Standing Desk That Can Hold 3 Monitors

Standing Desk That Can Hold 3 Monitors


As the use of technology is increasing, many jobs involve the use of multiple screens or monitors. With a regular desk, it is much easier to place multiple screens due to the desk’s large workspace. But regular desks are designed to sit and work; and sitting too much can increase the risk of various health problems including obesity, heart disease and some types of cancer. People are getting more aware about the risk of sedentary lifestyle and are switching to standing desks and standing desk converters. Standing desks usually provide limited workspace when compared to conventional desks, especially the standing desk converters. You have to buy a full standing desk if you require more workspace, which can be costly.

Standing desks are designed to stand and work, unlike regular desks which are made for sitting; FDW. Most standing desks are also height adjustable, either manually or electronically. The ones that are placed and convert your regular desk to standing desk are standing desk converters. They are usually smaller and cost-effective than a full standing desk.

Some Options To Setup 3 Monitors Or Screens In A Standing Desk

Here are some of the options that can help you attach or place three screens on your standing desk:

Full Standing Desk

A full standing desk might provide enough space to place three monitors. Many full standing desks are also height adjustable by electronic means, and you can switch easily between sitting and standing while having 3 monitors placed on your desk. The downside of full standing desk is that they are expensive. You will also need to check the maximum wait the table can sustain before placing your screens. Look at standing desk vs sitting all day – Click Here.

Standing Desk Converters

Many standing desk converters also provide space for 3 screens. Usually they provide an extended arm on which the monitors or other screens can be fixed. Some of the companies that provide standing desk converters capable of holding 3 monitors or screens are, Winston Workstation, AVLT-Power and UPLIFT Desk. Do you know what about standing desk and pregnancy – Must Read.

Desk-Mount Triple Monitor Arms

Another convenient way to add additional monitors and screens on your standing desk is by purchasing a desk-mount monitor arm that supports 3 screens – Vivo. It is a good option for those who already have purchased a standing desk or a standing desk converter. But make sure your standing desk can support the weight of three screens before attaching a desk-mount monitor arm. The only downside of purchasing desk-mount monitor arms is that you have to additionally pay for it. Also look at programmer standing desk – Click Here.

Final Thoughts

Standing desks are a great option to avoid sedentary lifestyle. Some people might think that standing desks lacks the capabilities of a regular desk, but modern standing desk can be used for multiple purposes and provides much larger workspace. As discussed above, there are plenty of options to attach 3 screens to your standing desks. Some standing desks can even handle more than 3 screens. This will give you an opportunity to do your work easily while taking care of your personal health.