the health risks from sitting too much. It is a replacement for your office chair; yes, you will have to sit on a ball!

It sounds fun. The idea behind using an exercise ball is that it increases core strength and reduces discomfort and helps to improve posture. Some claim that it even helps in burning more calories. But many studies have suggested that exercise balls may increase more problems than solutions. Look at IMovr Omega Everest review – More Info.

Some Pros And Cons Of Exercise Ball

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of exercise ball:


• Can be fun and exciting.
• Some supporters claim it can burn more calories.
• Good for exercise.


• Studies doubt the claims.
• Can cause injury.
• Studies also suggest that prolong sitting might increase discomfort.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of risks associated with sedentary lifestyle and you will find various alternates to avoid prolonged sitting at office or homes. We have discussed a couple of them with some of the pros and cons associated with them. See Readydesk 2 converter review – Web Link.