Review Of Bogie’s Place Boston, MA



There are not many traditional American bars out there, and the ones that are still functional, have a very authentic feeling to them. This bar is located at 25 Temple Pl., and it is worth mentioning in the review of Bogie’s Place Boston MA that children are now allowed at the bar but only in the restaurant.

The Setting of The Bar

This bar is behind the bar of JM Curley, and is a very secluded and darkly lit place. It gives a very mysterious feeling to the diners, and acts as an intimate sanctuary for people. When someone wants to get away from the raucous atmosphere out there, then this is the best place to come. See things to do in East Boston, MA, – Website.

There is a very heavy burgundy curtain, which lies between this 20 seat restaurant; Boston Magazine. Most people don’t even know that there is a bar in the place, and they will only discover it when they look for a bathroom. The marketing style of the bar is very different, as they make everything happen through the word of mouth. This is something most people, who haven’t read the review of Bogie’s Place Boston MA, don’t know. Also don’t forget the review of Abe & Louie’s Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Mouth Watering Dishes

Mouth watering dishes is a must part of the review of Bogie’s Place Boston MA, because it functions as a recommendation for people, who are visiting the place for the first time. The fries, and the smashed new potatoes served with butter and sour cream, are one of the many highlights of this place. Customers also love the bread pudding, classic Waldorf salad, and the wedge salad. The wedge salad has a very generous portion of the iceberg, cherry tomatoes, scallions and Great Hill Blue cheese. Even though this is the kind of salad that people expect at a steakhouse, they will be surprised how well it is made in this restaurant. See things to do in Downtown, Boston, MA, – More Info.


The martinis here are customized, and this is definitely worth mentioning in review of Bogie’s Place Boston MA. The place is an expert in creating a cocktail culture. The cocktails have a very classic touch to them. The Mabry’s cocktail list allows the user to make their own martini. They can choose from vodka, gin, and can top it with French aperitif Kina L’Avion. There are pickles and crowning options available as well; OpenTable.


This place serves delicious steaks, because they realize the competition, they have from other steakhouses. The steaks here are delicious, and are affordable. They are not overpriced like other steakhouses, which sets them apart in the eyes of the customer. If customers want, they can add things like Great Hill Blue cheese to their steak or foie gras butter. The restaurant provides diners with the opportunity to customize not only their drinks, but the food as well. The flavors are delicious, and no one will regret coming here.

To sum up this review of Bogie’s Place Boston MA, it is best to mention that the food, ambience, and the service here is top notch; Yelp.