Historical Sites In Boston, MA

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Knowing the history of a place and what sets it apart from other places, is never not interesting. There are so many Boston MA historical sites that, people will always find something to do here.

The Freedom Trail

This is a must visit for those who are looking for Boston MA historical sites. It is a 4km long introduction of 16 notable places of Boston. These places include museums, churches, and burial grounds. During this introduction, people will get to see some old parks as well. The official starting point of the Freedom Trail is the Visitor Centre, which is located in Boston Common. From there, the visitors will get to see Old South Meeting House, Paul Revere House and Bunker Hill Monument. People can walk on their own, or they can be a part of a group tour; Freedom Trail.

Faneiuil Hall

This hall has a very rich and fascinating history, and is the site for many famous speeches. Samuel Adams gave a speech on this site, and there is even a bronze portrait of him standing outside. The hall is known as the Cradle of Liberty, and it has now become a marketplace. Visitors here can eat delicious food, see artisan goods, clothing and toys. They can find regular entertainment here as well, like street performers. See the best gyms in Boston, MA, – More Info.

Just a ten minute walk about from Faneuil Hall, visitors will find another part of Boston MA historical sites, The Langham Boston. It has its own charming history and dates back to the Victorian England; Hotels Combined. There are elegant guest rooms in ‘The Langham Boston’, and people who stay here, enjoy luxurious amenities like a heated pool.

Museum Of Fine Arts

The best part of this Boston MA historical sites is that, it is home to approximately 450,000 works of art. The building is something that people should visit, and each moment that they spend there, would be worth it. This is the fourth largest museum in the USA, and has a collection of different cultures. Best italian restaurants in Boston, MA – Website.

The highlights of this historical site is the 18th century American work and the Egyptian sculptures, which people love very much. There is Chinese calligraphy, and paintings by Money and Renoir. The museum also displays, guest collections all throughout the year, and hosts different programs covering film, music and performance art. Visitors of this museum can learn about drawing and painting, alongside professionals. Look at the best pizza restaurant in Boston, MA, – Go Here.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

This is one of the best Boston MA historical sites, because when visitors go here, they will get a very realistic feeling of history. There are multi-sensory exhibits, actors wearing costumes, and high-tech displays. Visitors can also see two restored tea ships, called Eleanor and Beaver. They can explore the ship, and relive the night of the Boston Tea Party. They can even dump tea overboard, like the Sons of Liberty did; Boston Tea Party Ship. There are 3D reenactments in this place, which people will find interesting, showing the Robinson Tea Chest night from 1773.