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The Optoma HD25 LV Projector is a DLP based full HD projector; Seebigtv. It came out as a newer version of the Optoma HD25 projector. The brightness level of the projector is amazing; along with some great features that makes this projector very decent in overall picture quality. The color and contrast levels of the projector are very good. The projector provides great 3D results as well.

The projector is equipped with Optoma’s BrilliantColor and Dynamic Black feature to greatly enhance your visual experience by providing excellent color and contrast; Optoma. It can also be used for gaming purposes because of its low input lag. High brightness levels of the Optoma HD25 LV make it a complete home entertainment projector. It can work nicely under ambient light setups and maintains good contrast and picture quality.

Although it is a very outdated projector but can still be used by people looking for a decent full HD projector with good brightness level and excellent overall picture quality. The overall performance of the projector makes it a great addition in home entertainment projectors. Also go and look at review Sony vpl vw365es 4k projector – Click Here.


• Projection technology: DLP
• Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
• Brightness: 3200 ANSI lumens
• Contrast: 20000:1
• Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.20:1
• Lamp Life: 3500 hours (full power), 5000 hours (eco mode) and 6000 hours (smart eco mode). (Lamp life is dependent on many factors)
• Power Zoom/Focus: No
• Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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The Optoma HD25 LV Projector is designed nicely with shiny white case. It is small and attractive. It weighs 6.4 lbs. with dimensions of 3.8H x 12.7W x 9.2D.


The projector has two HDMI inputs, a service port of the USB variety and a composite input. It also provides a pair of computer inputs, a monitor out and a serial port. Two sets of audio inputs and a stereo audio out. It also provides a VESA port for RF 3D and a RF transmitter.

Visual Specs

The Optoma HD25 LV Projector is a brighter version of the previous Optoma HD25. It is based on DLP technology and is a full HD projector. When we get down to the visual specs of the projector the most notable feature is the brightness levels. The projector provides enough brightness to qualify it for home entertainment purpose. It can stand against ambient lights providing great overall picture quality and visual experience.

The projector provides fairly good contrast and color; with five options of 2D picture mode to choose from which are cinema, reference, photo, bright and user. It also has two 3D modes, 3D and a second user mode. User mode is the only customizable mode. It also provides with some good basic and advanced option for calibration, such as color, brightness, contrast, gamma levels, dynamic blacks, etc.

The projector is also backed up with Optoma’s BrilliantColor feature to produce more vibrant and accurate color for your picture. You can also optimize the BrilliantColor feature according to your taste and requirements. It also provides the dynamic black feature which smoothly changes the lamp output to provide greater contrast.

The projector provides great 3D experience, with the extra brightness the picture quality is maintained with good overall details. Cross talk is not much of an issue on this Optoma projector. Overall it provides a good and smooth 3D experience.

The low input lag of the projector makes it a good choice for gamers. The brightness level of the projector makes sure you can play your game while under some sort of ambient light.

It’s important to mention some of the limitations of the projector in terms of its visual specs. Firstly, lack of CFI; Projectorreviews. CFI provides more smoothness to the content and can be necessary for some content, depending upon the taste of the users. The black levels might not impress many users. They are okay, cannot be matched to some higher end projectors.

Optoma HD25-LV-WHD Projector -


The projector is out of production, so its current price cannot be confirmed. You may find used projector or third party sellers online or in market.


Let’s take a look at some of the positive aspects of the projector:
• High brightness levels. Can work great under ambient light setups.
• Decent skin tones and shadow detail.
• Full HD, with excellent overall picture quality and color.
• The projector is equipped with Optoma’s BrilliantColor and Dynamic Black features.
• Provides excellent 3D results.
• Great option for gaming with low lag times.
• Lamp life is good, reducing overall maintenance cost.
• Attractive, small with backlit remote control.


Some of the negative aspects of the projector are:
• Flexibility issues while placing the projector.
• Can be very noisy in full power mode.
• Only provides one user savable memory.
• Have no CFI to add extra motion and smoothness.
• You have to scroll down on many menus because of extra listings.
• Black levels are okay but not that great.
• Out of production.
• The projector might lack many features if you compare it to the current low budget projectors available in market these days.


The Optoma HD25 LV has certainly some great features to offer, along with excellent brightness levels, color and contrast. The projector may seem outdated and has its limitations when we compare it to the high end projectors. But it can work fairly well for low budget consumers who are looking for a full HD projector with good overall picture quality. Especially if you are looking for a projector for ambient light setups, the projector offers great brightness levels making it a home entertainment projector which can be used on both dark and brighter rooms.

Although the projector is out of production but you might find a used one online if you are interested in the projector. If you feel the Optoma HD25 LV is outdated and does not fit your requirements, you can take a look at some other budget friendly projectors here; 10bestones.

The best projector can vary upon the use, requirements and budget of each individual differently, so make sure you are well aware of your requirements and needs before finalizing your projector. - Check Prices Button Red